Friday, October 24, 2008

Tina Traveller Sim Days 36 - 40

(age 14 - 16 simyears old)

After getting home from soccer practice my dad stopped me saying he wanted to have a word with me. This puzzled me since I knew I hadn't done anything to get myself in trouble. But then again with parents one never knows just what will set them off. So with a small smile I stopped to see what he wanted.

To my surprise he wanted to talk about my future and if I had planned on going to college. I shrugged saying that I hadn't given much thought to it. My dad only shook his head. He is so set on me going to University after I graduate high school. He's so worried that I'll end up like him and mom, with no higher education under my belt. But to tell the truth, they have done very well for themselves. I mean, my mom is like some hot shot hostess or something in the culinary track and my dad is a big time whale tracker in the what was that, Ocenography? I think so. And they both are making good money.

So much so that we are planning on moving out of our apartment and buying a house come next rotation. And did I mention they are paying for the whole thing - no mortgage at all!

But I understand where my dad is coming from. He only wants the best for me. Maybe I need to give this Uni. idea more thought.

The next evening at dinner I filled my mom in about dad and I and the converstation we had. She had seemed pleased. I also informed her that I really did think about my future and my education. But what really intrests me is sports. I love all of them, and will play them until I drop. If I could become a pro. in basketball or soccer that would be great. My mom only nodded her head, then offered up an idea.

She suggested that I still go to college to get a well rounded education, maybe study Athletics. So not only would I be studying something that would help me in my future career but, I also would be doing something that I would love.

I have to admit, my mom can be pretty smart some times. I think that's just what I will do. But to do that I have to knuckle down and get my skills to at least a level seven to attened college. And I'm pretty sure that I will get the Athletics scholarship, and maybe I can get them to give me some extra money in the creativity department too. $6,000 a semester is not cheap, even for my mom and dad!

Ewww, gross much!?!? My mom and dad starting making out in from of me. That is so nasty. I know they are in love, and that's really great. But to actually see it is not great. Everything has changed for me once we discused sim reproduction in health class. The veil has been lifted and now I know what they do behind closed doors. They are soooo old, they shouldn't be doing "stuff" any way.

So it was bound to happen and I wondered just when it would. My best friend Richard Smith finally asked me out. I think I might have seen it coming when we were still in elementary school, but I ignored it. He was my best friend, the main person I played sports with. But after a long day of basketball I saw him in a new light, and developed a small crush. I guess he did too, since he asked me out. I'm so nervous going to meet him for dinner. How do I look?

He really is cute. I've never noticed before but now I do. We had a really good time too. We went to Smokey's Ribs and started off with the house salad, then the famous smoked ribs, and finished up with some apple cobbler. Good thing I did extra crunches before the date. But it was delicious, and I even started a small food fight with Richard.

After dinner we shared our first kiss. And yes, it was the first for both of us, and it was magical. I coud have sworn that there was music playing and hearts floating around us. But it could have been the sugar rush from the dessert. I think I really like kissing!

Ever since our date the two of us are joined at the hip, lol. I think it's great to have a crush. Plus, he asked me to go steady. And of course I said yes! It's so romantic, we hold hands, cuddle under the stars, play baskball together... still. Of course that would never change, lol.

So he came over and we started to make out and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm totally in love with Richard Smith. Not just a puppy dog crush, but full blown love. I looked it up on the internet, the definition and it fits me to a T.

One thing lead to another....

And we ended up in my parents room. But it was way more than I expected! I'm glad it was with Richard. I just hope my parents don't find out.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Simone Patrelli-Lewis - Sim Day 36 - 40

I was beginning to think that this day would never come. Me and Ryker have been together for a long time. I met him when I was a senior in high school and he was a college drop out working at my mom's restaurant. Well, we finally moved in together. That was a huge feat, lol. But David made it easy for me. I think I needed him to put his foot down and stand firm, which he did. And I thank him for that.

I know it now, that what I felt for David wasn't real. Oh, don't get me wrong. I do love him, it's just not the way that I love Ryker. Ryker is my soul mate. He is that missing piece that makes me complete. And now the piece will always be here with me. After a long day of moving I fell asleep in my dinner.

And not only did he move in but we finally finalized the wedding plans and it happens in just one day! Can you believe it? At first I thought things were moving way to fast, but now I don't. I mean, I can't keep putting this off forever and it's not as if I'm getting any younger. 27 simyears old, and still not married. So not good, lol.

Ryker decided that he wanted to get one more promotion before we became man and wife and brought a friend home with him from work. I don't even remember that nasty little man's name. Instead of coming into the apartment to use the bathroom he decideds that the bush in the fornt yard would make a good a place than any. Ewww much! I told Ryker and he sent him home. I hope he never EVER comes home with him again. Nasty!

The big day finally came. I was so nervous so Ryker decided to calm me the only way he knew how (which is the best way!) Which made us 15 mintues late to our own wedding, lol. But it was well worth it! Do you think we sould get blinds for the livingroom windows? If someone got to close while walking by they might get an eye full!

We decided to get married at the Community center's wedding area. It was lovely and all my family and friends show up. I think I looked pretty fly in my wedding dress. I know it's not traditional, but neither am I, Never have been, and I'm pretty sure I never will be. Now, on to the wedding pics!

So all in all it was a wonderful ceremony. We didn't go on a honeymood. We've decided to hold off, and save up for a proper one. Right now Ryker and I would like to buy a home, and a honeymoon just doesn't fit into the budget. We want to purchase our home without a mortgage. It might not be the brightest of ideas, but this is our game plan for now, lol.
The next day we invited the family over for a family get together. The blonde is my new best friend, Nita Rich, I invited her too since she lives in the building and she's like family to me.
As you can see my mom is already askign us when are we giving her her first grandchild. Geez, the ink isn't even dry on our wedding papers and she's already asking about kids. And this is coming from the woman who hated me for "stealing" her man all those years ago.

Jodie Burrego Sim Days 36 - 40

Our family vacation to Takamizu Village. We all had a blast!

Zac the girls and I ended up going on vacation to the far East. I had completely forgotten that we had booked this trip when the twins were still little. I know, I should have made note of it, but it slipped my mind. So when my parents sent word that they would be coming to visit us during spring I started to panic. Sadly, I had to explain about the vacation plans. My mom was really understanding, told me that it was okay, and that they would come see us when we returned.

So once we got back I called them letting them know we were home. They hopped on the first flight out. I was starting to feel extremly tired due to the fact that I was expecting out third, and some in our family said our third and fourth (since I had twins), child soon. I wanted Zac to get them but he had to work so I went to pick up my parents instead.

Riverdale still doesn't have a local airport, but we have a metro station the has a coonectioning trip to and from Sim City's airport. So I drove downtown to the Metro station to pick up my folks.

My dad was the first to spot me and scooped me up into a tight embrace. It felt soooooo good. I haven't seen my mom or dad since I immigrated to Riverdale way back when. What was that sim day 6??? Not to sure, can't remember the dates now. That's one side effect I wasn't expecting from having children, memory lose, lol. I forget the smallest things sometimes. *sigh* So anywho. We collected my mom, who commented on my hair. She really liked it. She was hoping that I'd grow my hair out, lol.

After finding my mom and their luggage we headed to my jeep and back to the burbs and to our home. (I also did a mad dash and redid Zayllia's old bedroom into a guest bedroom. The paint is dry but you can still smell it. Hope the parents don't mind it to much!)

While the girls were still at school the four of us sat down to breakfast. I happily explained to my parents that my cooking skills have improved greatly. To my surprise, everyone agreed! (Zac ahd no choice, he has to agree with everthing I say, lol Just kidding)

After we ate and cleared away the dishes Zac took them on a small tour of the huse. I mean, it's a lovley home, but not that big. We have a livingroom, which is open to the dinning room, and a nice sized kitchen, three bedrooms and two bath. My mom loved the house though. She said that it was beautiful, and perfect for our growing family. (They also loved the guest bedroom, which will soon be converted to the nursery.)

Once the girls got home they hugged their grandparents. Everyone took pictures of the them. Both mom and dad couldn't get over how big the girls had gotten. It feels like only yesterday they were born, then they were walking, and now, they will soon be off to college. *sigh* I try not to think about it. Now I know how my parents must have felt when us girls went off to college, then moved out on our own. It's a bit sad.

But on a happier note. After all the homework was done we went down to the local bowling alley and played a few games. We had a blast. Ariel got a little too involved in her game. I'm pleased to say that she didn't get hurt when she fell. Her ego may have been brused but nothing else. Teenagers, lol.

The next day we took mom and dad to Cafe Mode for lunch. Zac was able to take the day off. We also visited one of the local parks (we only have three) as well as the local movie plex.

We tried to keep them busy. I wanted their time with us to be fun and make lots of good memories. But I guess I had a bit too much fun since my water broke after the movie.

Zac loaded us all up into the jeep and sped to the hospital. I'm just happy he didn't get a speeding ticket as fast as he was going, lol. But I guess it was for a good cause. Though, I wasn't in much pain and my labor hardly started.

Dr. Snowden was pagaged and she came into my room, giving me an ultrasound, seeing if the baby was in postition for delievery. He was. (oops I just gave away the sex!)

It's great to have a doctor who is expecting too! I think Taffy is due anyday now as well. The mayor's family sure is growing!

Soon after she finished up the ultrasound my labor did start and little Fyodor was born. He's perfect in everyway. Don't tell Zac, but I think he looks like me! Mom and dad sure did have a memorable time with us! I'm so glad that they were here for the birth of our son. He even has my blue eyes.

They spent one more day with us before having to return back to Apple Valley. It was sad seeing them go. I really do miss my family, but at least we get to start our own legacy here in Riverdale.

I spent some time in the backyard trying to contact alines. Yes, yes, I know this sounds strange. But other hoods have reported strange like creatures visiting them from outer space. Even in Simmerville there is a green sim living there, his son, is green and blue! For me this is exciting news. I believe that life does exist out there, above us. And I hope to prove it oneday to the residences here. I hope to be the first to make contact. But this is still a dream. Nothing happened that night.

Before going to bed I decided to ckeck on the kids and I guess, just reflect. I think Zac and I have done a pretty good job raising our kids. Our girls have their heads on straight, they aren't boy crazy like some children. They enjoy their education, and are involved in many extra curricular activies in learning. Who knows, maybe they will be able to join Fensa one day.

And to my surprise I am expecting baby number four. So in some sense my sister Joli wasn't worng, lol.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joy Scully - Christian Sim Days 31 -35

After the heartbreaking truth of finding my honey in the arms of another, I had rejected him when Edward still wated to get married, but I did move in with him. But I guess motherhood changed my feelings, because after having our son I agreed to it. We had a very, very small ceramony in the living room. Just us, exchanging vowes.

Meet Edward Jr. Isn't he the cutest thin gyou've ever seen? I love him with all my heart. I think he looks just like his daddy!

And I'm enjoying motherhood so much. I have always wanted to be a mother but this is far beyong what I had imagined, and way better. EJ (his nickname) loves when I read to him. He's almost potty trained and is trying to walk. he's just spoken his first word "mama," and I'm so thrilled. I want to add onto this house. I love it and really don't want to move. If we ca add a second floor with two more bed rooms and a bath that would be great. Then I could talk to Edward about a sibling for EJ.

I've also set to work on my second book. This one is a children's. I haven't given it a name yet, but that's ok. I'm only half way through it. I just hope I can finish it before EJ turns into a child. He inspired me to write it.

Eddie gave me a night to myself. He and EJ are having a father/son ngiht in. Reading, eating, and bathtime before bed. So I went down to Cafe Mode. Besides Eddie's resturant, Smokey's Ribes, this is the only other spot to eat. I really hope that someone opens something else up soon. I need veriety.
Anywho, when I was seated I noticed the Ex sitting over at the next table with her sons. I don't feel bad that Eddie left her for me. We were/are in love and they had grown apart. I only try to get along with her for the children's sake. But it was hard as she talked about me the whole time they were there, and stared at me the whole time as well. I just have to be extra nice to Davon and AJ. Show them I not as mean and nasty as she claims that I am.
They are the other reason why I want to expand the house. So they can come over for sleep overs on the weekend.

Trisha Johnson Sim Days 31 - 35

Me and Anya decided to get a few rays the day before my wedding. You'd think getting married would be a walk in the park for someone who owns a clothing shop, but it's not. I even called it off last spring because of nerves. But Clay understood and now, well, I just hope I'll make it tomorrow.

Yay, I made it, lol. I was two hours late. Not because of nerves, it was because of my hair. It took longer than expected, and then I had to get into my dress. My sister, Tosha, helped and even did my nails. See, this is the last time I let my husband pick out is formal wear. But other than that the wedding went off without any problems. My sister attended as well as my room mate/bff Anya, and my other bff, Heather Reed.

We arrived at Twikki Island and went to get something to eat. We were both famished as well as tired. But food won over sleep. I am truly not a pleasent person to be around when hungry, and I wanted my honeymoon to be a memroable in a good way. We toasted to a wonderful wedding and a future full of happiness. Did I mention, Clay just happened to be loaded! Well he is, and this is a huge blessing. I had no idea he had so much money. I never asked. And though my shop is doing very well, I wanted to open a second one ans buy a home. Now, I... er... we will be able to! (Notice the creepy guy watching us? He followed us all over the island)

Clumsy waitress spilled teh salads all over Clay. Needless to say, he was not pleased. I couldn't help but giggle pointing out the bit of greens stuck in his hair. That made him laugh as well. I wish I had my camera at that time, that shoot would ahve been priceless.

We held hands, feed each other, and flirted through dessert. Then we headed up to our room. I don't think I need to say what happened next. It was special, our first time together as man and wife. And for me it seemed even better this time. *shhh* Don't tell Clay I said that, lol.

I guess we had a little too much fun while on honeymoon 'cause a day after getting home I was sick. At first I thought it was something I had eaten, but when I starting to become hungry 100% of the time and tired always I suspected soemthing was up. I called my doctor and came in for a visit. Just what I expected. I'm expecting! It was a bit ahead of schedule but we are happy none the less.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rupert Cotton Sim Days 31 - 35

Since my brother and I immigrated to Riverdale I have been keeping myself very busy with the ladies. Don't get me wrong. It's not as if I set out to be a lady's man, I just can't help the fact that I'm a very attractive young man.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

David Ottamas Sim Day 31 - 35

I had to do something about Simone. I knew it was wrong with us seeing each other, you know, with her impending marriage to Ryker coming up. But it was jsut so hard. Even if we spotted each other on the street we ended up making out right then and there. So we decided around sim day 21 to go cold turkey with each other.

Enters Emma. Do you remember her, she was my second crush in college. I met her right before me and Simone realized that we were attracted to each other. Well I called her up and invited her out to dinner. At first I wasn't sure that she would accept. And after suffering a ear lashing, she laided into me for not calling her after I graduated, she agreed to meet me for dinner. We went to Simone's mother's restuarant, Cafe Mode, and had a lovely time.

I was so resmitted with Emma that I asked her to move in with me. She said yes! We unpacked her things and started a life together. She even helped me at the car lot the first few days that it opened before she set out on her dance career.

A few days later I asked her to marry me. Emma accepted. She made me the happiest man alive. I was so thrilled. And she provided a lovely distraction from Simone. I fell so madly in love with Emma that when I bumped into Simone at the barber shop I had no urge to make out with her. We said "hello's" gave each other a hug and that was it.

But I guess she was feeling a bit rejected, beacuse she showed up at the car lot the next day. She came onto to me very strongly. But I politely rejected her. Okay, I will admit, we kissed for a moment, but I raigned in my hormones and firmly reminded her why we had to call things off. Plus, I was truly happy, and madly in love with Emma. Simone nodded her agreement, and with one final look walked off of the lot.

So after weeks of planning the big day finally came. And to my surprise, and my family, Emma left me standing there. She was a run away bride! I couldn't believe it. I was so crushed. Why did she do it? I though we were in love.

When I retuned home she was there. I wanted to talk, but Emma didn't want to she didn't see the point. after an hour I finally got her to pen up to me. She said that the pressure was building up and that she just couldn't go through with the wedding. She was still young, and though she loved me, she couldn't see settling down and starting a family. She wanted to see where her dancing career would take her.
I was so heart broken that I packed up my belongings (as little as they were) and moved out. I still love her though. *sigh*