Saturday, October 4, 2008

Zayilla Burrego Sim Days 31 - 35

So I graduated college and ahd a baby, but that is news already known. Soon after moving back Riverdale signed the Apartment Life deal, so we are now able to rent actual apartments. This is neat.
Now I don't have to worry about my neighbors trying to get into my house to use my things when they don't live here, and having to make sure my door is locked so no one can get in.

So after searching for two days I finally found a nice, small, one bed room to fit Bri and I. It's a converted Victorian downtown. I figured with a single girl like myself, downtown living would be fun. Not to mention I'm not into the whole burbs feel. I'm not married, and though I have a kid, I can't see me living there. So the city life it is.

Though I have to admit, I'm lonely. I'm not as close to my brother Zac or my sister-in-law Jodie. And I miss the twins Bell and Ariel. But at least Fatima and Masur are my neighbors. They live above me. But I'm still lonely since they are away on their honeymoon.

At least I have Bri to keep me company, and a good job to keep my busy and making money. Maybe I'll be able to buy a townome soon!

Zac dropped by for a vist. It was great! I was really starting to feel down and out, not much to do, and I don't ave extra money for a sitter for Bri. I have just enough to pay for the nanny outside of that I have to scrimp and save if I want to move so Bri can have her own room.

So I was lounging on the sofa trying to decided what I wanted for dinner when ther door bell rang, it was my brother. I asked him why didn't he call first. He only smiled then told me it wouldn't be much of a surprise. He came in a played with Bri. Not having my mom or dad with me, it makes me feel good to see my brother playing with his neice. Not that I would want my mom here. I know Zac thinks I'm to young to remember, but mom went a little crazy. back in Apple Valley they believe that she even murdered our dad. But still, I wish I had more family here than what I have. But I should be ahppy right?

I had jsut finished cleaning the bathroom when my cell phone rang. I quickly answered it expecting it to be Fatima, she told me that she would can me back when she got home from work. But it was her, it was the dead beat of a father. I really need to quick beatign msyelf up over him. I may hav eamde a few mistakes in college but at least I have a beautiful daughter that I wouldn't trade anythig for. And the funny part, I can't even remember her father's name. Ha, ha, ha! *Note to self, get new cell phone number*

Today is Bri's birthday, so Jodie, Ariel, and Bell came over. Zac wasn't able to come because of work, but I made sure to send a piece of cake home to him. We had fun, danced drank punch, then it was time for Bri to blow out the candles. Well, I blew them out, but you get what I'm saying. I was very surprised to see just what a beautiful girl she turned into. Happy birthday, Bri!

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