Wednesday, October 15, 2008

David Ottamas Sim Day 31 - 35

I had to do something about Simone. I knew it was wrong with us seeing each other, you know, with her impending marriage to Ryker coming up. But it was jsut so hard. Even if we spotted each other on the street we ended up making out right then and there. So we decided around sim day 21 to go cold turkey with each other.

Enters Emma. Do you remember her, she was my second crush in college. I met her right before me and Simone realized that we were attracted to each other. Well I called her up and invited her out to dinner. At first I wasn't sure that she would accept. And after suffering a ear lashing, she laided into me for not calling her after I graduated, she agreed to meet me for dinner. We went to Simone's mother's restuarant, Cafe Mode, and had a lovely time.

I was so resmitted with Emma that I asked her to move in with me. She said yes! We unpacked her things and started a life together. She even helped me at the car lot the first few days that it opened before she set out on her dance career.

A few days later I asked her to marry me. Emma accepted. She made me the happiest man alive. I was so thrilled. And she provided a lovely distraction from Simone. I fell so madly in love with Emma that when I bumped into Simone at the barber shop I had no urge to make out with her. We said "hello's" gave each other a hug and that was it.

But I guess she was feeling a bit rejected, beacuse she showed up at the car lot the next day. She came onto to me very strongly. But I politely rejected her. Okay, I will admit, we kissed for a moment, but I raigned in my hormones and firmly reminded her why we had to call things off. Plus, I was truly happy, and madly in love with Emma. Simone nodded her agreement, and with one final look walked off of the lot.

So after weeks of planning the big day finally came. And to my surprise, and my family, Emma left me standing there. She was a run away bride! I couldn't believe it. I was so crushed. Why did she do it? I though we were in love.

When I retuned home she was there. I wanted to talk, but Emma didn't want to she didn't see the point. after an hour I finally got her to pen up to me. She said that the pressure was building up and that she just couldn't go through with the wedding. She was still young, and though she loved me, she couldn't see settling down and starting a family. She wanted to see where her dancing career would take her.
I was so heart broken that I packed up my belongings (as little as they were) and moved out. I still love her though. *sigh*

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