Friday, October 24, 2008

Tina Traveller Sim Days 36 - 40

(age 14 - 16 simyears old)

After getting home from soccer practice my dad stopped me saying he wanted to have a word with me. This puzzled me since I knew I hadn't done anything to get myself in trouble. But then again with parents one never knows just what will set them off. So with a small smile I stopped to see what he wanted.

To my surprise he wanted to talk about my future and if I had planned on going to college. I shrugged saying that I hadn't given much thought to it. My dad only shook his head. He is so set on me going to University after I graduate high school. He's so worried that I'll end up like him and mom, with no higher education under my belt. But to tell the truth, they have done very well for themselves. I mean, my mom is like some hot shot hostess or something in the culinary track and my dad is a big time whale tracker in the what was that, Ocenography? I think so. And they both are making good money.

So much so that we are planning on moving out of our apartment and buying a house come next rotation. And did I mention they are paying for the whole thing - no mortgage at all!

But I understand where my dad is coming from. He only wants the best for me. Maybe I need to give this Uni. idea more thought.

The next evening at dinner I filled my mom in about dad and I and the converstation we had. She had seemed pleased. I also informed her that I really did think about my future and my education. But what really intrests me is sports. I love all of them, and will play them until I drop. If I could become a pro. in basketball or soccer that would be great. My mom only nodded her head, then offered up an idea.

She suggested that I still go to college to get a well rounded education, maybe study Athletics. So not only would I be studying something that would help me in my future career but, I also would be doing something that I would love.

I have to admit, my mom can be pretty smart some times. I think that's just what I will do. But to do that I have to knuckle down and get my skills to at least a level seven to attened college. And I'm pretty sure that I will get the Athletics scholarship, and maybe I can get them to give me some extra money in the creativity department too. $6,000 a semester is not cheap, even for my mom and dad!

Ewww, gross much!?!? My mom and dad starting making out in from of me. That is so nasty. I know they are in love, and that's really great. But to actually see it is not great. Everything has changed for me once we discused sim reproduction in health class. The veil has been lifted and now I know what they do behind closed doors. They are soooo old, they shouldn't be doing "stuff" any way.

So it was bound to happen and I wondered just when it would. My best friend Richard Smith finally asked me out. I think I might have seen it coming when we were still in elementary school, but I ignored it. He was my best friend, the main person I played sports with. But after a long day of basketball I saw him in a new light, and developed a small crush. I guess he did too, since he asked me out. I'm so nervous going to meet him for dinner. How do I look?

He really is cute. I've never noticed before but now I do. We had a really good time too. We went to Smokey's Ribs and started off with the house salad, then the famous smoked ribs, and finished up with some apple cobbler. Good thing I did extra crunches before the date. But it was delicious, and I even started a small food fight with Richard.

After dinner we shared our first kiss. And yes, it was the first for both of us, and it was magical. I coud have sworn that there was music playing and hearts floating around us. But it could have been the sugar rush from the dessert. I think I really like kissing!

Ever since our date the two of us are joined at the hip, lol. I think it's great to have a crush. Plus, he asked me to go steady. And of course I said yes! It's so romantic, we hold hands, cuddle under the stars, play baskball together... still. Of course that would never change, lol.

So he came over and we started to make out and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm totally in love with Richard Smith. Not just a puppy dog crush, but full blown love. I looked it up on the internet, the definition and it fits me to a T.

One thing lead to another....

And we ended up in my parents room. But it was way more than I expected! I'm glad it was with Richard. I just hope my parents don't find out.


  1. Hi! I just found this blog from your main Riverdale site :)

    Ah, young love... hope they have lots of birth control ;) And I hope she'll consider college, she might have a lot of fun there.

  2. Glad you stopped by the blog site! *waves*

    Yes, they are practicing safe sex. It's funny, she hasn't rolled the want to go to college so I have no idea if she will go or not. I'm hoping that she does roll, but if not then there's always a trade school to go to.


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