Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joy Scully - Christian Sim Days 31 -35

After the heartbreaking truth of finding my honey in the arms of another, I had rejected him when Edward still wated to get married, but I did move in with him. But I guess motherhood changed my feelings, because after having our son I agreed to it. We had a very, very small ceramony in the living room. Just us, exchanging vowes.

Meet Edward Jr. Isn't he the cutest thin gyou've ever seen? I love him with all my heart. I think he looks just like his daddy!

And I'm enjoying motherhood so much. I have always wanted to be a mother but this is far beyong what I had imagined, and way better. EJ (his nickname) loves when I read to him. He's almost potty trained and is trying to walk. he's just spoken his first word "mama," and I'm so thrilled. I want to add onto this house. I love it and really don't want to move. If we ca add a second floor with two more bed rooms and a bath that would be great. Then I could talk to Edward about a sibling for EJ.

I've also set to work on my second book. This one is a children's. I haven't given it a name yet, but that's ok. I'm only half way through it. I just hope I can finish it before EJ turns into a child. He inspired me to write it.

Eddie gave me a night to myself. He and EJ are having a father/son ngiht in. Reading, eating, and bathtime before bed. So I went down to Cafe Mode. Besides Eddie's resturant, Smokey's Ribes, this is the only other spot to eat. I really hope that someone opens something else up soon. I need veriety.
Anywho, when I was seated I noticed the Ex sitting over at the next table with her sons. I don't feel bad that Eddie left her for me. We were/are in love and they had grown apart. I only try to get along with her for the children's sake. But it was hard as she talked about me the whole time they were there, and stared at me the whole time as well. I just have to be extra nice to Davon and AJ. Show them I not as mean and nasty as she claims that I am.
They are the other reason why I want to expand the house. So they can come over for sleep overs on the weekend.

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