Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fatima Snowden-Sanchez Sim Days 31 - 35

Finally! Our wedding day came. After graduating college and renting our first place, and not to mention starting our careers, I never though Masur and I would tie the knot. But we did! It was a lovely summer day on the 32ed day. It wasn't to hot,and I looked fab. in my dress.

I was so nervous, but thrilled to finally walk down, the grassy alsie, lol. Since we we decided to get married in a quant little park downtown, near our apartment. It was lovely. I wish I could do it again!

After the wedding the airport shuttled arrived at the park to pick Masur and myself up. We got to the airport an hour later and boarded the plan to Twikki Island. Soon as we got their we checked in and headed straight for our bungalow. We waited long enough to woo hoo. And I'm glad I did wait. Our first time together was magical. (I can't believe I'm sharing this with others,lol) Our room was right on the beach, the sounds of the once was wonderful to fall asleep to!

The fianl two days of our honeymoon turned into a desater. It turns out that I'm not to keen for tropical weather, and I suffered heat stroke and stayed hot the whole time. No matter how many glasses of water I drank, or took many dips in the pool, nothing helped. I was just hot!
But I did my best not to let it ruine my trip. We had fun, and decided to come back again maybe this coming winter or next spring. We'll see.
Soon as I arrived home my mom called. She was still on cloud nine about the wedding, and the first thing out of her mouth was "When are you giving us a grand-child?" I rolled my eyes and laughed. Not anytime soon I'm affarid. Mansur and I have a game plan and I plan on sticking to it. We are focusing on our careers first, then in the future we can think about having a baby. Besides, I have Zillya's daughter, Bri, to pure my love into. And if I get that "itch" then I think we'll adopt a dog or cat.


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