Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jamie Lopez - Simday 28

I HATE HIM! Edward is on my last nerve. I came home late from work and spotted him trying to steal my newspaper. I had been wondering where they were going for the past few days. Well, now I know! It was him! I tried to stop him. He went to walk around me when I pushed him. To my surprised he pushed me back. That started the whole fight, we went at it for a while, and I thought I would come out victorious. But no, my lack of not working out playing a huge roll in the outcome, and Eddie won. I could just scream. My pride is so injured.

On a plus side, he did call once he had gotten back to his place and apologized. I wanted to press charges. But since he could say sorry I guess I can act like a grown up to and accept it. (for now!)

-Jamie Lopez

Kristen Sanchez - Simdays 26 -30

Time sure doe sip by when you're not looking. It seems as if you have all the time in the world, with raising children and buying our first home I had forgotten that my days were numbered. Me and Danny's birthdays are fast approaching so we've decided to try and spend as much time as possible with Nishira and Lilly as we can. While at dinner (Cafe Mode) we all decided that it would be the perfect time to take a family vacation. It's Spring Break, the only draw back is that Mansur's break had already come and gone, so he couldn't go with us. But with that decided we went home and booked our trip.

We all choice Twikki Island. I'm so happy that we did go there, the weather was a welcomed break from all the cold and snow here in Riverdale. I've included a few pics from our trip. It was great, and now I'm ready to enter the next and final stage of my life!

Danny had a bit too much sun!

Me and the hot tub, not so good.

Nishira angered the fountain by adding soap to it!

Jodie (Dawson) Burrego - Simday 26 - 30

I was getting ready to sit down to breakfast when one of the twins, Bell, blurts out wanting to know if I were having another baby. Startled, I laughed it off, and asked her why would she think that.

Samantha Patrelli - Simday 29

Liam Smith Simday 27

I could just kick myself. Officer Banks told me that I should get an alarm installed in the van, but I decided to put it off. With Tazikati due to deliver the baby at any moment we decided to take the plunge and buy a home. We were out of room in our rental. And I'm glad that we did decide to move, 'cause soon after the Hood Council released a noticed that they would be starting renovations soon on our area. But I'm going off topic.

So we perched a new home and got moved and settled in. We went to bed and when I woke up to get ready for work I find that the van had been stolen. It just really ticks me off. For such a small community crime seems to be on the rise. I'm starting to think was moving to Riverdale such a good idea?

Simone Patrelli - Sim Day 28

Didn't I say that I was staying away from David? Well I guess I was wrong. He came over and I couldn't say no. We ended up in my bedroom and one thing lead to another. But I promise this IS the last time. No more. I'm going to become totally devoted to Ryker. I love him and we are going to get married!
Bye, bye, David Ottamas!

Nadya Novak - Simdays 26 - 30

Vanya and I found a new place. It's great, we're the first sims able to live in the newly built apartment complex. I love it, and the rent isn't that high. Though the only draw back is that it's a bit on the tiny side, but a huge plus, is that it's a seperate unit.

Tazikati Smith - Simday 27

Am I a bad mother? I ask myself that question all the time. Liam and I have been blessed with three lovely children, and yet, I never got around to teaching Annabell how to study until she was a teen. It's horrible. And what even worse, I can't recall if Robert knows how to study as well. I'm wondering how I'm going to fair with the last baby. And with most of my attention focused on the shop will I become even more of a bad mother?

Maybe I should sell the store and just stay home. I know this candy shop was my dream but maybe I could have waited until all the children where adults before I ventured into candy making. Liam says that I'm over reacting, but what would his mother have thought about my decision if she were still alive.


Edward Christian - Simdays 26 - 30

I really, really, really don't want to mess this up. I was thrilled when I found out that Joy and I were expecting our first child, this makes my third baby but her first.