Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jodie (Dawson) Burrego - Simday 26 - 30

I was getting ready to sit down to breakfast when one of the twins, Bell, blurts out wanting to know if I were having another baby. Startled, I laughed it off, and asked her why would she think that.
She simply replied that I was getting heavy, and that's what happened with her teacher at school before her belly popped out. That's when I noticed that somehow I put on extra weight. When did this happen? I have no idea. I work out daily, and stay in shape, so I'm wondering how the pounds even added up. All I can think of is the birthday cake the twins had. But I don't remember eating any of it.


Zac decided that the next day at breakfast he would bring up the baby issue once more. He wants to start trying for our third child. I only sat there and smiled. I really don't want anymore children. I mean, being an up and coming athlete is hard enough, now I have to shed these pounds, and also having a sit on the Hood as Athletics's Director is added stress. Another child, I don't think so. I haven't told Zac yet. I can't. He seems so happy with the idea. So I started birth control with InTEEN. Now I just have to work off this weight.


I did it! I did it! I'm so happy. I was able to lose the weight in only one day. Not only am i in shape once again, but I also go the girls interested in keeping their bodies fit and healthy. I think I will start work on a new activity chart for the children of Riverdale. With Free Time it now makes more ways of staying active and fit a possibility and I'm truly thrilled. I need to get online and order some new furniture for our guest room. Since Zalliya is away at Uni. I've turned her room into a small study, but with my parents scheduled to visit this summer (tomorrow) I must get the room ready for them to sleep in. I'm so excited. This will be the first time that I've seen them since I immigrated here, and this will be their first time seeing the girls!


  1. Jodi

    We are very excited to be traveling to Riverdale to see you and the girls. I've noticed that you've added an 'e' to your name. Did you legally change it to be this way? Your father wants to know so that he can make the check out in the right name.

    We are still in Roswell, visiting with your sister-Janet. She just married and had a little baby girl. We can not wait for tomorrowsimday to arrive as well so that we can see you!


  2. Hi Jodi it's your sister Janet. Mom and dad are leaving very soon I have to finish some paintings and stuff for them to take back with them and get some photos printed so that is what is keeping me. I was too tired to do it while I was pregnant and now I have to play catch up. I am glad everything is going well with you. I must got now and finish working but we can chat later.


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