Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nadya Novak - Simdays 26 - 30

Vanya and I found a new place. It's great, we're the first sims able to live in the newly built apartment complex. I love it, and the rent isn't that high. Though the only draw back is that it's a bit on the tiny side, but a huge plus, is that it's a seperate unit.
Ther are four all together, so it's like you have your own bungalow. Vanya's room is tiny though, next to the bathroom, it's the smallest room in the apartment. It can only fit a bed, a free standing lamp and, her doll house. But we're happy!


Vanya loves the pool! She couldn't wait until the weather broke and we had our first warm and sunny day of Spring. Soon as she got home from school she changed into her swimsuit and dove in. Good thing for the nanny I had just hired. My hours were changed with my promotion at work, meaning I'm no longer at home when my daughter gets home. Hence me hiring a nanny.


I simply love this Free Time deal. I've taken up birdwatching as a hobby. I don't do it all the time but I do when I can. It's a very peaceful activity to participate in. I've also taken up tinkering and decided to sale my old rusty car and restore one that is even more rusty! Am I crazy? *laughs*


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