Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Calendar for 2013-2014 Rotation

The hood's current Simdays are 48-50. This rounds lasts from January 2013 to December of 2014. Mini updates are not listed since they are not planned out. They normally develop from game play which tie in nicely to a certain story. But I will still label them as mini-updates.

As always, I may not show every single family on my schedule simply because nothing exciting happened during their game play session, and I try not to bore you guys to tears. ;)

Winter 2012/2013

January: (family won't be added lost that print out)

Feburary: (family won't be added lost that print out)

Spring 2013

*Novak/Philips Wedding

March 1: Dominc and Nadya Philips

March 2: Brad Patrelli and Bell Burrego

*University Spring Break

April: Robert, Cynthia and, Viggo Kim

*April Births

May 1: Tina Traveller

May 2: Tommy, Asia and, Katie Ottamas

*Uni and Schools Spring Rotation

*Senior Prom/Graduation

Summer 2013

June 1: Mansur, Fatima, Alani, Salma and, Alon Sanchez

June 2: Kirk, Tynisha, Lana, Sarah, Kobi, Natalie Corbin

*June Births

July 1: Bret Patrelli, Ariel Burrego and Alex Burrego

*July Births

July 2: Danny, Kristin and, Brooke Sanchez

August 1: Priya, Sanjay, Suni and, Geeta Ramaswami

August 2: Amos, Nita and, Aspen Cotton

*August Births

Fall 2013

*Uni. and Schools Fall Rotation

*September Births

*September 1: Liam, Tazikati and, Cameron Smith

September 2: Samantha, Abihajeet and, Tylor Patrelli

October: Justin, Kira and, Misha Kim

November 1: Thomas, Tyra, Marcus and, Oliver Brooks

*Founder's Day Fest

November 2: June, Austin, June and, Nick McPhee

Winter 2013/2014

December: Vanya, Shaw and, Tandi Novak and Bart Ottamas

*Winter Snow Ball

*New Years Eve

January: Xander, Tosha, Bryce and, Tito Snapple

Spring 2014

March: Trant, Trisha and, Sofia Traveller

*Spring Break

April 1: Zayllia, Chistopher, Bri, Willow and, Seth Shahan

April 2: Nashira and Donte Sanchez

May 1: Justin Reed

May 2: Jaime, Brian, Aaron and, Adrian Chew

*Uni. and Schools Spring Rotation

*Senior Prom/Graduation

Summer 2014

June 1: Antwan, Taffi and, Gavin Snowden

June 2: Heather, Brandon, Anan and, Ebony Reed

July: Nanat and Mathew Novak

August 1: Emma, Waylon, Lars and, Harmony Menon

August 2: Anya and Tony Kent

Fall 2014

*Uni. and Schools Fall Rotation

September 1: Le-Feb, Peng, Ruiling and, Roulang T'ang

September 2: Mohindr and Colby Ramaswami

October: Sharla and Jordan Ottamas and Rupert Cotton

November 1: Trisha, Clay, Dallas and, Brita Johnson

*Founder's Day Fest

November 2: Jessica, Mathew, Rose, Lola, Becca and, Ricky Picaso

Winter 2014/2015

*Winter Ball

December: Peter, Samantha and, Amanda Ottamas

*New Years Eve

January 1: Nathan, Tosha and, MaryBeth Novak

January 2: Joy, Edward Jr, Connor and, Angel Christian

February 1: Zac, Jodie, Fayodor and, Cicero Burrego

February 2: Simone, Ryker, Winthrop and, Orlando Lewis

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