Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Those College Days Fall 2013 Part 3

September, Fall 2013, Keegan Ottamas, Chleo Gonzaga, Ricky Cormier, and Sophie Miguel are 18, Mary Snowden, Marchon Cunningham, Lilly Sanchez, AJ Christian, Harvis MacAsril, Danny Ottamas, Nora Reed, and Ye T'ang are 20, and Richard Smith is 21.

Danny and Keegan kill some time down at the university pub, The Watering Hole. It's nice to hang out with his brother like this. They haven't done this since he left for college. So it's nice to have his little brother with him. Plus, Keegan has pledged to Cham Ho Cham. Which is the icing on the cake.


Keegan must have called Bart because he strolls in about a half an hour later. Danny doesn't mind, he hasn't seen him since summer break. Keegan greets his brother while Danny sets up the pool table.


They grab a drink, but like old times Danny reminds Keegan that he's still too young to drink.

Another college students laughs. "Dude, that's harsh. Ratting his age out like that."

Danny shrugs. He's not getting in trouble with mom and dad for having a drunk for a younger brother.


He waves off the other guy then scans the room. That's when he spots her. He's sure he's seen her around campus but never this up close. He decides that maybe this is a good time to approach her.


Their first encounter doesn't go so well. Keegan looks away. It's easier than watching his brother fail miserably with this girl.


She does give him a B for effort though. Some how Danny convinces her to stop and give him five minutes of her time.


Five minutes turns into twenty as the two talk. Keegan has left to spend time with Bart. Danny doesn't even notice, he's not even sure he hear his brother tell him that he's leaving.


"I'm not that type of girl. I'm just telling you this now. So don't think you'll be getting lucky if we go out. I don't put out like that." She tells him.


This is actually refreshing to hear. Danny is glad to hear that. He's tired of dating the girl who is known for a good time. He actually wants to build a relationship. He tells her this. She smiles, liking what she hears.


Meanwhile, Kirk breaks things off with his long time girlfriend. He doesn't give her any good reason other than he wants to date other people.

She's heart broken and doesn't understand why. Before this year everything was going smoothly between the two of them, and now this. She throws the engagement ring at him and storms off.


But there is a method to his madness, Nora. He never expecting this to happen, but he's head of heels in love with her. He just hops that he can convince her that they would be perfect for each other.

She's not so sure and asks him to give her some time to think things over. It doesn't sit well with her, knowing that she's the cause for him breaking up with his fiance.


A few days later Danny calls Camille and asks her out. He wait for her to arrive so they can walk downtown to get a bite to eat.


They stop at a local pool hall first. Not to play but to make fun of people who can't. juvenile yes, but extremely fun to do!


They end up eating a a rib joint. And things are going great until a certain someone walks in. Danny sees Nora with Castor of all people, and his face drops. He turns back to his date. Camille looks between the two and puts two and two together.

 "We're only friends." He says, but it's clearly written across his face that it's more than that.


"You two slept together?" Camille asks.

Danny puts his fork down. "Yeah, I actually thought that it was going to turn into something more..." He trails off.


"I know how that is. I though I had found the one as well. Everything was going fine until someone else caught his eye." She turns to him. "I think it's good that your trying to get back out there, find yourself a girl. But maybe you should heal first."


Danny knows that she's right, and he agrees with her. "So, we're just better off as friends?" She smiles and nods her head.


They finish their meal before saying goodnight. Camille places a gentle kiss on Danny's lips. He watches her go. He just hopes that he's truly ready to close the chapter of Nora.


Kirk is seriously in love with Nora. As you can see by his wants panel. Before it was filled with his girlfriend, but now it's Nora. They actually have three bolts for each other, but her rolls are all over the place still. One moment they are of Richard, the next of Ye, then for Danny, and Kirk. So I don't know what I'm going to do with these two.

Danny and Camille really didn't have any chemistry with each other, even on a date they rolled wants to go to class, research with someone, etc. Plus, when Nora and Castor walked in, I think it sealed things for Danny and his date. He rolled the wants to give Nora a back rub and to flirt with Nora. The boy is on the fence. She really has a lot of my sims all messed up. LOL

Here are their grades

First Semester


Ricky Cormier- Undeclared GPA 4.0 Dean's List

Chloe Gonzaga- Undeclared GPA 4.0 Dean's List

Sophie Miguel- Undeclared GPA 4.0 Dean's List

Keegan Ottamas- Undeclared GPA 4.0 Dean's List


AJ Christian- Art Major GPA 3.7 Dean's List

Marchon Cunningham- Political Science Major GPA 3.8 Dean's List

Harvis MacAstril - Internatonal Relations and Diplomacy Major GPA 3.8 Dean's List

Danny Ottamas- Marine Biology Major GPA 3.7 Dean's List

Nora Reed - Physics Major GPA 3.7 Dean's List

Lilly Sanchez - Government Major GPA 3.6 Dean's List

Mary Snowden - Genetic Science Major GPA 4.0 Dean's List

Ye T'ang - Psychology Major GPA 3.8 Dean's List


Richard Smith - Education GPA 3.4

Richard is off academic probation and in his final semester of college. He will be starting his internship as a student teacher for his final semester.


  1. Wow, Nora is a man eater. She has messed up just about all the heads of the university guys.

  2. Apple, Nora has them all messed up. I'm still hoping that she'll gorw out of it though!

  3. Wow, do you have any guys on campus who aren't crazy about Nora? She's certainly making her mark!

  4. Carla, I don't know. LOL You know even Marchon swoons over Nora, but he's never rolled any wants for her other than to be her friend. Yes, Nora is the "it" girl on campus. Not sure if that such a good thing.

  5. Yeah, Nora's the 'it' girl for one reason alone...hehee.

    I did a fist pump seeing Marchon's grades. Mom and Pop are proud of him!

    I give Danny props for trying to get back out there, though. It's got to be confusing for you to know where any of this is all heading, since everybody is so messed up over Nora! LOL! I'd be pulling my hair out by now! LOL!

  6. SH, Girl, you know I'm tired of Nora. LOL And poor Danny. Yeah, he is trying to get back out there. But he's young, and time is on his side.

    I'm very proud of Marchon too! :D


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