Thursday, February 3, 2011

Circle of Life September 2014

Birthdays for September 2014. Last update.

There's only one birthday this month, and it's the birth of Franco Novak. He's the second addition to proud parents Nathan and Tosha Novak. His big sister, Mary-Beth is finally glad that he' here, but she's also sad. He really doesn't do much but cry and poop. No fun... yet!

He has his mother's skin tone, his father's blue eyes, and both parents blonde hair.


No hospital birth, just imagine that she had him there and came home. I was so tired when I did this one, and I was still in the process of remodeling the hospital. It wasn't ready so I couldn't take any pics there.

Franco is one month younger than his cousin's Caitlin and Kian.


  1. Hey Franco! I bet he'll be a cutie. It'll be nice for him to grow up with his cousins too.

  2. I originally planned to one day, have time an read all the way back, since that day won't be here any time soon, I will start reading now, and read back when I need some more information.

    Franco seems like a real cutie with those freckels!

  3. , if anything goes by how his sister looks I'm thinking he's going to be a looker too. I hope he and his cousins are close!

    Tanja, glad to see you over here! Welcome! You have time to read back. LOL You should be pretty good, but you can always click on my welcome to new readers to see what's the best place to start! I wish the pic wasn't so dark, but yeah, he as freckles just like his sister. They are so cute!


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