Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Zayilla Burrego Sim Days 26 -29

*College runs slightly different from the rest of Riverdale. Sim are only there for four sim days and that's why ther blog will only add up to a four day count*

College has been great! We have study groups and talk about what our majors are going to be. Mansur joins me all the time in study circle, but Fatima is a more of a alone studier. She will sit in her room hours on in studying. Mansur told me that most of the time Fatima is blogging about music or searching the internet about music and dance. But what ever she is doing I just hope she keeps her grades up!

I was really starting to feel like the third wheel when it came to me, Fatima, and Mansur. They're all over each other from the moment they meet up after classes until its time for bed or to study. And did I mention they do everything together. *ugh* They eat together, and that wouldn't be such a problem if there wern't just two chairs to each table. So I normally have to push a table close to them so we all can eat together. They ever work out together. Seriously, how can two people be that in love?

Well, I cna eat my words, beacuse now I know. Seth moved into the dorms after another student moved to a Greek House. It was love at first sight for me. He's so dreamy, with the blue hair and green eyes. *sigh* I'm in love. And it was nice to know that he felt the same way about me. We shared our first kiss and I knew that I was lost to him. Now I know how Mansur and Fatima can stay connected at the hip. It's easy when you find the right person.


I got me a new make-over to go with my new boyfriend and college career. I think I look great. More mature I think one can say. I sent a pic back home to Zac and Jodie. Of course Zac thinks it's a bit much and feels that I look better in my long flowing dresses and skirts. But how quickly one forgets my goth stage in high school. Jodie on the other hand is all for the new look. I look young and fresh!


Seth liked the new look to. We started out studying but one thing lead to another and before I knew it... well... "it" happened. So I guess it's safe to say that I am now offically a woman, lol. Too bad that it happened on that old grundge couch in the studant lounge. *sigh* Not much options since all our rooms are only big enough for a single bed. Wonder if their trying to send students a message?


Against my better judgement Mansur and I ate some really nasty grilled cheese sandwiches. Once stinky green fumes start to rise off of your food then it is no longer safe to eat.

Well I paid the price for it the next morning. Yuck, I was throwing up ALL morning long. Then a thought hit me, what if it wasn't the grill cheese for dinner last night?

I'm so ashamed. It turned out not being the food after all. I'm pregnant. Who would have thought that this could have happend. It was my first time. I want to cry and sob and roll up into a tiny ball and never come out. But I can't. I'm just going to put off telling Zac until I have to. I have two more days at school.
Okay, I broke down and told Jodie instead. She cried with me over the phone. And I couldn't stop saying how sorry I was, and that I don't want to be a huge let down to eithe rof them. She assured me that I wasn't and that I had to keep with my studies, that I had a future child to look out for. She then told my brother, who was NOT happy. Now he's not speaking to me and that really hurts. Jodie said that he needs time to get use to the idea that I'm going to be a mom. Well I should say single college aged mom.

Can you believe it? I went into labor at our graduation party. So not cool. Even Seth, who has avoided me like the plaue showed up for support. So I graduated with honors and with a baby. Now I can't wait to see where life takes me next.
Zayilla Burrego

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