Thursday, December 25, 2008

Those College Days Simdays 36 - 40

Newton Novak, Asia Reed and, Tommy Ottamas have started their Freshmen year of college.

First thing is first. Asia decides that she really like Tommy and precedes to develop a very deep crush towards him. Tommy isn't to sure how he feels about her, but Asia is a great friend!

Asia's dream through teen hood was to attend college, but soon as she arrived the education factor went out the window. She spends all her time calling home talking to her two sisters, her brother, and her parents. Meanwhile, Newton and Tommy have their head buried in their studies. They want the education that they have worked so hard for.

Brandon, Asia's twin brother decides to drop by for a visit. He misses his sister too. And not deciding to go to college has left a hole in his heart. Waking up every morning and not seeing your twin is kinda hard on a guy. So after spending a few hours of pillow fighting they say their good buys. Brandon isn't sure when he'll get the chance to visit Asia again. He will be going to
Bidwell come winter and money will be extra tight. So no bus trips to college to visit family.

Newton decides that it's time to get a girlfriend. He has never had one. Being shy in high school didn't go over well with the girls there. But he can't help who he is. He finds a nice girl in the dorm and tried to strike up a conversation with her.

Things seem to go well, but every time he switched to a new topic she would get mad, thrust her fingers in her ears and yell at him.

It was a blow to his fragile ego. Newton started to think maybe girls weren't the thing for him.

Meanwhile, Asia finally started to get down and study, realizing that she really didn't want to waste her parent's hard earned money to send her to college. And her scholarships only cover so much, so she decided to take on part time work in the cafeteria. Having 6 bars in cooking helps a lot as well. So Asia works mornings, leaving enough time to study then go to school in the afternoons.

Tommy has finally come around and falls for Asia as well. Needless to say she is very pleased in these events. If she had to sit through watching him try to hit on other co-ed's she'd scream. But being waiting for him has paid off!

It also appears that Asia has another admirer. Strange how he didn't pay any attention to her until she and Tommy started dating.


Freshmen Year

Newton Novak: Undeclared - A+ GPA 4.0

Asia Reed: History Major - A+ GPA 4.0

Tommy Ottamas: Mathematics Major - A+ GPA 4.0

Sophomore Year

Returning from final exams Asia has something every important on her mind. Because thinking about starting a family in college is always important! *roll eyes* But she's a family sim, so what can one say.

Guess the though prompted her to act and Asia and Tommy took their relationship to the next level.

Newton also seems to be lucky in love this year. He met a fellow co-ed (who's name I forgot to write down, I think it's Melissa). He was starting to think that maybe he was into guys. No matter how hard he tried all the girls he talked to hated him. But not Melissa (?) she enjoys his company and even made the first move. Newton is relieved and happy that he has a girlfriend.
The two spend all their time together. Even staring up at the clouds is enjoyable. Newton can't imagine himself with anyone else other than Melissa(?) He's sure his mother will like her just the same. Sadly, his dad won't get to met her. He died the night Newton left for college.

Melissa(?) decides that it's time to take their relationship further. Good thing the dorm provides each room with a double bed! Newton was quite surprised and exited by the notion of advancement to the next level. Melissa(?) is his first in everything.

He is 100% certain that she is the ONE and he is completely head over feet for her.

Meanwhile that stupid cow has come to the dorm to cause trouble. The water damage to the carpets!

Tommy and Asia are in a bliss of their own, but that co-ed seems to pop up every place Asia is at. It's starting to get a bit too creepy, and making her uncomfortable. Tommy doesn't make a big deal of it. The dude will get the hint and leave Asia alone soon enough.

To get her mind off of "Creepy Stalker" guy, Asia buys a parrot. She names him Polly, and loves playing with him. She heads off to play with him when she returns from classes. She even blows Tommy off to spend time with the bird. Meanwhile...

Sophomore Year
Newton Novak: Undeclared- A+ GPA 4.0
Asia Reed: History Major B+ GPA 3.8
Tommy Ottamas: Mathematics Major B+ GPA 3.8
(Author's Notes: I've decided that my college entery will be done as a mass update instead of individual sims. It's easier on me and gets done faster, lol. Since I don't update every sim with a their own blog entry every rotation, at least with college students you'll get to see what they are all up to at once.)


  1. I think that's a good way to handle college. I only split up college when there's lots of drama with one particular household.

    How funny is Creepy Stalker guy?! It's funny how townies seem to get fixated on certain Sims!

  2. It took me forever to come up with a good rotation for college, just hope it works later one!

    OMG, he is so creepy. Why do they do this, lol. And when did this start? When I used to play uni. I never had a sim stalk my other sims. Creepy.


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