Thursday, January 8, 2009

Simone Patrelli-Lewis - Winter 2008

Simone is 26 and Ryker is 33

My mom has been on my case about giving her a grad child since Ryker and I said our "I do's". But it wasn't like we had even given the idea much though. I'm still young, he's still young, we are both focused on our careers, and getting promotions.

But it wasn't until we fell sick this winter that mortality really hit me. We are only here for such a short period, and worrying about advancing in my job is mote if I don't have any children to pass on the benefits.

What happened you ask, that changed my mind. Well, the flu hit Riverdale really hard this winter. Everyone is getting sick. I actually got sick from my friend Trisha Traveller, and of course I got my honey bun sick.

I was taking a nice relaxing bath after work (yes, I got to work even when sick) when Ryker arrived home. I heard the car pull drop him off, but I never heard his keys in the door. So I jumped out of the tub and ran outside. Get this, there was this dude in a tattered robe hovering. Yes, hovering over my husband who was collapsed on the ground.

I figured his sickness had gotten the best of him. And though I'm a rational minded person, I figured this must be death. I started to cry, Ryker was dead. But then something dawned on me. I might still have a chance since this creature was showing itself to me. So I challenged him for my husband's life.

And won! After our brush with death Ryker decided to take me on a long awaited honeymoon. We went to Twikki Island.

And we decided to have a little fun in a hammock at our hotel.

Even relaxing I still need to learn stuff. S why not how to give a excellent massage.

Half way into our vacation I started to fell really tired. I hardly had any energy at all. I felt really bad too, since Ryker planed so many exciting things for us to do. I was able to do a little bit, but I decided to stay in bed a lot. Not a lot of fun.

I also couldn't stop eating.

And when we got home I was still stuffing my face.

Ryker brought home a new "friend" from work. I can't even remember the guys name. He was really rude to me, didn't make much conversation. Every time I started a topic he'd shoot me down. Rude, I think so!

Maybe it's time I took a test huh?


  1. Pregnancy - always a surefire way to ruin a Sim honeymoon!

  2. It sure is. She was so tired I had to cancle their trip by two days. But I'm happy they are having a baby. After Ryker almost died that's when they started to try for a baby (ACR). Her mother's going to be thrilled.

  3. Ugh, pregnant Sims suck on vacation! Wow, what a way to get a new perspective on life! Glad she saved him! :)

  4. I'm happy she let me know he was dying or I wouldn't have. I was actually on the phone with my mom when it happened, so I didn't have my ear phones in to hear the game, lol.

  5. I hate when sims get pregnant on vacation. That is why I don't let my married sims go on it much. I feel bad when one sim get to see all the sights and the other one has to stay in the hotel and relax.

    (from Oasis Valley)

  6. Well they were really trying after Ryker almost died. And to be honest I'm not sure if she got pregnant right before the left or on vacation, lol. But he wasn't having much fun without her so I cut the trip short.


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