Saturday, January 10, 2009

Emma King Winter 08

Emma is 26

Remember my
one night stand at that bar? Well guess who I saw walking past my house? Yes, Xander. I almost fainted. Okay, not really, but it was still a surprise to see him. And he's even sexier without the red lights from the night club/bar. To bad he's getting married. I could actually see myself having a relationship with him.

I can't help but to wonder if I will ever find the right sim to settle down with a start a family. I mean Rupert is great, but he definitely not the kind of guy you'd take home to meet your mom. I know that. This is why, no matter how hard it may be, I have to give him up. He's no good for me. And we are not on the same page, we do not want to same things. And I need to end this before it gets to serious.

I think I'm coming down with that flu that's going around. So why is it that the first thing that pops into be head when my stomach starts to flip, is that I could be pregnant? I have no idea. Lame! There is no way. I was careful, with both Rupert and Xander. I may have been a bit tipsy, but I'm on the pill. So no way at all, nope, don't think so!

Yeah, after I finished breakfast I made a mad dash to the toilet. Time to face the music. I could be pregnant. Such a scary thought. And the worst part is I don't know who the father is. Does that make me a slut?

I looked in my medicine cabinet and found an old pregnancy test from when I was still with David. Poor guy. :( He wanted to start a family even before we got married, but I wasn't ready. I still wanted to live life and just be me and him. No little ones.

So I peed on the sick and watched the snow fall as I waited for the results...

Umm, yeah, well. You guessed it. I'm knocked. What am I going to do? I thought about getting rid of it, but changed my mind. I am pro-life, no matter what. Maybe adoption. I really have to think about this. And I still don't know who's baby this is. A paternity test is in order. This is so embarrassing. I don't want to hurt Xander's relationship with his woman, but how can I bring the subject up with him? And Rupert? How will he react? *sigh*

I can't stop eating. No matter how many healthy snacks I make I crave grease! Big time! Pizza, pizza, pizza. I haven't eaten this much pepperoni since my college days. I just hope I don't get fat. I'm a dancer, can't be a dancer looking like a whale.

And just when I thought things couldn't get worse, I was robbed! He took the TV, darn it! Now I have to replace that as well as buy a crib. And were am I going to fit a baby in a one bedroom apartment? I can't believe my life. Maybe I should have married David.


  1. Oooh, uncertain paternity! Drama!

    Do you have the silent pregnancy hack? I really need to experiment with that.

  2. Wow, looks like there's something in the water in Riverdale lately ;)

    Do you know who the father is? I wouldn't be able to keep myself from looking, lol.

  3. Yes, Carla, I have the silent pregnancy hack. So unless they let me know they are pregnant with mornign sickness and the likes, I have no idea, lol. So I do get surprised quite a lot.

    Laura, yes, there is something in the water! lol Even after setting ACR my sims are still get knocked! I have no idea. Hopefully the birth control from InTeen will help! I would look to see who the dads are but since I have Monique's child support hack I find out when they send the $200 a day.

  4. I ADORE the silent pregnant hack. I really do! It adds to the surprise. I can't wait to find out who the dad is. I applaud your ability to not use anything to check, I would be way too curious, LOL.

  5. We'd like to wish Emma King good luck with her future edition and figuring out who the father is!

  6. I use silent pregnancy that came with inteen. But I never let it work, whenever I think my sims are pregnant I always check their biological clock. I need to stop that, it takes away the suspense.

  7. Mao, I DO check sometimes, lol. But also with Monique's child support hack I find out, sometimes before I even know a sim is pregnant. I didn't even know Emma was pregnant. I ha finished her house for the round and was playing another family in the apt. building when I did the pregnancy scanner with ACR and that's how I found out about her baby, lol.

    Desolado, Emma that's you very much. And she hopes to find out who the father is as well. ;) (though I know, lol)

    Monique,You have to stop, lol. No I alternate. For couples who are trying to get pregnant I will check after each woohoo. That's only with couples who have been trying but haven't concived yet. But normally I let it be a surprise.


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