Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nashira Sanchez 21 years old Simdays 36 - 40

So I'm fresh out of college and on my own. It's kind of a daunting task when you think about it. I mean, I went from my parents house to a dorm and now, this. My first place. I'm kinda nervous.

My hand shook a bit as I signed the lease. The cool thing though? I'm the first to live here. That's the best part about new places!

First thing I did after unpacking was to call my mom and update her on everything. She asked me how I liked my new apartment, I told her it was great. Which it was, I had a patio and a laundry room, can't get any better than that! Oh, and a dishwasher. Because I really hate washing dishes. No dishpan hands for Nashira!

Shortly after it dawned on me (I was managing my back account) that I would really need a roommate. No since of letting the second bedroom go to waste. So I asked Annabell to move in with me. She jumped at the idea. She really didn't want to move back home with her parents and share a bedroom with her little sister.

This was great, not only do I get to live with my best friend but now I have help with the rent! Which means more money can go to other things.

My mom stopped by for a visit. She really looks good for her age. I guess that means I should grow old gracefully as well. I can only hope so, lol.

We sat for a bit after I took her on the small tour of the place, and she asked me how the job search was coming along. I was looking. I had even looked before she came over...

But there were no listings in my desire field. I refuse to get a job in something else to buy time until the Science field opens up. My mom only nodded her head giving me this "look." Whatever, it's my life I'll do what I want!

I spend a few hours with my little sister, Lilly. She decided to drop by after school. She didn't even knock she just burst through the door. Rude much? What if I were dancing around my living room naked or something. I told her this, and she only laughed it off. She then changed the topic to school. She was really excited about graduating high school and going to college for medical. She wants to be a doctor.

Annabell came home with a friend from work. Which confused me since she works for her mom and she is the only employee.

"I don't really work for him, but we just hit it off while I was working." She explained. Plus she though Rupert was really hot. I just rolled my eyes. Yeah, he was nice on the eyes but I have more important things to worry about, like finding a job.

Okay, I think I found it. I sent in my resume and soon as I did that my pc blew up! I just hope my e-mail doesn't let me down. Now I just have to make sure not to get electrocuted.

In celebration of me not frying myself while fixing my pc we decided to throw a party. Some old chick dropped by off the street. WTF?!?!? And Annabell decided instead of inviting Mohindr she'd invite Rupert instead.

At first I was taken back by this since I really didn't like him. Something about him just rubs me the wrong way but after talking with him and sharing a few jokes I decided that he really wasn't all that bad to be around.

We even danced. He's pretty good and kept his distance. I was surprised since in college the only kind of dancing the boys knew were the type that resembled a dog humping your leg.

I knew it! Vulgar thy name is man! Seriously what kind of conversation is that. Rupert went and me what was the most interesting place I'd ever had sex in. Um, ewww. None of your business. I only laughed him off. It's none of his business that I've never bothered to have sex yet.

Masur wasn't to keen on the conversation either. That made me giggle. Ever the protective brother.

One of our neighbors came down stairs to yell at us about the late hour and the music. Saying to break up the party or she would report us to the landlord. Evil old bitty!

That's okay, the party was coming to an end anyway. And it rocked too!

A day later I got a call back and the notice that I got the job, woot. I am now a science teacher. It's strange but I really do feel like an adult now.

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