Monday, February 16, 2009

Rupert Cotton Simdays 41 - 43

It's currently Winter of 2008 and Rupert is 30 and Amos is 31

So Amos got this wonderful (and by wonderful I mean stupid) idea that it would be great to hire a maid to clean our apartment. I mean, yes we are men, but we clean just as good as any woman can. Our mom didn't raise a bunch of slobs.

Well to my surprise the maid turned out to be one sexy looking lady. From the moment I laid eyes on her I knew I had to hit that.

She blew me off at first. Some stupid crap about not mixing work with pleasure. What the hell? There's always time to mix a little pleasure into EVERYTHING! So of course me being who I am, couldn't take no as an answer.

So I decided to play the new daddy card. Yeah, I hear chicks dig that. They can't get enough of those little bundles of joy. So I told her that a lady friend of mine had just given birth to my son, Tony. Oh, the maid, I think her name was Kat. Fawned over the news.

She said that it was a complete turn on to know that I was helping taking care of my son, even though I wasn't in a committed relationship. Score! I knew I was in. It was only a matter of time before I had her in my bed.

The next day I decided to lay on the charm. I started with an old classic.

A peck on the hand...

A small hug...

And she was falling into my bed. I was starting to worry that I would have to work harder but I didn't. I mean I may still be working on Nashira, but I refuse to work hard to get two women in my bed. One is enough. And I know sooner or later she'll be here too.

I had fun with maid, a nice hour was devoted to her, but she really needed to get back to work. I mean, the house can't clean itself. And I wasn't paying her to sleep with me.

Amos saw her leave my bedroom and later confronted me about it.

"Dude, you have a kid now."

"So. What's that supposed to mean?"

Amos sighed, "You need to grow up and take responsibility for your actions. Not bedding our maid."

I only snorted in laughter at him. I'm stepping up. Hell, I send $200 a month to Anya for Tony, and I visit him weekly. But if my brother thinks that I'm going to settle down and marry her, he's mistaken. I'm not a one woman man. I need to keep it free and single.

Amos through a spoonful of cereal at me catching me off guard. I laughed and threw some back. We ended up spending the rest of the afternoon cleaning the kitchen, but we had fun.

Sharla stopped by after work and we decided to lay under the stars and talk. I like spending time with the blonde. She gets me. And I know that's because she's just like me. We don't expect anything from each other, other than friendship and a roll in the hay when the need arises. But I can be myself with her. I don't have to put on that Casanova act with her. I can just be me, and she accepts it.

We stayed there looking up at the night, not speaking, just enjoying each others company until it got too cold. We went inside to warm each other up.

I slept longer than I meant to and ended up staying the night. I woke early in the morning with Sharla and watched her as she got ready for work. I walked her to the front door then left myself into my place.

I worry sometimes. No, I should say that she, Sharla has me worried. She makes me feel things that I normally don't.

Notes from GB: Don't faint or anything. No, Rupert has not rolled any wants to marry Sharla. But it's funny, When he comes home from work he rolls normal wants for himself like to to flirt, or go on a date, etc. But soon as Sharla pops up he rolls the want to woo hoo, lol. He also rolls the want to visit her at her apt. ALL the time. And they are forever all over each other, flirting, hugging, making out. I think they really do have some feelings towards each other. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.


  1. I knew it wouldn't be long before Rupert realised the benefits of having a maid!

  2. LOL I know right! It took him a while but he found them.


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