Monday, July 6, 2009

So, there was this party

April, Spring 2011, Mary Snowden, Lilly Sanchez, Nora Reed, AJ Christian, Ye T'ang and, Danny Ottamas are 17, Keegan Ottamas is about to turn 16 and, Suni Ramaswami is about to turn 14.

Mary is standing in front of her bathroom mirror practicing. She needs her best schmoozing skills possible. He dad reached the top of his career track and is now, officially mayor of Riverdale, plus the family wants to celebrate Gavin's graduation from Head-start. He will be starting at Riverdale Elementary next fall.

But Mary isn't practicing her schmoozing. She's actually practicing kissing. She wants to know how good she'll look when she gets to kiss Marchon for the first time! God, she hopes she doesn't look like a loser. Kissing is very important. She's never kissed anyone before... outside of her family that is. So kissing in front of the mirror is as far as she can get right now.

Against her parents better judgment they decide to let Mary stay home alone. So while Anton sat around talking with fellow Riverdaler's about important issues like grandchildren and, his wife and son getting a massage. Mary was home... but not so alone.

In hind sight she could have asked her mom and dad if she could throw a party. But teens act on a whim, and Mary knew if they agreed to it, they would have stayed home. And Mary didn't want her parents home because parents were uncool. And they would cramp her freedom.

Lilly was upset that AJ brought Suni. This party was for seniors not little girls trying to act grown.

Mary only laughed reminded her that he had the right to bring her, she was his girlfriend after all.

Lilly rolled her eyes. She still couldn't get what he saw in Suni. She was immature and not to mention way younger than him. Plus, he would be leaving for college with the rest of them. How was he going to keep a relationship going with her. One could say jail bait!

"Don't even think about it!" Danny warns his brother.

I wasn't even going to drink any. I swear." Keegan said.

Danny only gave him a look. He didn't buy his excuse for one moment. He got in trouble the last time Keegan decided to take up drinking. He wasn't going to take the wrap for it this time!

AJ was still as confused as ever. He thought by bringing Suni with him to that party would make him make a decision, that he would pick her over Lilly. But seeing Lilly, watching her sway to the music, the way she flipped her hair over her shoulder. The way she tilted her head to the side as she laughed, all made him second guess his decision. He really wished that he hadn't brought Suni.

And as mature as she acted at times, it still didn't change the fact that she was younger than him, than all of his friends. Plus the hot wings that Mary severed were the bomb, he needed to get some more.

Yes, AJ, drink. Because drinking solves all problems! Really, teens do the stupidest things when they have problems in their lives.

Nora needs to take it easy too, we don't want a repeat performance of her asking Mary to marry her. That's what Lilly's thinking.

"Are we sloppy drunks?" Lilly asks.

"Pufft, you may not be a sloppy drunk but I am!" Nora paused. "Wait, that came out wrong!"

Lilly burst into laughter. "No takie backies. You said!"

Sometime along the night AJ found himself alone with Lilly in Mary's bedroom. And talk about a pink overload. He was starting to get sick just standing in the room!

"You look nice tonight." He tells Lilly.

"Yeah, I'm sure you say that to your girlfriend all the time, too!" She shoots back.

He knows he has it coming, but it still stings. They've been playing this cat and mouse game all school year. Ever since they went skinny dipping and shared that kiss. It wasn't right to Lilly or to Suni that AJ couldn't make up his mind.

Suni wandered off from the party downstairs looking for her boyfriend. She knew something was going on between him and Lilly, she heard rumors and, that was the reason why she agreed to come to this party. She figured that the girl would be here and, she would do everything within her power to keep the two of them apart.

That's when she stopped at the door at the top of the stairs, she could hear giggling and other muffled noses coming from inside.

She forcefully pushed the door open and ran inside. She wish she hadn't though and quickly covered her eyes. This was not happening!

"How could you!" Suni screamed!

AJ quickly sat up. "It's not what it looks like."

Lilly rolled her eyes with a smirk firmly planted to her lips. "Please, it's exactly what it looks like."

AJ turned to her. "So not helping."

Lilly just snorted in amusement and slipped put of bed. She just might regret her decision come morning and when her brain was clear of alcohol haze. But for now she was quiet proud of herself.

Suni stormed over to AJ and slapped him across the face. She was so mad and not to mention hurt. He had some nerve to do this to her!

Lilly snuck out of the room while the couple had words.

But Suni wasn't going to let Lilly off the hook. She played a huge roll in what just happened. Suni may not look angry in this pic, but believe me, she is. Just look at Lilly's reaction!

Suni wants to mop the floor with Lilly's "perfect" hair. Ye's thinking "girl fight!"

Suni slapped Lilly as she did with AJ.

But unlike AJ Lilly wasn't going to let some little girl put her hands on her.

"Touch me again and I'll break your arm!" She threatens.
Her words caused Suni to shrink bad in surprise. But this was far from over!
That's when a squad car showed up and promptly broke up the party. He was going to call the Mayor and his wife to report the going-ons at the house, but Mary pleaded with him. He wrote her a fine for having alcoholic beverages at an underage party, but that was all.
Mary was relieved. She saved herself from a scandal!
Funny pic:

It didn't fit in the update. But the bird was free for the whole party and he flew out of the back door. I was sure he was gone for good, but he must like the family because he came back, then flew back into his cage. Mary locked him back inside.
(notes from GB) Well I think a lot happened in this update. lol I really do think Suni knew something was up with AJ and Lilly. After that kiss they shared last fall all Suni did was walk past AJ's house when I played their lot. She was there the two days that I played, not to mention how she called he all the time too.
And if Mary's house looks different, that's because they moved last round. The new house is right across teh street from the old on, but this once faces the beach, is much bigger, and I like it more. lol


  1. Oh, poor Suni. I think this was all a long time coming. At least it's all out in the open, though I think AJ's decision might have been made for him now.

  2. Yeah, it has. Would you believe the boy is still confused? lol

  3. I thought the house looked different!

    Mary, Mary, Mary...*tsk-tsk* But hey, this is what teenagers do. I can't blame her for doing it. The cops came and everything. Wow.

    Wow, the AJ/Suni/Lilly triangle is over. He's gonna have to lie in the bed he's made now.

  4. Mary's testing her wings. I can't wait to see her in college! lol

    Yeah, I think it's safe to say that AJ has made up him mind. But what's next?


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