Saturday, May 30, 2009

Footprints in the sand

September, Fall 2010, Mary Snowden, Lilly Sanchez, Nora Reed, AJ Christian and, Danny Ottamas are 17, Keegan Ottamas is 15

The group decides to met up at North Shore Public Beach. It's right across the street from Mary's new house, so she didn't have far to travel. But Nora complains about how hard it was for her to convince her mom to let her use the family van. She wanted to know why she had to drive all the way out to the suburbs at night. Of course she gave her a totally lame explanation, but it worked.

They all headed down to the ocean's edge and set up a few chair and a portable table. Danny started on a fire ready to make some S'mores. Nora had already started her fun taking one of the six packs and parked her butt right in front of the waves, drinking as she listening to the crackling of the logs on the fire.

This was the beginning of their senior year. This was where it all changed. They felt they had to do something, no, needed to do something to mark the occasion. Hence the need to visit the beach at night, where they all could be alone.

Danny shouted for Keegan to get away from the beer. That's all he needed, bringing a drunk little brother back home with him.

"Sometimes I think I made a mistake with asking Suni to be my girl." AJ said.

"Really? Then why did you?" Lilly questions him back.

"Not sure. I mean, I know I like her, but..." he leaves the last part hanging in the air.

"Word of advice. Don't leave it hanging, 'cause feelings could get hurt." she finally offers.

AJ turns and smiles at Lilly before playfully punching her in the arm. "Thanks for the advice, Oprah."

"Life's going to be weird without my brother around." Keegan confides in Mary.

"Yeah, but you'll manage. It's not like it's the end of the world or anything." Mary offers as advice.

Keegan tries to reach for another beer only to get his hand slapped by Mary. "Dude, your brother said no!"

Everyone gathers around the fire to make some S'mores and drink a few beers. Nora can hardly stand as she sways back and forth over the fire.
Keegan finally sees his chance and grabs one of the unguarded beverages.

Mary returns to her seat. "What did Danny say?" She whispers to Keegan.
He only smiles at her, feeling the slight tingly sensation wash over his body. He though to himself how nice it felt, totally ignoring the ice glare Mary was giving him.
"Are you cold? Wanna wear my jacket?" AJ asks Lilly.
She shakes her head no. "I cool!"
The most awkward moment of the night happens then. Drunk Nora gets down on one knee and proposes to Mary. Everyone starts to laugh, even Nora., though she can't understand why.
Keegan grabs another beer.

To end the awkwardness someone yells "Skinny dip!" And everyone strips and heads for the water. No one's sure if it was the alcohol, the excitement of starting their final year of high school or, just because they can. But swimming naked at night with friends seems like an excellent idea.

Treading water and watching the darken shilouette of Lilly in the moonlight, AJ thinks about the kiss they just shared. And he give more thought to his relationship with Suni.
It's beginning to pour and Danny seems to be the only one who remembered the discarded clothes laying upon the beach. He moves as fast as he can to get to them.

Sadly, the rain beat him to it, and all the clothes are soaked. The teens will have to walk home soaking wet. Not cool.

Lilly's eye's widen as AJ finishes pulling up his jeans. She obviously seen something that was quite a surprise!
(notes: Hope you liked it! I figured they would want to do something "fun" marking their entry to their final year. And I know you can't see it that clear but Lilly is looking at AJ with our mouth wide open, lol. All I could think is she's reacting to what she saw in the water, lol. I have crammyboy's male parts. And if you know this mod you can "adjust" the size of your male sims. I make it random, and lets just say AJ has been "blessed."
And Nora did propose to Mary due to too much drinking.)


  1. ROFL!!! OMG, I did a double-take when I read that!! I'm like, who did WHAT?!! LOL! Oh, they need to watch that alcohol...I hope they got home safely. *smiles*
    I wish I could see the pics better, but that one of Mary in that hot pink outfit is too adorable! She looks so cute!
    This was a TERRIFIC idea! I love the thought of hanging at the beach and going skinny dipping with your fellow Seniors! Back in my day, all we did was hangout at the mall. :)

  2. Me too. I was going to cancle it out but though, stupid stuff happens when you do that. lol Yeah, in my head Nora left the van at the beach and crashed at Lilly house. Which is around the corner and up a hill from Mary's. So the three of them all walked home together.
    I actually thought the pics were closer than they are. But there are two reasons for them being so small, 1) I have this really bad migraine. It's like a cross between a really painful migrane and someone pressing down on your head. Everything inside my skull is HURTING. and 2) Getting tight shots on the beach is hard. The level elevation was tricky. But I played throuth tunnel vision last night. If I do the beach again, I'll have to get creative.
    Ha, that's what we did too. The mall! But we didn't live near the beach so. But maybe that was a good thing!

  3. Aww, it's good to see them having fun. How funny that they go skinny dipping to end the awkwardness, hehe. And that last picture is awesome, how funny! :)

  4. Yup, to end awkwardness just get naked in front of each other! lol
    I wish the last one was closer, her mouth is hanging open,wide.

  5. This was awesome! I should take a bunch of my teens to the beach. Mine don't go out in big groups enough and when I think back to being a teen, we did that all the time. Always fully clothed though, in our case!

    It's really hard to get close shots at the beach. I don't know why all beach lots are so steep. :\ I've seen a few flat ones and I just don't know how they do it.

  6. Yeah, we did too, and kept our clothes on, lol. I've just starting having my teens hang out more in a group. It's actually pretty fun watching them.

    I haven't found any sorta flat beach lots. Do you know if they are playable? I think it's stupid they made beach lots like that. Normal beaches aren't like that. Silly EA!


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