Monday, May 11, 2009

Domestic Life

March, Spring 2010, Anton and Kathy Snowden are both 54, Mary is 16 and, Gavin is 5

Narrated by: Mary

Spring finally came, and with it another year of school is slowly coming to a close. Which means, I'm getting closer and closer to graduation.

But for my brother Gavin, spring wasn't so fun. He was able to avoid the flu all winter, but it finally caught up with him. He was so upset. Like the whole family he's very active, and enjoys studies and going to school. So to be bed bound for a few days was not good.

Mom would read him to sleep every night. It helped while he wanted for his medicine to work.

And I spent my time still building my skills, so that I can get as many scholarships that I can. Don't get me wrong. My parents can afford to send me to college, no problem. I mean, my dad is the mayor and my mom is a doctor. But I would rather rely on my academic accomplishments that ride the coattails of Mom and Dad.

I have years left for them to provide me with stuff for my dorm and vacations and the like. So helping to pay for college really isn't that big of a deal. Plus it's fun working myself and gaining more knowledge. I said that I always wanted to learn everything about everything, and I'm well on my way.

Plus, it's fun to cheat at chess when I'm playing with Dad.

Mom on the other hand, not so much. I try to do it to be funny, but she gets so bent out of shape. And then I have to sit and listen to a lecture on responsibility. And being responsible includes not cheating.

I normally tune her out, but I understand where she's coming from. She wants me to be a upstanding person. Known for my trustworthiness, not underhanded cheating. But it's not like playing chess with them will turn me into a bank robber or anything. *sigh* Moms!

Gavin eventually got better, without giving me his germs. I hate getting sick, so I do my best to stay healthy. But back on the subject. For his first flu *roll eyes* Mom and Dad got him a parrot. I can't remember it's name, and I'm not even going to try and remember.

But Gavin loves this thing to death. As soon as he gets home he heads straight for it. He used to head straight for the pool, but now it's the bird. It is cute, with all it's bright feathers. But I'm afraid it might try and bite me.

He also forgets to lock the cage a lot, so the bird flies around downstairs. I almost had a heart attack coming down for dinner one night.

He really needs to keep that bird locked up. We don't need any bird pooping all over the place.

I still was trying to convince my parents to let me attended college in Simmingtion Hills. I promised to take pictures everyday and send them to them. Bud, sadly, my Dad wasn't going for it.
"You'll finish your education here before you go to be with Marchon."
I hated that response, but at least it will only be four years once I finish high school, then I'll have a lifetime with Marchon. *yay!*

And look! I actually cooked a meal without burning it. I was starting to think those cooking classes would never pay off. But they finally have. No burnt shrimp, finally!

I asked Gavin if he wanted to go to soccer camp during summer break. But his reply was no. He didn't "get" soccer. Whatever that's supposed to mean.
I don't get it. I love soccer. I've been playing it since I was little, it's right up there with swimming.

"How could you not want to play the game? I have always wanted to play. Ever since I was able to walk!" I said.
Gavin rolled his eyes, as my mom laughed. I don't see the humor in this.

Mom reminded me that everyone doesn't share my passion for the sport, and that I shouldn't be so harsh on my brother. I guess she is right. But I still want to get Gavin interested in soccer.

Have I mentioned what a mama's boy Gavin really is? Don't get me wrong. I know he's only 5, but still. He's always sitting by the window 15 minutes before mom comes home, and soon as she pulls into the driveway, he's out the door and running into her arms.
I don't think I was every like that. I mean, really, I miss mom too, but you're never going to see me doing that.

And since the weather is starting to turn nice they started a daily ritual of water balloon fights.

(notes: Nothing that much to report. I normally love playing this house, but it was really boring this round. Hopefully it will be better next time around.
I don't understand why Mary burns everything she touches. She has either 5 or 6 points in cooking, yet every time she cooks it burns. That shrimp pineapple dish (I think) was the first meal she ever cooked without burning. I had no idea that some sims couldn't cook no matter what, lol. Poor girl, she loves to cook too. Always rolling the want to serve a meal or make something. Just like her older sister.)


  1. That Mary is so pretty! Marchon is lucky to have her as a girlfriend. I think she'll be alright in the cooking department, once she becomes an adult. We'll see, won't we?

    PS: Marchon told me to say, "HI" to Mary for him.

  2. Mary knows it! lol She's starting to come into her own, and spends a lot of time in front of the mirror, on her own. Yes, Marchon is lucky, but so is Mary. I can't wait until they get married. *sigh*

    I hope she does. I don't want her burning down her mother's kitchen!

    P.S. Mary said "Right back at you, boo!" lol

  3. Ha, a present for his first flu! That's hilarious!

    My Ben and your Taffi should get together and play chess together! It sounds like they have similar ideas about how the game should be played!

  4. Sullivan,

    OMG, I thought the same thing when I read your update. Ha ha! It's just a game, calm down guys, lol.

  5. I wish I got gift when I got sick.


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