Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome to the jungle

First day of school September 2010. There's a lot of kids in this one. So if you want to see who's where look at this post. One of these days I'm going to get those family trees posted!

Kinda long.

Riverdale Elementary welcomes this years Kindergarten class of two. Twins Beht and Nick McPhee. Beth's more excited about starting school than her brother. But they both are very nervous. They've never been around this many children before. Living life on a farm with your two dogs and mom and dad leads to a very sheltered life.

But their parents think the 45 minute drive to Riverdale is well worth it. They educational system can't be beat.

And Brita Johnson is having a mini crisis at the moment. Why does it seem like everyone showed up with the same hairstyle. This was supposed to be her hairstyle and yet Bri wore it and now Ruolan.

Ruolan is thinking; "Eh, whatever!"

Brita can't help but to send her the side eye of evil.

Rose really wants to impress Bri. She thinks she's so cool and pretty. She wants to be just like her!

Too bad Bri can't say the same about Rose. She is so above this and, she doesn't have time for some third grader. Her nail polish is more interesting than this lame conversation.

Rose feels rejected. She just wants to be friends. But she won't give up. Bri is going to like her no matter what!

Meanwhile, Ruolan has taken a liking to Nick. Their still to young to worry about social standings and popularity. Plus, he's only a grade behind her. Ruolan thinks this is a beautiful start to a new friendship.

Ruiling is thinking her sister's going to get cooties from talking to Nick. Ewww!

Lunch is the last period of the day. First day of school everyone gets a half a day. Which is awesome, because the weather is still nice and kids hate being locked inside; having to study all day.

And you can see the infamous drink machine in the back. Well, I guess all that talking Fatima did with Kristin didn't get the thing removed yet.

But the school does provide the children with a well balance meal. So not many opt out for a sugary drink.

Ruiling explains to her sister how she's going to become a leader of a wolf pack when she gets older. She wants to be a vet and take care of wild animals.

Ruolan just imagines her sister being eaten by said pack. Such a silly girl. You can't be the leader of wild beasts, everyone knows that.

And some not so innocent conversations are being had as well. Anan is sharing what she over heard her sister talking about on the phone the other night.

"When we get bigger. You're going to be my first, Aaron." Anan says, what ever that means. She's going to google it when she gets home.

"Are you sure about that?" Adrian ask.

Her brother is thinking he needs to get more male friends. Hanging out with girls is way stressful.

"My mom said something about it causing you to have a fire crotch."

Anan makes a mental note. She's going to have to google fire crotch too.

Rose it put off by the whole conversation. But she likes the word fire crotch and giggles to herself. She's heard her mom use that word to describe Sharla, their neighbor downstairs. She also calls her some other words that Rose won't repeat.

After lunch the most popular place to be is the playground. It's new and, all the children love it.

So popular in fact that Principal Ottamas has to give a lecture on playground etiquette. But she's not sure how many kids are actually listening to her.

As the merry go round spins Ruolan's eyes land on the high school across the street. It's like this mystical wonderful place to her. Where her big brother goes too, where all the cool stuff happens. And she wonders what he's doing in there right now.

Samantha Ottamas is a busy woman these days. And to prove that point she's juggling two schools at once. But this is only temporary, the school board will be hiring a new Principal for the elementary school some time this week.

She stands gazing out at the young faces that fill the auditorium as she begins to welcome them to their new school year. So listen while others reacquaint themselves with friends they haven't seen over the summer.

"Man, I say we go skinny dipping again. That was the bomb!" Nora says between giggles. Mary isn't too sure she would be game for that water sport any time soon.

Ye isn't sure how Cameron does it, but she's gotten prettier over the summer. And did her breast get bigger? He's also still mad with Viggo calling her fat. She is perfect, and certainly not fat. (No, I don't think he'll let Viggo live that down... ever!)

"Girls, are you listening?"

Said girls give Samantha a quizzical look. They can no idea what she's talking about and, the burst into a fit of giggles. Yes, it was great to be seniors!

Filing out of the auditorium and to their home rooms Ye sneaks a quick peek at one of Cameron's rear and, so does Oliver.

AJ is mulling over a very important decision. He really like Suni but he also likes Lilly. But, he also doesn't want to breakup with Suni. He's so stumped, he has no idea what to do.

Like Riverdale Elementary, Riverdale Jr/Sr High gets a half a day too.

Samantha is happy to see that Viggo has made a few friends and his little slip up last year hadn't followed him to school.

Mary sits with them as well. Showing him a little support could go a long way. If others see her with him, they'll think he's pretty cool.

Mary also talks about soccer camp, how much fun she had even though it was cloudy most of the time.

Ye tries to have lunch with Cameron but she finished her can of pop before he sits down. She gets up and heads back inside the cafeteria without even seeing him.

Playing football inside the lunch room? And Samantha isn't doing a thing about it!

Ye finally builds up the confidence to complement Cameron on her outfit. It's an older one, but he really likes it on her!

Cameron is a bit flattered and tells him thanks. He can be sweet at times.

Keegan grabs Lilly in a head lock and gives her a noggie.

Lilly's thinking; "So not cool!"
I like this pic. Mary practicing in the school gym. Working on another scholarship!

Adrian was swooning over woohoo too. This is what happens when you have teens living in the house!

I've never seen the marry go round this full before.

Seriously, this is Rose smiling. She's evil looking no matter what she does. Poor child. I can't wait to see how she looks as a teen.

(notes: My schools were mad houses. Kids talking about woohoo, teens playing football at lunch. It's funny, the little ones are talking about sex but the big ones aren't. Who are the ones with the hormones again?)


  1. Well, pre-pubescent kids can be pretty curious about sex! It's not really surprising that the younger ones are talking about it. It's kind of surprising that the teens aren't!

    Oh dear, AJ's got some decision making to do, doesn't he? Juggling two girls is tricky!

    I'm glad Ye built up the courage to talk to Cameron!

  2. But why must they be curious at lunch? Silly kids.

    AJ needs to make up his mind... soon. Suni really likes him, a lot.

    Ye and Cameron are so cute, but he needs to pull himself out of the shell!


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