Monday, May 25, 2009

Away from home

July, Summer 2010, Cynthia Kim is 55, Viggo is 12, Mary Snowden is 16.5, Edward Christian Jr. is 12 and, Ye T'ang is 15.

It's the night before Viggo and his mom leaves for soccer camp. But it seems that her mind is more focused on Viggo's coming junior and senior high school years. She wants him to put all his time into focusing on school. Obtaining excellent marks in secondary school will help him excel in university.

Everyone met up at the airport. After passing out each teens airplane ticket they all boarded the flight. It wasn't to long of a journey and they arrived at the camp in no time.

To stretch their legs Cynthia, Viggo and, Edward played a game of kicky sack.

After unpacking and settling in, followed by a hot meal they settled down to a game of Don't wake the Llama. Tomorrow was their first big day of training.

Viggo was the first one to hit the field. Though, he should have invested in some practical sports wear. I don't think dancing tights make good soccer wear!

It looks like the leotard tread is contagious, Ye had a pair too!

Mary prides herself on being a pretty good soccer player, but Ye blocks her first kick.

This is the look of determination! (Isn't she cute!)


Someone has been watching way to many episodes of Heroes!

After practice Cynthia takes the kids to one of Three Lake's popular sites.
Viggo meets a local and tries to strike up a conversation. It's obvious that she's not interested and soon walks away.
The boys decide to go on a sight seeing tour.
The girls stayed behind to catch some fish.

Mary caught a big one. Too bad you couldn't get a scholarship for fishing, because she would have one.

"You can make a nice living playing sports professionally. Just look at this summer camp. I paid for its construction with my own money." (And a small load, but Cynthia left that part out.)
"Really?" Ye asked, skeptically. "That's not what my father says. He says that the real money comes from having an education and getting by on brains not bronze."
Ye enjoyed soccer, it was why he begged his parents to allow him to attend the summer camp. But making a life out of it was out of the question. He parents wanted him to get an education and, not rely on his physical abilities but rely on his knowledge instead.
"I like soccer, just can't picture making a living from it."

"Well, I think that's being close minded." Mary said. "Anyone can make a decent living from almost anything. You just don't have to be book smart and obtain an education at college to make a good living."

"Yeah, like I want to go into music production when I get old." Edward excitedly shared with the group.

Desperate to get away from the topic now Edward changed the subject. Telling everyone how Viggo called Cameron Smith fat on his orientation. Viggo's horrified that anyone would bring it up and, Cynthia is shocked that her son did such a thing.

Viggo gives a nervous laugh and tries to explain. But Ye will have non of that. He was starting to warm up to Viggo, but no one calls his (hopefully) soon to be girlfriend/wife and mother of his children fat!

"That's just wrong. You don't go around calling girl's fat. I learned that from my mom!" Edward explains. Ye wants to beat some sense into Viggo.

Viggo realized how totally screwed he is. He hasn't even started school yet and he's a social pariah.

But Cynthia assured him that he would not be a social outcast and he would see once the new school year starts.

The next morning Ye was still angry by what Viggo did so, he wasn't paying much attention to Mary as she droned on and on about her boyfriend.
One last round of soccer practice.
Edward may not be able to get past Mary's defense.

But he's able to get past Cynthia's!

And before the cab pulls up to take them back to the airport Mary shares with them a story she learned when she visited the Far East as a child. Ye really enjoyed it! He really could wait to travel back to his ancestor's home land.

(notes: Not much really went on at camp. It's a camp, lol. And Mary was the only girl interested in soccer this summer, plus she has no romantic feeling towards any of the boys of Riverdale. But that could be because she has a honey in Simmington Hills. Soccer camp will happen every summer, not sure if I'll update it though. We'll see.
I though it was hilarious how the topic turned from money to Viggo calling Cameron fat. Did you see his face? After that Ye just walked around with Viggo in his thought bubble all the time. He stopped talking to him too.)


  1. What a creative idea - a soccer camp! I really enjoyed reading about this!

  2. AMAZING update!! That Mary is gorgeous! She never ceases to amaze me. I wish my Sims would play soccer more regularly. I'm not sure if it's a motives thing or not. I know you said their Fun needs to be low...? I would love to have a camp for soccer, too, one day. Also, I've been meaning to there a scholarship for soccer? Or is this something you've made up? LOL! If it is, how are you implementing it into your gameplay?

  3. Thanks, Sullivan! I always wanted to do the soccer camp, and now I have enough teens to actually have one.


    Thanks for the kind words and glad you liked the update!Marchon can't wait to meet her, huh? lol Yeah, their fun has to be low. I know half of the time they would only play for like 5 mins. cause their fun bar would fill up. As far as I know there is no soccer scholarship, but it would have been nice to have. Nah, I'm not going to make one, lol.

  4. I agree with everyone else, what an awesome idea! My 'hood has a summer camp, but they fish and toast marshmallows, gets very boring. (for me, atleast!) How funny would it be IRL if someone played soccer wearing dance tights? LOL

  5. Glad you liked my idea! I like your summer camp idea too. Dance tights at soccer camp that would be funny. ROFL

  6. The camp looks wonderful! Our hood has a teen interested in attending the soccer camp, could you send us information about the camp to forward to her. Pierce University has soccer scholarships. Under the Hogan Award for Athletics most soccer, basketball, dance and swimming athletes recieve scholarships.

    Fiona Kent
    Apple Valley

  7. Yes Mrs. Kent,

    I will forward your request to teh camp owner Mrs. Cynthia Kim. I think she will be start summer sign up soon. I'm sure she will be in touch.

    Zac Burrego

  8. Hey cool! Summer camp is a really neat idea! I'm going to have to steal that some time if you don't mind ;)

    Just curious, how does Mary have a boyfriend in Simmington Hills? Has she actually met him in-game before, or will he be moving to Riverdale in the future? And do you all swap Sims with memories and relationships intact and everything?

  9. Thank Laura! You can take what you want! If it wasn't for your awesome ideas and imporvments with the game my game play still would suck.

    Well, in truth Mary has shown no intrest in any of the boys in Riverdale at all. She's friends with everyone but that's it. Me and Simmington decided when we first started playing this way that we would inter marry one of our families. So we picked the Cunninghams and the Snowdens. Mary has not met Marchon face to face yet.

    We act like the talk through e-mails and send pictures to each other. But they won't met until prom. I'll be making a copy of her in SimPE and shipping her off to Simmington Hills.

    We don't share memories and all that since it could cause a BIG screw up in you game. There was a problem way back on 07 with a family. So only copies made in PE will be sent. So to actually make them fall in love, cheats will be used. And sadly, Mary will be moving to be with Marchon in Simmington Hills after college. *sobs* But I'm cool, lol.


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