Saturday, May 30, 2009

I forgot to add

Three students to the school list. For some reason why I started the school they didn't show up. I think it's because their mom owns the lot, but I didn't realize that they hadn't shown up until I played the high school. So I tped in Keegan and Danny Ottomas and made them selectable.

Amanda Ottamas is in the 2ed grade

Keegan Ottamas is the only 10th grader

Danny Ottamas is in the 12th grade.

Now that is the complete list of students and I will also add them to my original post! Sorry about that.


  1. Yet another in 12th grade! If they all go to college, you're going to be busy!

    I had that problem with Eliot Novak the first time I played the primary school. It was actually a little while before I realised he wasn't there. *blush* I expelled him and re-enrolled him to make him appear but I suspect there was probably an easier way!

  2. I thinkt he majority of them are going to college. So yeah, I will be busy!

    I did that toom but it didn't work. I think it's because their mom owns both lots. So I have to make a note when I play the schools again, to eather taken them with her or tp them in. All that work! lol


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