Thursday, May 7, 2009

Those College Days

Spring 2009, Eva Brooks, Tina Traveller, Bart Ottamas, Bell Burrego, and Brad Patrelli are all 21

The past two years have been uneventful for Eva Brooks. She was looking forward to starting college, anticipating the life altering events that would happen to her, yet, nothing had.

She still hadn't been kissed, or even went all the way. Heck, the hot tub out back has seen more action that she has. But Eva couldn't blame anyone but herself. She had a long standing crush on Davon Christian, which was the biggest reason why she hadn't shown any interest in the collage guys. Plus, she was just so busy with work, to help pay for college, keeping her grades up, and maintain her scholarships.

And since she was majoring in biology, and studying to be a doctor, she would start her internship this year. Which was a plus. She would be able to quiet her job and focus more on her studies. But that still left her no time to find a boyfriend.

So for the time being, she would do what she always did with her free time... play the drums. It did keep her out of the drama of dorm life, and it helped relieve the stress that working and studying caused.


Bart on the other hand was living the life of a single college. He was still romancing the ladies.

Though he thought of his girlfriend and two babies back home. He really needed to make more time to call them. He wanted to make sure that little Shaw knew him when he graduated.

But Bart was starting to have second thoughts about Vanya. He did love her, well, what he believed to be love. Heck, she had had two children for him. But he was torn between waiting to live a normal life as a young adult and getting married. He knew that the right thing to do was to marry Vanya, and help her raise their kids. But, he also wanted to be free, not tied down, and ready to do what he wanted.

Man, if he had only known then what he knew now! Things would be much different. At least college girls knew how to use birth control, and he didn't have to fear of any "accidents" happening.

Plus, he still had his eye on Tina. She was still mad at him over the blow up that had happened during their first year at college.

But she wasn't wasting anytime crying over him. She had moved on to another dormie.

So it was quit the surprise when she had joined him in the hot tub and started a heavy make out session, which lead to...

Afterwards Bart knew everything was water under the bridge. To bad Tina didn't feel the same way. She could have kicked herself for doing what she had done. It was a moment of weakness, and alcohol.

"You little tramp, I know what you and Bart were doing. You stay away from him!" Jasmine shouted as she ran towards Tina, and slapping her across the face.

Eva thought to herself this was one of the reasons why she stuck to playing the drums. No drama!

Well the blonde slut picked the wrong chick to slap on. Tina Traveller isn't the type a of girl that turns the other check. So she slapped the ho. Not over Bart, since she refuses to fight over some guy. She slapped Jasmine because she had the nerve to put her hands on her.

"Yup, just playing the drums. I don't see a thing!"

The next night Bart can't help but spill his guts out to Tina. How he thinks that he's in love with her, and how he envisions a future with her.
"You would get along great with my parents. And my sisters and brothers would love you." He says.
Tina gives him the side eye. "You do realize that what we did meant nothing... right? We're just friends, with benefits. I scratch your back and you scratch mine."
Bart voices his agreement. He tells her that he was only joking. Though inside he wasn't. He totally believes that they are good for each other, and he needs to convince her of that.
On the other side, Tina's thinking how can she straighten out this mess that she's made for herself. Her boyfriend, Richard, will be coming here for school next year. She really dug herself into a deep pit with no way out.
Tina knows it's wrong to play with Bart's emotions like this. But its nice, to be sitting there, holding hands while eating. She's actually missed the romantic stuff that she and Richard used to do in high school. And so, despite the warning bells in her head. She allows herself to get lost in her small fantasy, and Bart gets lost in one of his own.

That's until another one of his fantasies come strolling along. Maybe Eva will finally get that kiss she's been longing for.


Meanwhile, at the McCormick dorms Bell is in the worst slump of her life. She's pretty sure it's a mild form of depression. She missed Newton so much that it hurts. It hurts to breathe, to eat, to just live life. And it's not fair that she gets to live and he's dead.

It's hard for her to focus on the smallest of tasks like cooking something to eat. Though she's a pretty good cook, she's been burning everything since Newton's death. Maybe it's her way of limiting what she eats. It's not fair that she can when the love of her life can't.

God, life could be so cruel!

"Have you ever really loved? I mean, LOVED? Like, you loved someone so much that it hurt. That it tore you apart with every breath you took?"

Bell would pose this question to anyone who sat with her during her meals. They never really knew what to say, only sitting there will a silly grin plastered on their face.

"Well, do you?"

Dude's thinking, "She's hot, but crazy!" as he gets up to leave.

Then Meadow calls offering her condolences. Bell's wondering how did the girl even find out. She hasn't seen her since their freshmen year, after that Meadow vanished. Guess word spread to wherever she was now.

But Bell wasn't in the mood to walk down memory lane with Meadow over Newton. So she promptly hung up on her.

Ariel and Tina thought it would be an excellent idea to through a party and Bell's dorm to help her through her pain. Parties and beer were the ultimate cure to a broken heart. And it seemed to be working. Bell danced and laughed. It made her feel good. Something that she hadn't felt in a long while.

And after few turns on the dance floor and a couple of cups of beer, she found that accepting the drunken advances of Brad Patrelli exhilarating.

Tina look on in amazement. Maybe they should have pumped her full of the golden elixir sooner.

We all know where this is headed.


(The next morning) "I totally heard that you and Brad were making out in the hot tub." Bowl hair cut guy blurted out over breakfast.

Bell wasn't paying him any attention at first, so it took a minute for her brain to catch up to what he had just said.

"Wha..what!?" She turned to look him dead in the eyes. "I was not kissing Brad in the hot tub! You must have me confused with someone else."

"Yeah, and this someone else just happened to be wearing your hat."

"Duh. I wasn't making out with anyone. Hello, in morning over here. Just lost the love of my life. Why would I be kissing on another guy. Look! I'm still wearing my engagement ring!"

"And, she just happened to be wearing the same bikini that I wear too! So there!"

But bowl hair cut guy and the rest didn't buy it. They were pretty sure that Bell and Brad made out.

And just how awkward is this! She can't even look Brad in the eyes. She knows that they did. He knows what they did.

And the Llama knows!


1st Semester Junior year

Eva Brooks: Medical Major - B+ GPA 3.7

Bell Burrego: (can't remember) - B+ GPA 3.6

Brad Patrelli: Art Major - B GPA 3.5

Tina Traveller: History Major - B+ GPA 3.8

Bart Ottamas: History Major - B- GPA 3.4

2ed Semester Junior Year

Eva Brooks - B GPA 3.6

Tina Traveller - B+ GPA 3.7

Bart Ottamas- C+ GPA 3.2

Bell Burrego- A- GPA 3.7

Brad Patrelli- B+ GPA 3.5

(Notes: As you can see a lot has happened during this year's rotation. I couldn't keep up with all of it. I have one more update for college for 2009.)


  1. "And the llama knows!" LOL! This was really great! I love college kids :)

    Poor Bell! Did you write about how Newton died? I browsed back a little and couldn't find anything. So sad though, she really seems torn up - I mean, talking about love to random strangers over breakfast and all ;)

    And poor Eva too, lol, but romance will come along eventually - I think she can do a bit better than Bart, lol!

  2. Poor Bart, he's in over his head! And the whole hot tub thing with Bell was just hilarious! The llama knows...

  3. Wow, what a busy update!

    Poor Bell. I hope she doesn't beat herself up too badly about the Brad thing. Alcohol can do funny things to a girl!

    And oh dear, Bart...I'm a little worried about him and Vanya. I hope he sorts himself out.

  4. Laura,

    No, I wasn't able to update Newton's death. I took the pics but my print screen wasn't working. All that work. I was so mad. I'm still kinda pissed about it, lol. Bell really did love him. It's funny, at night she dreams about him.

    I'm trying to let my college and teen sims live a bit more, lol.

    And Eva is just there. I don't have her in a lot of the updates because she does nothing, lol. Maybe things will change once she's an adult.


    Yeah, Bart is struggling. But he's a family/romance sim, so he's really confused. He wants to do right by Vanya, but he also wants to chase girls. The poor boy. Glad you liked the Llama, lol.


    I think Bell will get over it. That does happen right? lol

    I worry about those two too, but I wouldn't count Vanya down and out just yet.


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