Friday, May 8, 2009

Those College Days

Spring 2009, Bret Patrelli and Ariel Burrego are 21, Alex Burrego-Patrelli is 1

Ariel had a suspicion that she was pregnant last year, but wasn't 100% sure. But it wasn't until she started to show that she really knew.

After finding out she and Bret moved to the university's family house units. Each unit provided two bedrooms, which were tiny. A small kitchen and living room. Ariel couldn't wait to graduate and get the hell out of there. But once baby Alex was born, she quickly forgot about the small place.

The goal now for Bret and Ariel was to obtain the best grades possible so they could provide a good life for the budding family.

One thing that scared Ariel was telling her parents. She was going to as soon as she had truly found out, but then their family house burned down. She didn't want to as insult to injury. Not that being pregnant and unmarried was something bad in their family.

Heck, if stories were true her great aunts both were unmarried and had had children outside of marriage. Well, that's what archives from Apple Valley had stated.

But she didn't tell them until her final trimester, and now it was time to invite them over to met their first grandchild.

"I'm Grandma! Yes I am." Jodie cooed to Alex. She adored him. He was perfect in every way, and his little freckles were to die for. She figured they must have come from Bret's side of the family, and little Alex's pale skin as well.

Bret was nervous meeting Ariel's parents. The last time he had seen them was Freshmen year, when they had come to visit their girls. This was before he and Ariel started seeing each other.

"Don't worry Mr. Burrgeo. I plan to do right by your daughter. I want to make it legal one day."

"You want to make it legal? One day? You should have thought about that before you went and knocked up my daughter!"
Zac wasn't normally a fighting kind of man, he was very reserved. A peace loving man, but this boy, this Bret, made him want to knock that smug off his face. Little shit that he was. This was the exact reason why he didn't want his little girls going off to college and living on campus. Because of creeps like Bret.
And in all truthfulness, he never though in his wildest dreams that Ariel would be the one having a baby while still in school. He had always thought that would go to Bell. She was the rebel of the two when they were teens. Ariel was the studious one, who never wore black make-up and dyed her hair. But this was something he would just have to live with.

"You didn't have to be like that!" Ariel said to her dad.
"Like what?" He hadn't looked away from the baby yet.
"You know what you did dad, and you're wrong. Bret is a good guy. And I love him. Just give him a chance... for me." But Ariel's dad didn't respond.
The first few months flew by quickly, and little Alex turned one. He had grown so fast, and was becoming more handsome by the minute.
Bret adored his son, and wouldn't trade this for anything in the world. Even though he and Ariel were young and still in school, they both had good heads on their shoulders. They were doing extremely well in school, and he had a wonderful internship at the museum. It even paid pretty well, and he was saving all of it. They might even be able to afford a house upon graduation.
Ariel also spent all her free time with Alex. He was a very bright toddler. She was hoping that he'd take after her side of the family. She comes from a long line of very intelligent people. Not saying that Bret's family aren't smart, just not as smart as hers.
And to prove just how smart he was. Alex spoke his first word, very complex for a 13 month old. Chair. Ariel was proud.
1st Semester Junior Year
Ariel Burrego: Political Science Major - B+ GPA 3.6
Bret Patrelli: Art Major - A GPA 3.5
2ed Semester Junior Year
Ariel Burrego: Political Science Major - B+ GPA 3.5
Bret Patrelli: Art Major - A+ GPA 3.6 Dean's List
Random Funny

It didn't fit in with the update, but for some reason the nanny hates Bret. I have no idea why. They never talk or anything. He gave her a $25 tips once, which she was really happy about. Maybe because he doesn't tip her anymore??? I have no idea.
(Notes: Sorry if the pics look different. I had taken double sets, one with screen cap and the other with the in game camera. I'm glad that I did, or they wouldn't have had an update. So these are from the in game camera.
As for little Alex and his skin tone. Yes, he is Bret's son, lol. Ariel has only been with him. I think since his mom has one of my lightest skins, and it has freckles too, the game used another light skin with freckles for the baby. I was shocked. I though he would have tan skin. Goes to show how genetics just pop up when they want.)


  1. Aw, they look like they're doing pretty well, considering the circumstances! Alex is adorable!

    How do you handle aging while you're playing the Uni lots? I noticed you referred to Alex as being 13 months old and wondered how you were wrangling that.

  2. They are doing pretty well. I have to look at Bret's job again, but he's making over $1,000 daily, and putting it all away in savings. Plus, the money they get for finishing a semester, they have a nice little nest egg right now.

    I was very surpised at how cute Alex turned out. This makes me really wonder what Bell's future children will look like. She has a mouth on her, lol.

    The aging for uni. I'm still working it out as I play. I'm not sure if I can explain it as clearly as it seems in my head, lol.

    When I first started my new rotation and two year method I played uni. in a one year rotation, then played the hood for the second year and, then I went back to uni. for it's second year.

    Well not, I'm playing uni. still by year, but I will play fall/winter which will be the first semester. Then spring/summer, which will be the second semester. Which will equal one year. So I just did my best of combining the time that ariel got pregnant along with the gestation, and birth. So I just figured by the end of jr year heading into their sr. Alex would be around 13 - 15 months.

    Does that make sense? lol But basically I'm aging the students a year every rotation like the rest of the hood. Sometimes it hurts my head, lol

  3. Yeah, that makes sense. The way Maxis did the Uni timing makes it difficult for those of us who like to think of our Sims in real ages. I don't know how else they could have done it, except allowing us to send any age Sim to uni, not just teens. That would have been ideal, I think.

  4. I agree. I wish adults could go to uni. I mean, without hacks, lol.

  5. Aww, the Dawson clan expands again. Congratulations Jodie on your new grandchild and to little Ariel, I guess you're not so little anymore. Congratulations on your son.

    Auntie Jolie, Apple Valley

  6. I was so confused at first when you referenced the great aunts, but then I remembered-not Jodi's great aunts, but Ariel's great aunts Elphaba and Elaine!

  7. Thanks Aunt Jolie!

    We should be getting pictures out soon for the family! (money's a bit tight right now.)

  8. Ooops, lol. I was trying to find on the site where I had read the history but I couldn't remember. So I just typed as much as I could recall, lol. But at least you knew what I ment! lol!


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