Thursday, June 4, 2009

Those College Days

Fall 2010, Eva Brooks, Tina Traveller, Bart Ottamas, Bell Burrego and, Brad Patrelli are beginning their senior year. Richard Smith is the new "fresh meat" on campus.

"You know you'll be my first." Brandon, or whatever his name is, says.

Tina is taken aback and shrugs. "Er, yeah. Whatever. Are we gonna do this or not?" She asks. Classes start tomorrow, she needs her rest.

Two minutes later at least one of them was happy! Tina sighed and headed off to bed. She was starting to think that maybe Richard really was the only guy for her.

She hadn't keep much contact with him over the past three years, but she did e-mail him and call monthly and, they never officially broke up. Come tomorrow morning she'd have to make up her mind. Did she want to be single, free to do what she pleased without hurting him, or did she want to stay with Richard.

She just wasn't sure.

Richard arrived on campus bright and early the next day. He was excited! Not only was he about to start his academic career, this would be the first time seeing his girlfriend since his graduation back in June.
He was actually nervous.
Upon entering the main hall and rec room Richard spots a student. He goes over and introduces himself.
Jasmin is very pleased to met Richard, she thinks he the cutest thing she's seen. And never mind that he's Tina's boyfriend. She stole Bart away from Jasmin, so she was going to make sure she got Richard to notice her!
Richard spots Tina coming down the stairs. She's even more beautiful than he remembers.

She fails to see him at first.

She's to busy looking at what's his name from the night before. Tina's hoping he won't become a problem for her. Plus, he's way creepy. What in the world was she thinking by sleeping with him?

That's when she turns and sees Richard. A smile spreads over her face and, she launches herself into his arms.

"You're here! I can't believe," she mummers into his ear.

In that moment Tina realizes that she really does wish to be with Richard. She's gotten what even it was out of her system, she's happy with her man.

Meanwhile, Bart has finally hooked up with the last female in their dorm.
Tina can't understand why she's so upset by what she saw. It's not like she and Bart had anything special, who cares if he even brought up the possibility of marriage. She wasn't in love with him or anything. So she chalked up her anger to that fact that Bart and Eva were starting something up.
She was mad because he shouldn't have disrespected her friend like that! Yeah, that was the reason. She doesn't have feelings for Bart Ottamas... not at all!
Doesn't stop her from giving the little slut the evil eye though!
If looks could kill, Goth Chick would be dead.
Richard makes his way out back and into the hot tub, inviting Tina to join him.

They stay in the hot tub for a while, soaking, talking, Richard giving Tina a massage. And soon Bart and Goth Chick is forgotten about.


The next morning Bart's forgotten all about the hot tub and has moved on to the newest resident. She cute and he finds out that she's new to the downtown area as well.

Tina tells Goth Chick to stay away from Richard. She only shrugs her threats off. It's not like Richard is even her type.

And Richard day dreams as he studies.

Richard has been thinking alright. He's been thinking about things that made it back to him through the grapevine.

He tells Bart in a non threatening manner that he knows what happened between him and Tina, that there isn't much he can do about that. But he wants Bar to know that nothings going to happen between the two of them any more.

Bart doesn't know how to respond, he's never been confronted by a boyfriend before. But he's also sure that he's not ready to give up on Tina either. He thinks that he might have feelings for her than run deeper than just a crush. He'll just have to get Richard out of the way.

And Eva will complain to anyone who will listen about her lack of love life. She's almost through with college and has only been kissed by Bart.

"maybe if you left your books once and a while you'd find someone." Jasmin suggests.

Eva isn't sure she likes that idea. Giving up her books to met guys? Maybe finding love can wait until she graduates.

Back inside she calls up Bell to talk about her situation.

Eva called right after a study session. Not much partying is going on at the beginning of the semester. Everyone is focused on doing the best that they can so they can get that diploma.

Plus, Bell has so much juicy gossip and love lives that she can get to work on her first book as soon as she graduates. She's going to be a best selling author in no time.

And she and Brad really need to talk. They're the only ones in the whole house who hasn't spoken to each other since last semester.

They need to get things out in the open and hashed out between them.

The best place to talk is the hot tub. No matter what time it is you normally can get some privacy back there.

Bell takes a deep breath and explains to Brad that what happened between them wasn't a mistake, but it had happened at the wrong time. She had just lost a very important person in her life.

Have a small break between school and losing her love wasn't a long, but she was able to see that Newton wasn't the one for her. She had loved him, but wasn't in love with him.

She realized that she could possibly be falling for Brad. Had been for a while. If she hadn't dated Newton who knew what would have happened with her and Brad.

Brad breaths a sigh of relief. He sat quietly listening as Bell rambled on. He was scared that she didn't want to speak to him anymore, but what she did say was the opposite of what he feared.

This was good news! No, excellent news. He was sure that he was feeling something special for Bell Burrego and, he wanted to explore it.

They decide to take things slow and see where they go.
Senior Year Semester One
Eva Brooks: Medical Major - Medical Intern - B+ GPA 3.6
Bell Burrego: Literature Major - B+ GPA 3.6
Brad Patrelli: Art Major - B GPA 3.4
Tina Traveller: History Major - B+ GPA 3.7
Bart Ottamas: History Major - B GPA 3.7

Freshmen Year Semester One
Richard Smith - Education Major - A+ GPA 4.0 Dean's List

(notes: My college dorms are messed up, no I should say the students are. They give me the most drama out of the whole hood. lol One minute they love on sim, the next minute they love another.
They fight and woohoo. I don't know when they find time to study!)


  1. You know you love the drama! Who wouldn't? That's why college is so fun for me. The young adults really do seem to act less...responsibly...than real adults. Makes for very active updates.

    Bell and Brad are so sweet. I hope this eventuates into something permanent.

    And is it just the hair or does your Eva look a lot like my Abigail?

  2. Yeah, I do love the drama. And the more students there are the more drama you can have! Teens need to act more irresponsable like college students. It would make ore sense. I know as a teen I did some stupid stuff. lol

    Abigail! I think you're right. They do favour each other. It was killing me too.


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