Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baked goods and disappointment

December, Winter 2010, Tosha Snapple is 34 and Xander is 37

Xander and Tosha have been trying to get pregnant since before they were married. Tosha did fall pregnant once, but sadly, she lost the baby early on.

Every month they try and every month Tosha is met with disappointment when her monthly comes to visit. But she won't stop trying and neither with Xander.

But all the trying and basically failing is taking a toll on Tosha, emotionally and physically. She cries a lot and surfs different mothers to be sites, hoping that she will find women like her. She found a few, desperately trying to fall pregnant.

Some have turned to adoption as their last resort. Tosha's not ready to "throw in the towel" just yet.

But to fill the void that has opened up in her heart Tosha has turned to food. Baking is her choice of sin.

Making something by hand and eating it makes her feel better for a time.

Xander can see his wife, the change in her character. But he doesn't say anything. He doesn't want to add more stress to her life right now. But he does wish that she would lay off of the baked goods. She is a physically fit woman, but all that sugar is bound to catch up with her.

A few weeks later the two were discussing planning a vacation to the mountains. A little time away would do Tosha and Xander a world of good.

"Maybe we could go to Three Lakes. Or maybe Big Bear Lake. They all tend to have the same name huh?" Xander joked. Tosha smiled.

"How about some place hot? The cold here is making me..." She didn't get to finish her last statement.

Tosha hurried to the bathroom and made it to the toilet just in time.

A quick visit to her doctor confirmed that she was expecting. They were both excited. Their prayers had been answered.

But soon things started to take a turn for the worse. The early cramping started. Doctor Snowden put Tosha on bed rest. She could only do the bare minimum. She didn't even want Tosha getting up to use the bath room.

Tosha agreed to do all that she could to prevent loosing this baby.

Xander didn't show it. He would wait until his wife went to bed. But he was scared. Not only for the little life growing inside of her, but also for her sanity. Suffering another loss just might push Tosha over the edge, and he didn't want that.

(Yeah, a short update. I really didn't think she was going to get pregnant. She was pregnant right before they got married and lost the baby the night before their wedding. They have been trying like mad ever sense. I even pop into their house when I'm not playing them just so they could work on baby making... but nothing.

So when she started throwing up I was so happy! Then the cramping started. I honestly have no idea why she got the warning of loosing the baby. The notice said she needed to eat healthy food. Tosha is a health nut, all she eats are salads and veggies. Sometimes a little meat.

So hopefully everything will work out for them. That's why the update was so short. Soon as she started to cramp I put her to bed.)


  1. Oh, I hope everything works out for them this time! I have my fingers crossed for a healthy baby.

  2. Me too! After I finish up my current house I need to pop back in to see what's going on.

  3. Oh Tosha! I'm really rooting for her to make it carrying her baby this time around.

    So eating healthier foods...does the game actually know what foods are healthier than others? I never experienced the different pop ups that come up with the InTeen mod...that's where it's from, right?

  4. Go team Tosha! lol

    I have no idea. I know when Kristin was pregnant with Nishira all she ate was ice cream and yogurt. They were quick and easy to make. And I got the same pop up. So I'm not sure. And yeah, it's from in-teen. Maybe I need to do a test sim and find out.


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