Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bright Sunshiny Day

February, Winter 2011, Nashira Sanchez is 27
(Danny and Kristin Sanchez are 58, Lilly is 17, Dawn is 12 and, Rupert is 31)

This is a mini-update because not much happened in her house.

Nashira sat eating breakfast. She was excited and the flip flopping of her stomach wasn't helping any. But besides that she was excited. Today was the day that she was going to be named "Head of the Science Department" at work.

Finishing breakfast Nashira headed off to get ready for work and, to down some Mylanta. It was the only thing that was able to settle her stomach these days. Maybe this was more than just some persistent stomach flu. It was time to pay a vi st to her doctor... soon. Nashira promised herself.

Returning home and bubbling with excitement Nashira invited her parents over for an impromptu dinner.

Lilly stood next to her sister as she throw together a meal smiling to herself. She was such not a loser like her sister. She not only kissed two guys but snuck out of the house to met one. And not forgetting how she got drunk on the beach and went skinny dipping.

Yeah, Lilly Sanchez was so not a total zero like her sister!

As mother and daughter caught up on the latest gossip...

The younger siblings hung out in the complex playground. Lilly still wasn't speaking to Brooke. After finding out that the girl was the one who ratted her out to their parents about the age of Hot Student Teacher.
Brooke tried to plead with her, tried to get Lilly to see her point of view. But she wasn't standing for it. Hello, she was 17. She could date a 27 year old. But if mom said that Brooke was too young to date then tough cookies!

And after her family had left, the food put away and, the dishes placed in the dish washer. Nashira welcomed Rupert over for the evening. And unbeknownst to Lilly and anyone else, Nashira Sanchez wasn't such a loser!

(note: Okay, so Nashira finally gave in to Rupert. But look how long it took! So even with ACR she held out for a long time, what like 4 years or something. Rupert's totally smitten with her and Sharla.)


  1. Oooh! So was this her first time with Rupert or is he also the father of her baby? Has Nashira been getting around, unbeknownst to everyone?!

  2. Heee, hee, hee. No she hasn't been getting around. She just finally gave Rupert a chance. *rolleyes* Though I didn't want anything to happen between them.

  3. I did NOT want this to happen. I feel so close to Nashira because of Sabien, Sr. and Kristin being working colleagues all these years. I want better for Nashira than him. :( Rupert just doesn't know what he wants and that makes him dangerous. I wish he would bother somebody else. LOL!

  4. I know what you mean SH! Rupert is like a shark when blood is in the water. ROFL But sometimes you can't stop what a sim with ACR wants! And sadly, Nashira wants Rupert. :(


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