Saturday, June 13, 2009

Don't wanna be no loser

September, Fall 2010, Kristin and Danny Sanchez are 58, Lilly is 17 and, Brook is 12.
(Taffi and Antwan Snowden are 54, Mary is 17, Fatima is 31 and, Mansur is 32)

First day of school jitters was normal, but what Lilly was feeling was a little more than that. She had to find the perfect outfit to start the new year off. So far this one was in the lead.

But with your boobs trying to play peek a boo from the sides, it would get her sent home. That being if she could even get past her parents in the top. But it really was cute. She'd have to save it for a date.

And on top of not finding the right outfit, there was the mother of all zits forming on her chin. Just great! Showing up for senior year with a huge pimple was so not cool.

Maybe she could walk around school with her face buried in her hands. But Lilly soon realized that was a bad idea.

Finally finding a suitable outfit and a very flattering hair style Lilly raced to the bathroom. Starting her final year of high school was not agreeing with her stomach. Blech!

While the girls were at school little 'ol Turk, who wasn't so little anymore, aged into an elder. He's the family trusted pet. Turk was a house warming gift from Danny to Mansur when they first bought this home so many years ago. And how he's showing his age and, his time will soon be coming to an end.
But Turk isn't the only Sanchez getting older today. Brooke, adopted daughter of Kristin and Danny, also is celebrating getting older. And the family gather around to user in her years of teendom.
Brooke is so happy! She couldn't wait to become a teen. She'll finally be able to stay up later than before, not to mention going to school with the older and much cool kids! Yeah, being a preteen was shaping up pretty well.
Kristin and Taffi share an embarrassing moment with each other about Mansur and how cute he was bathing in the tub when he was 4. The two giggle and snicker, yet, Mansur can see nothing "funny" or "cute" about it!
He was never going to be a corny dad to Alani and embarrass her by sharing stories of her in the buff swimming in bath water. I think Antwan agrees!
Mary explains that a party just isn't a party without a good old round of slap dancing.
Everyone agrees. Antwan's looking at Fatima thinking should she really be doing the slap dance? Won't it worsen morning sickness?
Danny takes a moment to admire his beautiful wife. Even after all these years and having a few wrinkles added to her face, Kristin still is the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on. Danny can't help but to think what a lucky man he truly is.
Then thoughts turn to that burglary who invaded their home when Mansur was a toddler. Really? Let it go, Danny. Let it go!
With a new school year comes new love. Brooke couldn't wait to start dating. Jokes on her though. She is way to young to have her head full of first kisses and romance. So for now, she'll just have to settle with Edward Jr. as a close male friend.
Kristin said that once she turns 15 then she can start dating.
Lilly has found a romantic interest too! A student teach from school. But Brooke will have none of that. If she can't date then why should Lilly. Never mind the fact that Lilly is 17 and a senior. Plus, she knows their mom will flip once she finds out that one of her daughters has taken a liking to a man much older than her.
The subject is brought up over dinner that night.
"You are much to young to be dating a guy who is 27 years old." Kristin says. Danny only nods in agreement as he eats dinner.
"All you want me to do is focus on school. I' young mom, but smart. I'm not going to do anything stupid." Lilly pleads her side.
"No. And that's final. If you want to date find a boy your age."
Brooke can't help but smirk. They'll both be boy friendless!
Lilly is so mad she can hardly eat. But she does manage to finish dinner. But still! Her mom is being way unfair and, her dad just sat there supporting the verdict!

She was almost an adult. She would be leaving for college soon, how could they not trust her judgement? Well, once she was moved out she could date whomever she wanted!

Just the whole waiting until fall semester started at college was just to long. So she decided to slip out once her parents retired to their bedroom for the night and meet up with hot Student Teacher.

She just didn't plan on Mary's dad and, Mayor of Riverdale, showing up that late at night. Luckily he was only out for a nightly stroll. She quickly waved before running to meet her date.

The two decided to head down to the pier. It was almost deserted at this time, Lilly know this from past experience. And it was the perfect place to sit, talk and, to get to know each other.

Lilly told him that her sister was 27 and still hadn't had a boyfriend yet. Nashira was such a loser. The two had a good laugh at that!

They stopped by a photo booth for some silly pictures.

Lilly didn't know what was wrong. They two had great chemistry together. He was hot. She was hot. They were hot together.

But they had absolutely nothing in common. And no amount of hotness could make up for that.

It really sucked! She snuck out of the out and possible grounding until Prom for nothing.
Maybe not nothing. Turns out hot Student Teacher is a great kisser too. But still not enough to base a relationship on. They parted on amicable terms on the beach.

Lilly sat down and removed her shoes, letting them barley touch the waves lapping at the shore, and she thought. She thought about her sad attempted at a late night date, the kiss they had just shared. She also thought about a boy her age. Another whom she had kissed only a few miles away from this spot.
And she also thought about the fact that she was totally not a loser like her older sister. She had already locked lips with two hot guys. Because Lilly Sanchaz don't wanna be no loser!

(notes: Hot Student Teacher really isn't a teacher at Riverdale High. He actually came home with Danny after work and he and Lilly started heart farting all over each other. So, since she wanted her first kiss I tired to see where it would go between them. They really don't like each other, just find each other really, really attractive.
If your a bit confused. I played their house before I played the beach for their senior skinny deep. But she and AJ did share a kiss, but H.S.T. was her very first kiss.
And yes, Nashira still hasn't found a boyfriend. So Lilly thinks she's a totally loser.
Oh, and Lilly cought a stomach virus, that's why she was throwing up. I have no idea how she got sick either. When I entered the house it said that she was sick.)


  1. Girl, this update was so entertaining. When I saw Lily throw up, I got the worst thought in my head. Sorry she got sick, but I'm glad it was a stomach virus. LOL! I love how you wrote about the HST. LMBO! I'm glad they don't have chemistry. Lily is so pretty, she's gonna find someone. And what's up with Nashira?! hahaha.

  2. Poor Nashira! Nothing's worse than being an "old maid" and having your cute younger sister make fun of you for it! I had to laugh at Lily, she doesn't really like him, but he's hot so she kisses him. That is typical teenage stuff right there! LOL

  3. Simmington Hills,

    Girl, I got scared too. I had no idea why she would be sick, as far as I know she's still pure. lol But then I remembered the message saying that she was sick! I stuck in HST because I had a huge crush on a HST in high school. He liked me too, but sadly, nothing ever came of it. I was smarter than th get involved with a 26 year old guy while I was only 16. lol

    Sims 2 fan,

    I wouldn't be to worried about Nishira. :) She's been focusing on her career, but I think things are going to start looking up for her soon! Lilly is a typical teen isn't she? But who could blame her! He was sorta cute! lol

  4. Heh, I was so sure she was pregnant when I saw her throw up! You never know with ACR!

    Poor Nashira though. She'll find someone eventually, I'm sure.

    I don't know about Lilly's taste in men though. He's got Benjamin Long nose. *g*

  5. He's nose is HUGE. lol But you know how teens are. I look back at some of the guys I liked when I was a teen and they were not what I would go for now.

    I'm just glad she was sick. But since it's S2 I don't have to worry about her popping up with a baby and no boyfriend. lol


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