Monday, June 15, 2009

Sometimes they come back

November, Fall 2010, Tyra Books is 51, Thomas is 54 and, Marcus and Oliver are 13
(Eva Brooks is 22)

Marcus is determined to go to college. His brother isn't as focused as he is so, he slacks off a lot not only at school but at home as well. And Marcus tends to follow his brother's example. Which leads him to staying up till the middle of the night getting his homework done.

It was on one of those late nights that something caught his eye. At first he figured he was tired and wrote off the white figure as a figment of his imagination.

But he couldn't blame tired eyes when their dearly departed dog of four years popped out of nowhere and, scared the crap out of him in the kitchen.

Marcus was so scared in fact that he peed in his pants. So embarrassing. He was just glade that he was the only person woke to witness the wetting of pants.

If Oliver knew about it he would never let Marcus live it down. And he might have told the whole school.

After cleaning up the puddle and showering, Marcus realized that it was too late for bed, so he fixed himself a cup of coffee. That's when his dad walked into the kitchen.

He was excited, today was his first day at the new production studio in town. He and a friend from work decided to venture into the acting side of the entertainment business. They were looking into new show ideas, movie deals and the like.

Marcus explained why he was up so late (leaving out the homework part).

Thomas listened, nodding his head as his son went on. In the end he agreed that what Marcus had seen was a figment of him imagination brought on by lack of sleep.

Marcus didn't buy that. He pointed out that that was what he believed at first. Thomas only laughed it off, continued to stand by his answer. Ghosts weren't real after all.

Marcus knew what he saw but he wasn't going to push the issue with his dad. So, he only smiled, wished his dad a good day and, finished his coffee.

Marcus tells his mom as well. He has no problem convincing her. Tyra firmly believes in the supernatural. And she knew it would only be a matter of time before little old Rusty returned home. She could only hope that he would show himself to her!

She had loved that dog. Rusty was with her when she and Thomas moved to Riverdale when they both were in their early twenties and looking to start life. It was sad when their dog had died, but now he was home, making the family feel complete once again.

Keegan Ottamas came home with Oliver much to Marcus distaste. He can't stand the boy. Truthfully he can't stand any of the Ottamas' that he knows. Except their mom, she's cool, but Danny and Keegan, can't stand the sight of them. They're loud and, rude and, just plan... he didn't have a word for it. But he just couldn't stand them.

With that being said, he doesn't need a reason to pick a fight with the boy, he just does.

Keegan doesn't understand why Marcus is so opposed to him staying for dinner. It's not like his mother's cooking is that bad.

And while they are fussing inside Thomas is greeted by a wonderful surprise. Eva! She stops by for a visit. One of the very rear days that she has to herself, no studying and no rotation at the hospital.

Thomas does worry about her being outside with no coat on thought.

Maybe Marcus' protest to Keegan staying for dinner wasn't just some teenage hormonal thing. Tyra did burn the chicken, which caused her to be slightly embarrassed.

Eva on the other hand could care less. Anything was better than dorm food. At least she was able to tell that this was fried chicken, even if it was burnt.

As Tyra cleans up the dinner dishes Keegan runs out the door to his brother's waiting jeep and, the twins settle down to do their homework. Thomas fusses over Eva and her lack of coat. He tells her that he's going to find one of her old ones in storage. She groans, telling him that she will be fine.

She has to get back to campus, she had a long day ahead of her in the morning.

(notes: Not much happened in the house other than Rusty roaming the house. That was the first time I saw a ghost pet. Yay! lol

Marcus rolled the ROS to pick a fight with anyone. So I had him fight with Keegan. Funny that they fought over food as Tyra was making dinner. Then she goes and burns it. ROFL)


  1. I don't think I've ever had a ghost pet either but then again, I send all my graves to the cemetery right after Grimmy leaves. I didn't know ghost pets could scare Sims like ghost Sims can!

  2. I send all my human sims but since I hadn't any pets die I never built a cemetery for pets. I had two pets die so far. So I guess I need to build one soon!

    I didn't know they could scare a sim like that either. I started cracking up when he peed himself.

  3. Well at least one parent believed that Marcus really had seen a ghost. Maybe if Rusty scares Thomas one night he'll believe too. ;) LOL at Keegan and Marcus fighting over food!

  4. I think if Thomas gets scared he'll be on of those sims who will drop dead. lol

  5. This is a good looking family! Eva and Tyra are gorgeous. You always find the cutest hairstyles, too.

    I've never had a pet die, yet. It's a good idea about a pet cemetery. I'm gonna have to look into downloading one.

  6. I love Tyra she's one of my fav. original Riverdalers. You know, I never wanted her with Thomas. LOL But they've surprised me.

    I think I need to build a pet cemetery too. Let me know if you find one.


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