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Getting it done

It's late May, Spring 2011. This is a combined post. I had more pics of my uni. students, but for some reason the camera only took what I have posted. *figures*

University of Riverdale

Richard was down in the dumps returning to campus from spring break. And Jasmine seized the opportunity and took full advantage. She had been waiting for her moment since he arrived on campus.

And since he was finally free of that leach, Jasmine dove in head first to comfort him. Richard didn't reject her advances either. If it weren't for the fact that he was with Tina he would have started something sooner with the blonde. (They actually have two bolts for each other. Since his first day on campus, so I knew they would get together sooner or later!)

Tina didn't take their budding relationship lightly, and let Jasmine know every chance she got.

Dude is thinking "Girl fight. Yay!"

But Tina soon grew tired of the fighting and the insults, so she decided to take the high road and try to mend the rift that had formed between she and the other blonde.

They had once been friends, long ago, when they first came to school. Tina wasn't hoping to return to that but to at least be amicable towards each other.

Though Jasmine was take off guard she agreed and accepted Tina's apology. She was tired of fighting as well. It was stupid to fight over a guy, or guys for that matter. Why did women always do that anyway?

But the number one reason why Tina wanted to "bury the hatchet," was because she was tired of whipping the floor with Jasmine's butt.

She smiled to herself as she nibbled on some cookies.

Richard had a hatchet that he wanted to bury too, in Bart's back! It was all his fault that he wasn't with Tina anymore. Okay, granted, it was Tina's fault... and maybe a little bit of Richard's, but the main person was Bart. And now he got just what he wanted... Tina.

Richard knew that he would always carry a flame for Tina, she was his first puppy love. They shared their first kiss, their first time was together, even if she pressured him to do it. But as he stands there watching the two eat dinner, Richard realized that he never really was in love with Tina. He cared for her, have feelings for her. But she wasn't The One. He hadn't found her yet.

But maybe what happened during spring break wasn't so bad after all. Maybe his eyes had been opened, and this was the best for the both of them.

What Richard didn't know was that Tina was having a serious discussion with Bart. She was laying everything straight for him. She wanted him to know that she hadn't broken things off with Richard to be with him. That would have been silly.

Reason number one) He was supposed to be with Vanya. They had two children together.

Reason number two) She wasn't ready for anything serious. Especially with someone who was willing to cheat on a woman without breaking up with her.

And reason number three) She was still young, just finding herself tying herself down when she wanted freedom.

Bart said that he understood, but deep down inside he was crushed. He truly believed that he loved Tina Traveller.

But Tina was off in her "finding herself" and finding the Llama mascot pretty hot.

"Hey, how about we go out back to the hot tub and I give you a nice hand massage. It'll get you off... I mean, make you hard. Forget it, you know what I mean. So, how about it? You can even keep that Llama mask on." Tina asked.

Llama mascot dude was all for it.

Bart had heard the whole conversation and he wasn't going to stand for it. He marched over to big head Llama and slapped him.

Tina yelled at him telling him to mind his own business, then grabbed Llama dude by the head and pulled him out the door.

Richard only sat on the sidelines drinking his drink and smirking to himself. Ahhh, karma is a bitch isn't she? He though as Bart stormed off.

But even with all the drama that surrounded them, everyone still found time to study for finals.

Bell called her sister Ariel, to see how studying was coming alone. She wanted to know if they could get together for a study session. They really hadn't seen much after Ariel moved out of the dorms and into the family units with Bret. And having a toddler running around meant that going to parties and other college activities were out of the question.
And Bell hated to admit it, but she did kind of avoid her sister. It just felt that after having a baby she wasn't the same fun loving girl that she once was. Being around Ariel was boring and Bell was not boring. She needed fun and excitement. Not sitting around talking about dirty diaper and how many hours of sleep you got in four days.
But sitting down and studying was different. Bret could watch Alex while the went to the campus library to study.
But Bell didn't let her sister's mistake stop her from living it up with Brad. She was damn sure that nothing no baby batter was making a delivery to her womb in the foreseeable future.
And when did they start attracting an audience to their romantic times?
Meanwhile this chick is thinking what Brad sees in Bell. If it weren't for the fact that Newton Novak had died the two never would have hooked up. All she needed was a little more time and she and Brad would have been together. (Which is true. He was actually starting something with her, but then he got drunk that one and hooked up with Bell and, hasn't look back since)
So, this is where my pics stopped! *curses* I had more, but sadly, they did not take. So here are the final grades for the spring semester at Riverdale University.
Richard Smith - Education Major - A+ GPA 4.0 Dean's List
Eva Brooks: Biology Major Major - A+ GPA 3.7 Dean's List Graduated Cum Laude
Ariel Burrego: Political Science Major - A+ GPA 3.6 Dean's List Graduated
Bell Burrego: Literature Major - A+ GPA 3.6 Dean's List Graduated
Brad Patrelli: Economics Major - B+ GPA 3.5 Dean's List Graduated
Bret Patrelli: Art Major - B+ GPA 3.6 Graduated
Tina Traveller: History Major - A+ GPA 3.8 Dean's List Cum Laude Graduated
Bart Ottamas: History Major - B+ GPA 3.6 Graduated
Congratulations to the graduating class of 2011. They will be added to this rounds normal rotation.
Riverdale Junior Senior High School
Prom night has finally arrived and the six seniors can't wait to leave and start to party. Everyone decided to meet at Lilly's house so their parents could take the mandatory prom pictures. But the guys are getting impatient, Ye isn't, he's just shy. And cameras aren't his friend.

The girls are ready to go as well. Though Mary can't help but to be a tad disappointed, she really wishes that Marchon could be here with her.

It seemed like the ride downtown took forever, but the group finally arrived at their destination and the fun soon began. Mary and Nora got things started on the dance floor. Danny quickly joined them, making an ass of himself on the dance floor. They all laughed, causing Ye to join them as well.

Lilly and AJ danced as well, just alone. They liked it that way, just being to themselves.

Lilly felt the urge to congratulate AJ on his dance skills. And to show off just how awesome her manicure is.

The DJ puts on a slow song. Which is obviously too much for Mary and she shows her displeasure. Why are slow jams being played? She can't slow dance! She doesn't have anyone to slow dance with! This is so unfair.

Nora finds this funny and can't help but to laugh. She tires to calm Mary down, but the brunette isn't trying to hear any of it.

So instead of asking her date to dance Nora asks Ye instead. Not because Mary won't slow dance with him, but because she finds that she actually likes him. The mysterious type. He's hardly spoke. Hell, he hardly ever speaks. All she ever sees him do is study and stare at Cameron Smith.

And she's surprised that he's even agreed to dance with her. She's surprised he agreed to be Mary's date and to even come to the prom. But she's not going to over analyze things. She's just going to sit back and sway to the music.

AJ's not sure if it's the magic of prom night or what, but he's quit sure that he's falling in love with Lilly. And he's not afraid of the idea, he embraces it. What he has with Lilly is far different than what he had with Suni. And he knows he's made the right choice.

Lilly smiles at AJ, staring deep into his eyes. She's thinking that maybe he's The One. She can't be certain, because she's never been in love before, but maybe this is it. She'll just have to wait and see, and hope that she doesn't get hurt in the process.

The song changes to a fast one and there's no need to stay so close to Ye. Nora moves away from him smiling. "Thanks for the dance." She says.

He shyly smiles back. "You're welcome."

"We should slow dance again. You're really good at it."

Ye only blushes. He only nods he's head before heading off to find something cool to drink.

AJ booked one of the rooms upstairs two days ago. Not just for the two of them, but for the hot tub as well, so everyone can use it.

Lilly arches her brow as she enters the room. "Just what kind of girl to do take me for." She jokes as she walks across the room.

"The kind that would come to a hotel room with me." he jokes back.

When she reaches the bed Lilly throws pillow at his head. "Jerk!" She says playfully. Before joining him on the bed.

Ye walks into the room and gets the shock of his life. He lets out a small yelp before covering his eyes. "I was only coming in for the hot tub." He mutters as he backs out of the room.

Mary comes in 15 minutes later. "Are you two done yet? We want to use the tub."

Danny wanted a minute alone. He saw the way Ye and Nora were looking at each other, and it stung. This was supposed to be his moment. He was finally going to make his move, tell Nora how much he liked her. But Ye had beat him to it. He couldn't help but get a little emo about the situation and cry.


The big day has finally arrived and Samantha Ottamas welcomes the graduating class and their family. (I had more pics, but they seem to have been eaten as well.)

"We are here today to acknowledge and pay tribute to the six young adults before me. They had applied themselves and worked hard, moving towards this very day. We should be very proud of them and their acomplishments. So with out farther deplayment I present to you the graduating class of 2011."

"AJ Christian." Samanth calls.

He walks on stage to recive his deploma.



"Danny Ottamas."

Danny walks on stage.

"Congradulations, honey."

Danny blushes. "Mom, people can here you." He says taking his deploma and hurring to sit back down.

"Nora Reed."

Nora walks on stage.


"Thank you!" Nora bounces off the stange.

"Lilly Sanchez."

Lilly walks onto the stage.


"Thanks!" Lilly says smiling.

"Mary Snowden."

Mary quickly walks across the stage.


"Thank you!" Mary can't stop grinning as she makes her way back to her seat.

"And finally, Ye T'ang."

Ye walks across the stange.


Ye smiles. "Thank you."

Lilly recived one scolarship totalling $2,000
Mary revived five scholarships totallying $4,500
Nora recived two scholarships totallying $3,000

Danny reviced one scholarship totalling $2,000
AJ recived one scholarship totalling $2,000
Ye didn't reviced any scholarships. :(

Funny Pics

I don't know why Mary is gossiping about Keva Michaels. But it must be something good since Lilly is laughing. And she only got it from Marchon since Keva lives in Simmington Hills.

Prom Pics:

Mary and Ye. You can tell this was a lst minute thing. They don't even match!

Nora and Danny. Looks more like an AD for GQ.
Lilly and AJ. For some reason this is my favorite picture. lol

So I obviously don't have a hack that's preventing my sism from falling in love. I guess just a few of my sims that are couples just haven't fallen in love yet. But Lilly and AJ have. If anyone was wondering. I wonder if it will last.
(Notes from GB)So this update was busy. My fingers hurt, lol. We have two graduating classes, and a few now ready to enter the work force.
Richard and Jasmine have gotten together but he's talking things slow. He doesn't want a repeat of Tina. Bart is really hurting over Tina. Ha, serves him right. But now maybe he'll know how Vanya fells.
The new students will be coming to uni. this fall!


  1. How do you decide which of your teens go to college? I work it out by wants and how many scholarships they get. I noticed poor Ye didn't get any. Will he still go to college or do you have other plans for him?

  2. Based on my grading system and the requirments to enter into college, no, Ye won't be going... I think. But don't hold me to that. Keeping track of everyone's skills gets me confused a lot. lol I have to pop back into his house.

    As for who goes. Normally once they turn teen, and if theyr oll college I won't lock it. I'll wait until they are in 11th grade, and it the want is still there then I'll lock it. I also look at their make up. Like Mary for example. She is a knolwedge sim. But she also enjoyed learning anything and everything she can. So I take that as she's very serious when it comes to schooling.

    But AJ for example, he's a romance sim. He likes to goof off a lot, but he also likes to learn things.

    So if they have the want to go to college, makes the correct grades to get accepted and, have the right number of skills as well (you can look on my main site under laws) then they will go.

    If they fail in any of those areas (mainly the grades and the skills) then they can't go. Or if they just have no desire to go to college. Like AJ's brother Davon. He didn't want to go.

  3. Awww, this was SO GOOD! I cracked up over Tina and the Llama's conversation. And Mary looked GORGEOUS! All of the girls did, actually! Love their manicures, too. LOL! My jaw dropped when I saw Mary talking about Keva. That must've been from their trip to Riverdale-Florida awhile back. Too funny! Your prom went so well! I grabbed Mary's graduation photo, accepting her diploma. I know Marchon wants that one. *wink*

  4. SH,
    I was thrilled that my first prom went better than I expected. Yeah, it was from when they were there for their vacation to Florida. It's funny though, because Mary only met Keva once, at her house when they came over for dinner. And for the life of me, I have no idea why she would say the girl cheated. ROFL But it made for some fun pics!

    I can't wait until Marchon and Mary meet for the first time. I think I'm more excited than they are. ROFL

  5. Wonderful graduation. Where are your teens going for university? Do they all stay in Riverdale or do they travel to other hoods for university?

  6. Apple Valley,
    I know this sounds cheesy, but I was so happy when they graduated. It felt like they really acomplished and finished high school. I was so proud, just like their parents. lol Do you ever feel that way?

    As of right now, they all will be atteneding freshman year at th Univerity of Riverdale. After that who knows!

  7. I totally understand being proud of the teens. One of my teens isn't even graduated yet, but she has a stable head of on her shoulders and I'm so proud of her!

    I'm going to have to remember all the other universities in other hoods and start sending my teens to these universities.


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