Friday, July 3, 2009

Spring Break 2011

March, Spring 2011, Bart Ottamas, Tina Traveller, Eva Brooks, Bell Burrego and, Brad Patrelli are 22. Richard Smith and Davon Christian are 19.

"I'm so looking forward to spring break. No more courses to study for for a whole week. But I can also catch up on my reading!" Jasmine said.

Richard nodded his head, but he really wasn't paying her any mind. All he could think about was the white sands of spring break and, having Tina all to himself. This was his first spring break and he know it would be a memorable one.

Tina on the other had was occupied with kicking Jasmine's ass. The little blonde tramp wouldn't leave her alone. So what if she slept with Bart, hell, the majority of the females in their dorm slept with him. But Jasmine singled her out and would pick fights with her when ever she got the chance.

The air port shuttled arrived just in time. Tina just finished wiping the ground with the little trick, she really wasn't in the mood for round 2.

Obviously Bart was still dealing with the fact that Tina cheated on him. Though she had no idea why he thought that. They weren't dating and the "cheating" was with Richard. He really needed to get over himself.

Eva had Davon meet them at the airport. Though they had recently started dating Eva felt that this break would be the perfect time to advance their relationship.

She had told him she wanted to take things slow, but she never counted for the feelings that developed so quickly between them. Plus, she know how Davon felt about her and putting their clothes away, Eva was happy with her decision.

They spent a lot of time with each other, away from the group. Lots of cuddling and snuggling, stolen kisses. It was great being in love.

But neither pushed further than the present. They agreed that after Eva graduated that she would move in with Davon. They would both focus on their careers and strengthen their relationship.

Davon really wanted to discus marriage and kids, but he knew Eva wasn't ready for that. She hadn't spent four years in college and then medical school just to sit home having babies.

He was just content with what they had and he would take it. He wouldn't push for things that she wasn't ready for.

Tina had no idea that Davon had turned into such a hottie. The last time she had seen him he was still young and in high school, and so not hot. How did he and Eva hook up?

She wasn't trying to steal her friend's man she just wanted to get to know him better. And what better subject to talk about with a guy than sports.

Bart took the moment as an invitation to flirt with Tina. She quickly shot him down by pushing him away from her.

"Seriously Bart, cut it out!" Tina growled.

"Chill out. I'm sorry. Okay?"

Tina sighed, resting her hand on her hip. "Yeah, it's okay. But I told you before. We're no longer "fun buddies." So just let it go. I'm trying to work things out with Richard. I don't need your drama!"

Bart just smiled and nodded his head as he watched her walk away. They may not be "fun buddies" anymore but he was going to make sure that she saw things his way once again.

Meanwhile, Tina was all Richard could think about. He knew about some of the things she was up to while they were apart, but he was willing to over look it. He wanted to work things out between them. But it seemed the closer he tried to get with her, the more distant she became. What was he doing wrong?

He wandered over to the hot spring and joined Brad and some girl sitting with him in the spring.

"Well, if my boyfriend had the nerve to even kiss another girl I wouldn't waste my time on him. It's not worth it. We're young, and there's way more fish in the sea."

"Relationships are like hats. You try one on and if it doesn't fit you take it off and get a new one."

Richard almost jumped out of his seat. "Tina isn't a hat! And if she were... a hat, she would be my hat! My perfect hat. And I'm not going to trade her in for a new one. I love my hat... errr, girlfriend."

"Toss that hat crap out the window. The fact is, this isn't a game. It's not like you're playing with a toy. Feelings are involved and you shouldn't take what Tina did lightly. I think your best bet is to talk about it, get it out in the open. And then you can decide what to do." Brad added.

"I know this isn't a game. Why does everyone keep saying "it's not a game." Duh, I know that. But I also know that this is the best thing for me and Tina. I don't need to discus anything with her. The guilty party (Bart!) knows that I know what he did and, he knows to say away from her. "

"Dude, why take the hard road when there is a easier road ahead?"

"I'm sticking to my plan. Spring break is perfect. I'll fix everything that is wrong with me and Tina. You'll see. I have everything worked out."

Richard sat back against the rock with his hands behind his head. Yeah, he so knew what he was doing.

Brad only stared at him with a raised brow. He was so naive. Hey, at least he could say he tried to help!

At least someones relationship is moving forward without any kinks.

"Are you okay?" Davon asked.
Eva smiled, "Yeah, I'm fine."
"No regrets?" He questioned.
"Nope, not a single one! I'm glad we did this."
"Me too!"
What was a vacation without a visit to the beach. The group headed to one of the hottest beaches on the island. Well, that's what the tour guide told them. Everyone decided to play pirate. Spending a few hours swabbing the deck, manning the wheel, raiding the captain's cabin, and climb the bird's nest. Bell was the only one daring enough to walk the plank, and almost fell off it too!
While everyone was imagining that they were either Captain Jack Sparrow or part of his crew, Richard was monopolizing Tina's time with romantic activities, like building sandcastles on the beach.
"Thanks for helping me build my castle." Tina says, taking Richard by the hands.
"Any time. Let's go dig for shells now." He says leading her further down the beach.
But even the best laid plans can fall by the wayside.
Richard let his emotions over take him. He was headed down to the food stand out back when he over heard Bart telling Tina that he missed her. How much he wanted her back. Tina has giggled but told him it wasn't going to happen, but it was the way that she had said it. Like she didn't really mean it. Maybe it was the sultry curve of her lip as she issued her "no," or the little tilt of the head.
But what ever it was sent Richard over the edge. All he could see was the two of them kissing, touching, holding each other and it made him see red.
He marched over to the two of them cursing and causing a scene.
Bart covered his face with his hand, trying to hide his smirk. That's exactly what he wanted. This would show Tina what a childish immature kid Richard still was.
Richard spun around and turned his anger on Bart next.
"I told you to stay away from her! She's mine. Not yours, mine! You pig! Vanya wouldn't be too happy to hear about what you've been up to while she's taking care of your kids! Would she!"
Before Bart could issue a reply, Tina spun Richard around to face her. She didn't plan on doing this here, she wanted to wait until they returned back home. But this was the final straw. She tried, she really had. She wanted to make this work, that small loyal part within her wanted to make things right between she and Richard.

But the "she's mine," remark was the kiss of death. She wasn't any one's property. She didn't "belong" to anyone.

"I don't belong to you, Richard! And I'll save you the "it's me not you" bull crap. It's over. We're over. Got that! So no more worries about who I'm sleeping with!"

He couldn't believe it. Had she just broken up with him? "Can't we talk about this?" He begged.

"No! There's nothing to talk about. I was going to wait until we got home, but you've made it much easier for me!"

Bart had tuned them out and was playing his Nintendo when he caught Richard walking away. Tina was still fuming.

Richard waited until Tina went to the sauna to come back and confront Bart.

"This is all your fault. You've ruined everything. This was supposed to be special. Our reconciliation vacation. But you've cramped all over everything!"

"Whatever! I didn't do a thing."

Bell wanted over to the two. "Hey, did either one of you see Brad?" Neither responded to her question.

"Don't get mad at me. It's not my fault you can't keep your woman satisfied!" Bart sneered.

"Seriously, I can't find him. Are you sure you haven't seen him?" Bell turned away from them in a huff. She'd have to find her boyfriend on her own.

The last comment sent Richard over the edge and before he knew it he had punched Bart in the nose.

Not to be out done, Bart punched Richard back.

Amongst all the fighting no one noticed when Brad got zapped by a bolt of lightening, or as he staggered out from some brush looking for help.

Poor Brad. :(

The next morning Richard decided to remind Tina just what she was missing out on by breaking up with him.
Tina could ogle but she was not taking him back! And she needed to clear things up with Bart as well. She didn't break up with Richard to be with him.
"You know you should have told him about all the sex you were having without him before he got here... err, I mean to school. Then all of this would have been avoided." Bell said.

Tina nodded her head. She knew her friend was right. ALl this could have been avoided 3 years ago. She could have broken up with him before she left for college.

Richard clearly agrred with Bell's logic. And Tina felt a little bad with how she handled things, making her tear up a bit.

Bart figured Richaard made her cry.

Which was all the invitation that he needed.

To kicking Richard's ass.

Too bad he didn't count on some local taking pitty on the boy and confronting him.

"Next time you want to get physical come to me. I'll show you what Maloha really means." (translation: he'll teach Bart some respect! The boy needs it!)

Eva watched as Tina pulled Davon to the side, joking and laughing with him. She knew that look in the blonde's eye. She totally had the hots for her man. And no matter how close they were, Tina better step back or Eva would have to knock her down a few pegs.

She was relieved when the helicopeter arrived to take just the two of them on a romantic chopper ride over the island.

"You know. Now that I think of it, maybe I should have majored in anatomy instead!"

(funny pic)

I have no idea why Bell reacted to Eva like this. I have never seen this action either.

(notes fro GB) I guess you've figured it out if you've read my ROS for this round. Tina got the "You're too young to be tied down like this." And so she broke up with Richard. I was going to have her do it once the returned back to campus, but Bart started flirting with her and Richard was standing right there. He was mad and slapped her. So I had her break up with him right there.

So now Richard is pissed at both of them. But funny thing, he didn't even cryshe she broke it off with him. Guess they weren't in love. As for him walking around naked. It was all Richard. When he got out of the shower he didn't spin into his clothes. He looked down at his nakedness, nodded hsi head, then paraded around in front of Tina. That is a new one for me as well. Maybe it's a hack? I have no idea.

And Davon and Eva are finally dating. YAY! And all Bell and Brad did the whole vacation was woo hoo, I'm glad she's on birth control. Even when I'm playing them all the do is spend time in the hotub, unless I direct them to do other things. Does anyone else have a couple or couples who act like this? Horney little simmies. lol


  1. Oh my, Tina and Richard! He's such a sweetie with his, "Tina isn't a hat!" But then, I have to side with her about the possessiveness issues. She really doesn't seem to be in the mindset for a relationship right now anyway. It was well done though, and fitting to their characters - I never even suspected it was ROS.

    Bart is trouble! I can't believe all the ladies he gets, he's such a toad! LOL!

    Awww, I wanted more of Bell and Brad, I like them! Davon and Eva are cute too. Great update :)

  2. I like Bell and Brad too, they're sweet.

    Oh, goodness. I do feel sorry for Richard but the jealousy and possessiveness never works out well. And I don't know if this relationship was really meant to be anyway, at least right now anyway.

    I didn't guess it was an ROS either. It all seemed to just happen!

  3. Laura,

    I think Richard is so "she's mine" because of how Tina acted while they were away. But I think talking would hav emade a world of difference (or not, lol)

    "It was well done though, and fitting to their characters - I never even suspected it was ROS."

    Coming from you, that's a real honor!

    Bart is a toad! Have you ever seent hat movie The Gate? I think he loks like those demons. lol

    I love Bell and Brad too!


    Yeah, Bell and Brad are one of my favs. I'm glad they got together!

    Truth be told TIna has always controlled their relationship, she even decided when they were going to sleep together for the first time. lol I think he needs something new!

  4. You played all this drama out so well! I laughed my butt off seeing Richard walking around nude like that. He does need to grow up. I was pulling for him at first.

    And Bart is so not cute. LOL! I don't see what any Sim sees in him. He's such a loser. He's got no business starting drama.

  5. Awww, thanks sweetie! I'm glad you really enjoyed the update. Can you tell I'm starting to have funw ith my college kids?

    Well to Richard's defense he is four years younger than Tina. But there's hope for him yet!

    And Bart really isn't cute. But for some reason all the ladies swoon over him. *sigh* His a family sim too!


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