Monday, November 2, 2009

Sorry for the delays

So, yeah, sorry for the delays. But there are two reasons for the lack of posts. And really they are good ones. *Simmington Hills stop looking at me like that :P* LOL

The first one is I play this awesome game online called Piratesonline. I get to be a pirate and help Jack Sparrow and his motley crew save the Pearl as well as run around and KILL stuff. It's very fun and relieves tons of stress.

I have been a member for over a year and this year the finally introduced the main enemy Jolly Roger. He's been part of the game but was never in it... until now. There are timed invasions and they started at the beginning of the month. You get to kill him and his undead hoards.

So this is what has been eating up ALL my time outside of cooking, cleaning, homework, and dinner.

My pirate Marge Crestmonk reviving another pirate who has been knocked out.

My pirate hanging out with my guild and making fun of one of the NPC British Navy.

My pirate fighting Jolly and his hoard! I have super voodoo staff!

My pirate handing out at Padres! She's fierce!

My pirate kicking butt on Davy Jone's crew. Much rep points!
And my kids have been sick for the past week, well I finally got it. It's either a cold or just the regular flu. So I'm not up to posting right now. But I just wanted you all to know why I haven't been posting. Killing Jolly is very addictive!


  1. Ha, I haven't heard of this game! I think I'll stay away - I'm addicted enough to TS2!

    Oops and I missed that you were sick! I hope you're all on the mend soon.

  2. You and the kids, get well soon! I know about being busy. Thanks to you and AV. *chuckles*

    Your obession with Pirates cracks me up. Especially when you talk "Arrr". LOL! I tried it and it's like a whole different world. I was always running and ducking from players wielding swords! I'm sorry I couldn't get the hang of it, girl. I'll stick with Sims too, like Carla. "Arrrgh, Matey!"

  3. No, go click the link, you know you want to! lol You won't get addicted, I promise.

    I'm feeling almost back to normal. This cold is a mean one. Zaps all my energy. I even missed sending the kids to school on Monday because I couldn't wake up.


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