Monday, November 23, 2009

School Dayz

September, Fall 2012. For a complete list of students click here. Side note, I forgot two pre-k kids. So they have been added to the list.

The first day of school starts with it usual fan fair, except for one new addition, then pre k children. They are sharing the Kindergarten class room making the room fuller than it's ever been.

Tony is glad that he has his mom with his as his teacher. Anya looks on as her son tries to make a new friend.

Geeta on the other hand isn't to excited or edger to make new friends. Once she realized that her mommy or daddy wasn't staying with her at school she quickly turned into herself. She decides that she really doesn't like school at all.

The older kids greet each other as well. Some haven't seen each other since the last day of school three months ago.

Ruling is smitten with Tylor. He's gotten so big and he's really cute with his new glasses. She actually finds herself stuttering to say hi to him. He, of course, doesn't notice, only returning her greeting with his own.

Ruolan finds this amusing, her sister is having her first crush.

But Ruling isn't the only one to notice Tylor. Kira seems to be drawn to him as well. She's not sure just what it is, but she thinks he's really tall now.

Once everyone is settled it's time to get down to work. Kids aren't sent to school to make friends, they are sent to receive an education. It seems though no one has told this to Breda. She's busy trying to get her twin brother's attention.

"Shhh, Bre, you're going to get us in trouble." He tells her.

She huffs out a breath before rolling her eyes at him. He's always so serious about his studies.

Breda decides to pull a prank on Anan. Anan doesn't find the joy buzzer that much of a joy, though Breda thinks its hilarious.

Principal Corbin doesn't think it's too funny either.

There must be something about Tylor. It seems that none of the girls can keep their eyes off of him. Even Amanda Ottamas takes time for her studies to track his movements in the library. Tylor on the other hand is totally oblivious to the attention his female classmates are showing him.

Instead he spends time with Kobi. As they play chess they talk about all the birds they've spotted over the summer.

As the day presses on Geeta has found that she really does like school. She's also forgotten about her parents leaving her here alone. She's met Angel who is in kindergarten. They are talking about ghosts, which just happens to be Geeta's favorite topic to discuss.

Shaw and Cicero spend their time working on their mechanical skills as well as sharing a few jokes.

Soon it's lunch time and the lunch room is packed! Gavin tells the younger boys about how much freedom they lose as they get older. Their teacher will start giving them more homework to do, which means less time for video games and playing with friends.

Dallas shares some wisdom as well. How building a strong logical base young will help you go far in life. Anan fights from rolling her eyes, some kids are so full of themselves. But Tylor nods his head in agreement. Anan snorts. Just her luck, she's stuck at the table full of kindergartners and nerds.
Breda sighs as she watches Lola wolf down her lunch. Some kids have no table manners. It's going to be a long year.
As always not much happened on my elementary lot, but the kids do have fun. Which raised the school to a level 3 business. LOL
My little ones in pre k they will be "deleted" from the lot using InSim at 12 pm. So when I do the next school update you won't see them at lunch. They will only be in school for half the day. Next time they will get a snack in their classroom then be sent home.
I'm slowly readjusting all my sims heights. I have the majority of my kids and teens done and I'm moving onto my adults. Thanks Laura for the great idea. If it weren't for seeing the "StretchSkeleton" cheat in her game I don't think I would have ever tried it out myself. I have adjusted the heights to fit my taste. ;)
For those of you who have adjusted your heights so far, is there an easier way to do each sim. Instead of having to reload the hood every time you adjusted one sim. Is there a back button or something? LOL


  1. Aw, the little kids are all so cute at school! LOL @ all the little girls admiring Tylor. Already breaking hearts in elementary school. ;)

  2. You've got SO many kids! They're all so adorable!

    No, to my knowledge there is no easier way to do it, but to load the neighborhood in SimPE for every single Sim. I'm gonna have to get a routine with it, because as my Sims age their heights need to adjust also. What I didn't do was adjust the heights for their upcoming age change. Not transitions, I'm talking about the 2 year age increase they get. LOL! Tyrone Masters was 4 when I set his height for that level. Now he's six and looks like a little munchkin still. Hahahaa!

    I'm interested to know how the other hoods handle their height change routines.

    I was hoping SimPE would adjust everybody's heights for me, if I entered them in once for each age, you know?

  3. Poor Geeta - a lot of kids seem to not realise their parents can't stay with them at school! I'm glad Geeta got over it!

    And awww, Ruling has her first crush - too cute! Tylor might end up as a bit of a ladies' man. He's already got the girls following him around!

    And yeah, I don't think there's an easier way of adjusting the heights other than loading the hood each time. Once you get them all done, it's a little better. I mean, you never have to adjust the adults again until they age to elder, so it's really just the kids and teens that need constant adjustment. Although you have a lot more kids and teens than I do! It's definitely a very tedious process but I just go through my list at the end of every year, see who needs changing and get it done.

  4. Shana, yeah, it was a surprise to me to see them all fawning all over him. LOL I really do think he's going to be a knowledge sim when he ages into a teen, but we shall see.

    Simmington, I iz overrun with them. LOL It's funny though, for me they really aren't a lot of kids.

    Ack! I have no other choice then. *la sigh* Oh well, I need to knuckle down and get it done.

    Carla, I didn't even notice her face until I looked at her. She looked so sad. Poor girl.

    Tylor was a complete surprised. There are at least two other boys who have grown as well, but there's just something about him the little girls like. LOL

    I wish there was an easier way to adjust their heights. At least I'll only have the teens and kids to worry about like once a year now. Elders I might let them alls tay the same height. ROFL


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