Monday, November 16, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year 2012/2013

It's that time again where all parents rejoice and all children start to cringe. Yes, it's SCHOOL time! Which is the most wonderful time of the year... for parents!

We start off with one minor change. Riverdale has decided to add a pre-k class to the elementary school. So children who turn four (4) before September will be allowed to enter Riverdale Elementary to start their scholastic career.

Riverdale Elementary Students
2012 - 2013 School Year
Pre K (age 4) Cicero Burrego, Tony Kent, Shaw Novak, Lola Picaso, Geeta Ramaswami
Kindergarten (age 5) Angel and Connor Chirstian
First Grade (age 6) Kira Kim
Second Grade (age 7) Beth and Nick McPhee, Sofia Traveller
Third Grade (age 8) Fyodor Burrego, Aaron and Adrian Chew, Gavin Snowden, Ruling and Ruolan T'ang
Fourth Grade (age 9) Breda and Dallas Johnson, Amanda Ottamas
Fifth Grade (age 10) Tylor Patrelli, Rose Picaso
Sixth Grade (age 11) Kobi Corbin, Anan Reed
Riverdale Junior and Senior High Students
2012 - 2013 School Year
Seventh Grade (age 12)
Eighth Grade (age 13) Bri Burrego
Ninth Grade (age 14) Edward Christian, Jr., Viggo Kim, Ginger Newson, Brooke Sanchez
Tenth Grade (age 15) Marcus and Oliver Brooks, Sarah Corbin, Suni Ramaswami, Cameron Smith
Eleventh Grade (age 16) Orlando Bertino*, Lana Corbin, Brittny Parker*, Randy London*
Twelfth Grade (age 17) Ricky Cornier*, Chole Gonzana*, Sophie Miquel*, Keegan Ottamas
* means townie teens added to fill out single student grades.
UoR Students
2012 - 2013 School Year
Freshmen (age 18)
Sophomore (age 19) AJ Christian, Marchon Cunningham, Harvis MacAstral, Danny Ottamas, Nora Reed, Lilly Sanchez, Mary Snowden, Ye T'ang
Junior (age 20) Richard Smith
Senior ( age 21)


  1. Whoa! So many kids and teens! How big is your total population? Have you ever counted?

  2. HA HA! Lat time I counted I was around 109 sims. I need to do a count again. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Ha, yeah, I had a feeling it'd be bigger than Sullivan! I haven't yet cracked 100.

  4. I'm in awe of how many students you have! I ended up with a big gap in births, so I don't have a very full school yet. When my current babies and toddlers grow up it will get a little more filled out, but for now I have big empty spaces, even though I did add some townies to the school too.

    I'd be interested in hearing how big your total population is too! :)

  5. Oh my sim! That is a A LOT of kids!! WOW. I'm totally in awe that you have/had 109 sims. I'd love to fill mine up to that point, but totally afraid to do so!

    I bet your schools are a blast to play with all those students though!

  6. Carla your well on your way! LOL

    Shana I'm scared of the numbers. I will have to sit down and get a total population count.

    Maisie I do have a lot of kids! I really hadn't realized it until I actually seen it on paper. LOL My sims are getting busy aren't they!

    The schools are fun but very stressful at the same time.

  7. Your hood IS the baby-making capital! ROFL! I always look forward to your school updates; so much fun to read!

  8. ROFL SH! Riverdale doesn't have that many babies. ;)


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