Sunday, November 15, 2009

Love like this

August, Summer 2012, Mary Snowden and Marchon Cunningham are both 19. (Sorry, I got long winded in the update. You'll see.)
mini-update. Soundtrack: Natasha Bedingfield - Soulmate
She's glad. She's sad. She's angry. She's depressed. There are so many emotions running through Mary that she can't stand it. One minute she's crying, the next she laughing. She's been up and she's been low. She just hasn't been right since the break up.

You'd think she's be somewhat over it. Hell, Marchon dumped her - unceremoniously - if she might add back in May. It's now August and she's still a mess. But then again, when it's the love of your life you're not just going to roll out of bed and be puppies and rainbows again.
And her parents. She's so damn tired of them. "Are you okay?" or "Do you want to talk?" She wishes she could tell them to fuck off, but she can't. They are Mom and Dad. Mary can't very well tell her parents to go screw themselves because they are concerned about her.
And then there are her friends. It's not like she has Lilly or Nora to cry to. They are both busy dealing with unexpected pregnancies and babies.
So Mary does what she does every day since summer break started. She crosses the street from her home and heads to the beach.
The beach has become her sanctuary. Her solace. A place where she can escape, just to get away from it all. From the pitiful looks her parents give her. From the wounded puppy gaze of her sister when she does try to speak with her.
Here at the beach, she can dig in the sand and forget her troubles. No one here will bother her. No one here knows what a mess she's made of her love life. There's no one here to judge.
The only problem... her thoughts. Mary is alone, the quiet that she craves, and yet she can't escape her mind. Her memories. She can't escape Jim.
She digs faster.
His hands.
Faster. Deeper into her hole.
His lips.
She can feel the sand digging under her nails.
The sweet nothings he whispered into her ear.
"Ouch!" She pulls her left hand out of the hole and looks at the nail. Nothing major, just a few grains pushed deep under the nail.
Mary signs. She hates Jim. And she hates herself even more for letting him come between her and Marchon.
He's at a loss. Yeah he may have kissed another girl. He may have tired to move on from Mary. As lame as his attempt went. But Marchon can't move past her, and he hates himself for acting out of anger.
So what if... he can't finish that though. He may have moved on, moved pasted it, but the thought still slices at his heart.
But he's such a loser. He catches a cab from the city into Riverdale almost everyday. He gets out a block from her house convencing himself that he'll go talk to her. But he always chickens out instead.
But not today. He was walking towards her home when he happened to spot her from the sidewalk of the beach. Marchon can spot Mary anywhere.
His feet guid him onto the sand and half way down the slight sloop before his brain can catch up with them. He stops, and watches her dig deeper and deeper in the sand.
He stands staring at her when she looks up. First it's at her finger but her eyes wonder up towards his. And any though that he had of retreating are gone. She's seen him, he has to say something now.
He takes a hesitant step towards her, wondering how she will accept him. Will she think he's stalking her. The two of them just happening to be at the beach at the same time doesn't seem so coincedental.
Marchon tries to put so gusto into each step. Trying to fill them with confedence, which he doesn't have.
But she surprises him. A smile yet fragile smile spreads over her face. And he can bearly hear it over the breaking waves, the whispered "Hey!"
But it's so familiar and so sweet that it causes him to smile as well. And he can actually exhale.
"You look good." He says. Which is true. They haven't seen each other since school let out, and Marchon isn't sure but Mary has gotten even more beautiful over these long months.
The compament causes her to blush a little. "You look good too." She says.
He takes a deep breath. He can't let a moment like this pass. Who knows, they might not see each other again until school starts back in a few weeks.
"I don't want to take all your time, but could we talk for a moment?"
Mary's smile widens, but the look of aprehinsion is still there. She nods her head then plots down in the wet sand. Marchon follows, both forgetting that they are just inches from teh waves lapping at the sore.
"I was a fool, Mary. I let my jealousy and insecurities get the better of me. I shouldn't have reacted the way that I had when I found out what went down between Jim and you."
Mary leans back on her hands. "And I'm sorry too, 'Chon. I'm not going to give excuses. I shouldn't have let anything happen. And I should have had enough trust in you to, well, trust that you wouldn't have done anything else with that girl."
The two sit in silence for a moment. "Do... do you think you could ever forgive me?" She askes.
Marchon laughs. It wasn't the reaction Mary was hoping for.
"Forgive you? Girl, you're already forgiven. Once I swallowed my pride I realized just how wrong I was."
Mary looks skeptically at him. "Really"
He pulls her to her feet. "Mary, I've been miserable without you. I have forgiven you. I love you. Never stopped."
"Me too. I mean, with the forgiving and the loving. I love you too, Marchon."
"Can't we just start over from the begining?" She says. Marchon nods his head.
Mary sticks her hand out. "Hi, I' Mary." She says with a smile.
"And I'm Marchon. Nice to met you." He says.

"Now that we got that all out the way," he says, taking her hands in his. "Mary, will you do me the honor of being my girl... again."
Tears start to blur her vision of him but she nods her head anyway.
notes from GB: Okay, yes that so so cheesy it hurt my teeth. LOL I had this whole epic thing planned out. How they would spot each other and drama would ensure. But no, they had a mind of their own. And like I keep saying (more to myself not you guys) I will let my sims tell me what they want. They made up.
I mean they really made aapologised to each other. Congradulated each other, gave a few hugs, tickles then they started to make out. ROFL
After Marchon asked Mary to go steady again instead of a kiss the bowed to each other. Silly knowledge sims!
Then they both rolled the go on date want for each other. So I had Marchon ask Mary out and I took them to the next lot over. What was the first thing they do?
They woohoo'ed. I guess the make up sex couldn't wait, huh? I though I had paused my game 'cause I had to get up and get something. Seriously, like I was gone 5 seconds and I come back to this. LOL
After they both rolled this:
Mary wants to get engaged to Marchon!

And Marchon wants to get engaged to Mary.

Mary is no longer rolling any wants for Jim. I think he is FINALLY out of her system. And the same goes for Marchon and his quick summer fling with Evi Boone. So it looks like they are together again! YAY!


  1. Aww I'm glad they got back together. The shots of him watching her were great

  2. I love the picture of Mary smiling when she sees Marchon approaching. So cute! I'm glad they're back together.

    And engagement! I love when my Sims roll simultaneous engagement wants and I love seeing the Sims in my favourite blogs doing the same thing.

    I wonder how Jim will take this news though!

  3. Apple, yes! I'm happy they are back together too! Happy times!

    Heredoncove, thanks!

    Carla, isn't she just sweet smiling at him.

    I'm the same way when it comes to my sims falling in love and wanting to get married!

  4. Awww shucks! Break out the tissues dammit! I'm soooo happy!!! This was so good, and the music fit so well to it. I started tearing up before I even read anything because I love Natasha Bedenfield so much! And I knew this song already. OHHHH girl, you sure can write. Then you held it are such a mess. LOL! But, I'm glad they have come to their senses! My boy looks so handsome. *proud* I really lost it when I saw their Wants panels. I've never had Sims with wants all filled up for their lover like that. They seriously love each other. Now, I'm afraid when they come HOME, I'm not gonna be able to keep up with the fantastic storytelling you've already established. :P But, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. FANTASTIC UPDATE!! You knew I'd love it!

  5. Simmington, Yes, I knew you would love it! LOL But so do I. I'm glad you enjoyed the update. When I was working on it that song popped into my head and I knew it fit them to a T. A T! Do you hear me! LOL

    And no worries, you know you'll do a wonderful job continuing their tale once they are back in S.H. with you. I can't wait! Three more years.

  6. Aww! I'm glad they cleared the air and made up since they love each other so much. :)

  7. Me to Shana! I can't tell you how happy I am. I'm jumping for joy!

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