Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday

Summer Birthdays 2012

First up is little Alon Sanchez. He is the third addition to Fatima and Mansur's family, but he also holds the honor of being their first son. And his older cousin Donte.

Little Aspen Cotton was an unexpected bundle of joy for her parents Amos and Nita Cotton. But they are thrilled to have her added to their happy home!

Cicero Burrego has just turned four. He's excited because this year he gets to start school. He'll be attending Riverdale Elementary School with his older brother Fyodor.

Geeta Ramaswami is also four this summer and like Cicero she's excited about started preschool!

And last but not least is Tony Kent. He's four too! But he is not ready to start school. He's a bit shy like his mom, so meeting new people is something that is low on his "to do" list.
Happy birthday guys!
This is more of a note for me but I'm letting you guys know too. I will post each seasons birthdays at the end of each seasonal play. So you'll know that things are coming to a close when you see these posted!


  1. Geeta could never be mistakened for anything but a Ramaswami, could she? Those genes are strong!

  2. They really are. And tha nose. LOL I hope she grows into it.

  3. Happy birthdays to everyone! :) I agree, those Ramaswami genes run very strong! :)

  4. Ooh I love Geeta's look! And I totally think Aspen looks like those "old soul" babies, where they don't look like newborns.

  5. Aspen has the most beautiful eyes! Happy Birthsay everyone!

  6. Aspen looks slightly darker than her Mom, too. Like she's in between Amos' dark skintone and Nita's. That's really neat!!

  7. Shana, wait until you see Geeta at a better angle. She really has grown on me.

    Maisie, that's it. I couldn't put my finger on it. But I really thought it was because she has those double eye brows going on. LOL

    MizzGin, she does. But I give all teh credit to the barbie skintone that I have in game. It's her mom's skintone.

    S.H., she does look darker than her mom. At first it was only my eyes but I'm glad you see it as well. I made (or at least I tried) all my skins genetic.

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