Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Welcome to the jungle

September, Fall 2012, for all the names of the students click here.

It's as if school has never let out for the students of Riverdale Jr. - Sr. high. They quickly pick up where they all left off after the welcome back orientation given by Principal T'ang.

Ginger Newson is acting as if she is surprised at what she's found inside of the dummy body, but she's really checking Oliver out. She thinks the summer has done him very good. He's grown a few inches and his starting to fill out in all the right places.

Viggo sits staring, but not at his computer screen. He catches Cameron coming out of the book stacks and he watches as she walks by him.
Of course she acts as if she doesn't see him and continues to her seat. Viggo chuckles to himself, he can see the light pink ting to her checks as she sits down.
Cameron opens her book and asks as if she is reading, but she really isn't. Her eyes are on Viggo, tracking his every move. He walks over to the window to watch the rain pour from the sky above. Cameron smiles, he's giving her a wonderful view of his butt.

Ginger tires of digging around in a fake dead person and heads into the library. She finds just who she's looking for. Edward looks up from his history book flashing her a quick smile.

Brooke glance between the two before giving a smile of her own. Which Ginger returns. Bri on the other hands gives the girl look over. She doesn't like her. And she doesn't like the way she's looking at Brooke's boyfriend either.

Lunch is catered for the first day because the cook has called in sick. Not that the kids mind as long as they get to they are happy campers.
Orlando Bertino sits across from Lana. He's hoping to work up the nerve to ask her out. But until then he ask as if he's interested in the conversation going on around him as he gazes at Lana from the side of his eye.

Ginger sits next to Brooke, not to make nice but just to size up her competition. Which she really doesn't consider Brooke. She was all Edward talked about during summer camp except for the times she took his mind off of her and his recently deceased dad. But now, back home, he's avoiding her all because of this blonde. But she plans on putting a stop to that very soon.

Eddie sees both girls sitting waiting for him to join them. He's really not in the mood to deal with Ginger or the questions Brooke is bound to start asking.

So instead of sitting and dealing with them he decided to eat his lunch out in the hall.

Once school is out the basket ball team meets for their first practice of the school year. The cheerleaders are meeting as well.
Viggo and Cameron steal a moment before the leave for the respective places, which isn't far from each other since both are going to practice in the gym.

Sarah comes out of the gym looking for Cameron. She's ready to try out for the squad but she can't audition until the whole team is there. She finds her in Viggo's arms.

This pisses Sarah off. First off she can't stand Cameron. And second she and Viggo had grown close over the summer. Okay, not as close as she would have liked, but they are friends now, and she would love to be more than that. The only obstacle in her way is Cameron Smith.

But Sarah doesn't say anything instead she sits down and wonders how Cameron landed suck a hunk like Viggo. The girl is mean, and nasty, and just down right bitchy. She has no idea what Viggo sees in her.

Cameron finally leaves and Sarah jumps up giving Viggo a small wave. He smiles nodding his head at her.

She leans in to tell him a joke that her over heard during lunch. It's not as if she can get jokes at home. Her parents are lame. Her older sister is lame. And her little brother, well, he's lame too. Viggo laughs. That's how Cameron finds them when she comes looking for Sarah.

"So, what, you're best friends with her now?" She says. Even though they've taken their relationship to the next level, Cameron is still very jealous.

Viggo shakes his head. "Not best friends, but we are friends. You know that, Cam."
Sarah has hearts in her eyes. She can't stop starring at him.

Cameron turns to storm off. She maybe overly jealous but she isn't stupid. She knows Sarah has had eyes on Viggo since she came to Riverdale last year and now, she's friends with him. She's trying to get in good so she can dig her claws into him. But Cameron isn't going to let this happen... ever!

Viggo can tell she's about to get into one of her moods, and as long as it's not directed towards him he's fine. But for some reason he feels compelled to save Sarah from Cameron's wrath.
He grabs her wrist causing her to turn back to face him, and he scoops her up into a hug. "You know I only have eyes for you." He says.
Cameron giggles.
Sarah could barf.

Viggo nuzzles Cameron's neck causing her to giggle even more. Sarah rolls her eyes and decides to walk away.

Sarah's try out for the cheer leading squad goes well and despite the fact that Cameron hates her and wants to claw her eyes out, she has to admit that the girl is good. So after a five minute deliberation Sarah is offered a spot on the squad. She's so happy that she starts to cheer to Viggo.

After practice Eddie plants one on Brooke to her surprise and pleasure. She hasn't gotten a kiss like this in a long time. Viggo can't help but to think just how pretty Cameron looks with her hair down. He likes it down like this.

Ginger notices the look Shara flashes Cameron and how she gazes all puppy dog like at Viggo.
"You should take what you want." She says leaning over to whisper in her ear.
Sarah turns to look at her. "What? No, I... I don't like him like that."
Ginger snickers. "Yes, you do. And I don't blame you." She pauses to watch the two young couples. "If you don't go after what you want you never will get it." With that she gets up and walks away.

She corners Eddie in the science lab. He's really been avoiding her all day and she's through with it.

"So, what, you're just going to ignore me all year and act as if nothing happened?"
He doesn't say a word, he only stares at her.

"Edward, I'm not trying to make this into something big. But over the summer we just clicked. You felt it and I felt it. We really should give this a shot."
He shakes his head. "No, we can't. I'm with Brooke you know this."

But his body deceives him, he has to lean in to smell her hair. It smells like lavender and honey. So sweet, it gives him comfort. Reminds him of the safe haven that Camp Kick It was during the weeks after his father's death.
He would sit there inhaling Ginger's scent as she just listened to him vent. She lost her dad too at a young age, so she got him. Knew where he was coming from. Bu the hasn't expected this to get so serious between the two of them.

Ginger smiles before pouncing and capturing his lips in hers. She was not going to let him go without a fight.

"Maybe you can come over and listen to that new CD I bought." Viggo tells Sarah.
"But wouldn't Cameron get jealous?" She asks.
Viggo laughs, "No, she knows that you're my friend. There's nothing to be jealous of."
Sarah shrinks inside at his words. "Just friends." That's how he sees them as, nothing more.

Brooke doesn't like where things are going with Sarah at all. She though the girl was cool when they first met, but seeing how she's been going after Viggo since the summer, really has rubbed Brooke the wrong way. She makes a note to tell Cameron about the girl.

Maybe Ginger is right. Maybe Sarah needs to go after what she wants. And right now she wants Viggo Kim. Cameron doesn't deserve him. And Sarah is a much better match.
No, you have not missed an update. I did play Camp Kick It but I didn't update about it this time. Like I said before sometimes I won't post some of my game play it will just come out... or not. LOL
But yeah, Edward met Ginger at camp. I tped her along with another townie and Sarah. That how she and Viggo have become so buddy buddy. But it's clear by her wants (she wants to flirt and ask Viggo out on a date) that she wants to be more than friends. Silly girl. She's rolling wants for Oliver too. I think she has a death wish, not only does she want Cameron's man, she also wants her BFF Suni's man.
Same with Ginger and Eddie they became really close at camp and what happened between then was all on their own. I had no part in it. All Brookes knows is that Eddie and Ginger are friends. She just doesn't know they are the kissing kind of friends.
My teens must really love school. The business went from level 3 to level 5 while I was playing. Also, sorry if the story seems pieced together, my game kept crashing. It took me three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) to get all the pics that I needed. I have no idea why my game always crashes on the school lot. *shrugs*
Next update is my uni. students. Can't wait to see what they get up to!
Oh, and if anyone wants to know title is from Guns n Roses: Welcome to the Jungle. But seriously you all should have known that. LOL I picked the title a long time ago. I think it was for my very first school post! And for me high school really was a jungle which you had to learn to navigate through. So GnR just fit for me.


  1. I love Cameron and Viggo checking each other out when they're supposed to be working. They're too cute. And then being all over each other in the halls.

    That Ginger is a little minx, isn't she? I hope Sarah doesn't take her advice. I was feeling a little sorry for her in the halls but I won't if she tries to get her dirty mitts on Viggo.

    Brooke's so pretty - I don't think I've ever seen a close-up of her before.

    High school could definitely be described as a kind of jungle. That seems to be a global thing - it's not easy for anyone!

  2. Ooh...this was good! I love seeing all the kids again! Man, I can't help but feel for Eddie, losing his father so quickly like he did.

    Sarah is so pretty, I'm sure she can find someone else to get infatuated with...but, this is the potential of a great drama, though!! Cameron vs. Sarah! *rubs hands together* That would be a great battle! LOL!

  3. Carla, yeah Viggo and Cameron are too cute. I really do love them together.

    Sarah is really boy crazy so we'll just have to see what she gets up to!

    Yeah, Brooke is very pretty. I was surprised since she is a Maxis sim.

    Simmington, yeah, poor Eddie. But time will heal, I'm also worried about his mom.

    If Cameron and Sarah got into it there wouldn't even be a fight. Hands down Cam would win. LOL

  4. Oh, lots of drama going on here. I don't know if I would take Ginger's advice if I was Sarah. It might end up getting her into more trouble than she can handle, since it's Cameron she'll be going up against, LOL!

  5. Shana, I agree with you! But you know how silly teens can be!

  6. What parts of public schooling I experienced were quite the jungle, LOL. The title is appropriate!

    Man, your teens really kick up the drama! They need to come over and give my teens a kick in the butt. I'm always so bored by my teens...


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