Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tears of sarrow

OMG! I can't get my game to launch. It won't load at all. The little box comes up that lets you know all the eps and stuff packs you have, then I a small CD spinning like its going to load, but then nothing. I have no idea why it won't load.

I haven't played since last Sunday, I exited the game, it didn't crash. I played fine. The only thing I can think of is that I installed some new hairs and a few blankets but thats all. I've reboated, cleaned off those files in the sims 2 folder and nothing.

I'm ready to cry. I don't understand this. *SOBS*


  1. OMMMMMMMMGGGGGG!! Why didn't you call me?!! (not that I know how to fix it, but I can panick WITH you!)

    Have you fixed it yet?? Deleted all your caches? All of 'em?

    I'm sure you have, wow...this is truly disturbing. I am going to check in on you today. I see you're online now.

  2. I second SH, delete your caches. If that doesn't work, temporarily remove your DL folder and try rebooting

  3. If it's still not loading after all CC is gone, you could try using a No-CD. Maybe it's something with the CD or your drive. :\

  4. Oh no! I agree with Mao, it could be something wrong with your CD or your drive. Have you tried to load up other CDs to see if they work?

  5. Oh man I hope it's repairable!

    I had to remove all my CC one time to get my game back. It ended up being something I had downloaded that broke my game.

    Do you have a back up of all your sims?

  6. Oh no, I'm so sorry!

    I don't have any ideas that the other haven't suggested but I hope it's all fixed now or that you have a really recent back-up!

  7. OMG, I've been MIA all day because I GOT IT TO WORK!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all your ideas, guys! For some strange reason it was not deleting my cache file even though I deleted three times! So this morning I decided to give it another shot, and it loaded! I was so happy I called SH right away. LOL

    I really don't understand why it wasn't deleting that one file. Before I tried to fire up the game the other day I had just made a back up of the hood, which I was happy for, becacuse I was thinking that I was going to have to reinstall the game. So everythings a go now, and I can get off my lazy butt and get my updates done... hopefully. I'm still pretty busy.

  8. That's great news!! I'm glad that everything is fixed and you didn't have to reinstall (that can be a pain!).

  9. Yay! Glad to hear you got it running again! :)

  10. Having to reinstall is a nightmare. I hating having to do it for S1, and for S2, I'm missing a few CDs and I need to replace them. I'm so happy everything is working again. :)


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