Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Moment Like This

October, Fall 2012, Emma King - Menon is 37, Waylon is 36, and Lars is 4.

Life has been wonderful for Emma, Lars, and Waylon. Their little family just keeps getting better and better. Emma looks forward to getting home from work, because she's greeted by her son with a huge bear hug. She wouldn't trade this for all the gold in the world.

She normally spends an hour with him playing any game that he picks. Lars loves to play catch, so that's what they do most days. But the weather will be turning soon so Lars will have to spend more time indoors.

Waylon also enjoys spending time with his son, because that is how he thinks of Lars, as his son. He's been with him for the past few years helping out when Emma let him, and once he moved in with her he was and still is more hands on with Lars.

Their nightly routine of reading Alice in Wonderland started over the summer. And like Emma, Waylon wouldn't trade this time with Lars for all the gold in the world.

"I've been thinking that it's time Lars meets his dad." Emma says one night.

It's not as if she hasn't given much though to the idea, because she has, for a long time now. But now Rupert lives in the same building as she does once again, and it would be kind of hard to hide... er, keep

Lars away from Rupert much longer. Waylon thinks this is a wonderful idea. All boys should know their birth father.

"I think this is a excellent idea. He should know who his father is." Waylon says.

"Yeah, but I have no idea how to do it. I mean, it's not like I told Rupert I was even pregnant. How do you tell a guy that? Hey, how's it going? Haven't seen you in a few year, oh, and by the way, we have a son together." Emma sighs. "I just can't call him up and say that."

"Honestly, I don't think you should worry about this tonight. It's late and we have to be at the city council office bright and early." Waylon says smiling.

Emma smiles back at him, and he's right. Tomorrow is a very important day for the both of them!

Bright and early the next morning the trio put on their newly bought outfits and head to Main Street. They pay the marriage fee and head upstairs. This truly was a long time coming for Emma.

She was a bride once, it seems so long ago now that she thinks about. And in reality it has been a long time. She was a different person then, still young and new to the world. She was going to marry David Ottamas then but she got cold feet at the last possible moment and ran.

But if she had followed through with it then she never would have met the love of her life. And she knows that this time getting married is what she wants to do! (wedding spam!)

After the ceremony they head over to Cafe Mode for a celebratory dinner. Neither has any family living in Riverdale and that was the main reason for having a civil ceremony instead of a huge wedding. Plus, Emma had been there and done that and look at how well that turned out. And the dinner, it just seemed like a wonderful idea. A nice family outing to celebrate a wonderful moment in their lives.

Well it was all wonderful until a certain someone came to take their orders. Emma has completely forgotten that Rupert worked at Cafe Mode, and now here he was starring not only at her but at her son. She gulps, because she can tell by the look on his face that he suspects something. So instead of confronting him Emma chooses to ignore him.
Waylon places their orders instead which is served to them by another waiter. Rupert on the other hand is livid. He can't believe that he has a child, a son with Emma and she told him nothing about this. The boy looks around four. So he existed for four years and his father never knew about him. He shares his shock and disbelief with a customer.

"Maybe now is the time to smooth things over and explain just what's going on." Waylon suggests.

Emma turns towards him. "No, it is not the time. Not the place." She snaps. "And we are not discussing the matter here in public."

She quickly brushes of her anger, which is with herself not her new husband, and turns looking for the waiter. "It's our wedding day, we should have some cake."

Every one's dessert is delicious except for Lars'. Sadly, his angel food cake is burnt. (This is the first time my sims were served burnt food.)
As Waylon is asking their waiter to wrap up their remaining food and to complain about the burnt cake Emma takes a minute to admire Rupert. Even though that chapter in her life has long since been closed she still finds him very attractive.

They end their night with some singing that is approved by Lars.


Try not to mind the bodiless woman in the above pic. I have no idea why but she keeps showing up with no body. I have Samantha, the lot owner, go in and fix her but she shows like this when I send playables there to eat.
Waylon and Emma finally got married. *yay* They have been engaged for two years I just never shared the pics. Maybe I will one day. But he and Lars get along very well. Sometimes I wish Waylon was Lars' biological dad.

Gadwin didn't take the pics of Lars actually meeting Rupert. For some reason my folder that I have my pics in is limited to like 400 pictures, and I had reached that limit after their wedding and dinner, so I took them they just didn't save. But Lars was happy to finally meet his dad and vis versa. Rupert taught Lars how to study and then they hung out. They are not Best Friends, and Rupert rolls wants for Lars.

That's one thing about Rupert he may be a dog but he's a wonderful dad. You should see him with Sharla's daughter Jordan. He adores her too!

And yes, this really was the first time Rupert has even seen Lars. It was my fault, I forgot that he works at Cafe Mode. And out of all three waiters he was picked to wait on them. The look on his face is priceless when he sees Lars. I laughed so hard I cried tears. Doesn't it look as if he's thinking "That child looks like ME!"
And after that he refused to come back to their table, a new waiter even brought there food. I'm serious I think my game is getting smarter the more that I play. Rupert then turns around and starts talking about growing up and toys to the blonde at the next table. Poor guy. LOL


  1. Try not to mind the bodiless woman??? LOL! How do you not mind a bodiless woman? I thought I was seeing things, lol! :)

    That was a lovely wedding! Her dress is beautiful! How funny how that worked out, Rupert waiting on them at dinner, lol! There's one way to break the news ;)

    I'm glad they finally got to meet though.

  2. Yea, the bodiless woman was something. I was trying to figure out what was going on. Is the woman a playable? Maybe you could fix her by making her selectable and fixing her clothing...or going with the story of a bodiless woman going about that only a few sims can see-like a Jimmy Cricket type of thing.

    Loved the wedding dress, very elegant even though it was a mini-skirt. They are such a nice family. I guess Waylon seems to have the same father instincts no matter what hood he's in.

  3. I loved her wedding dress being fit the smaller intimate wedding setting better to me.......I actually lol at Rupert's IS like the game gets smarter!

  4. I just realised that your Waylon is the same Waylon having such a tough time with Tammie over at Pine Hollow!

    Anyway, what a lovely wedding! I've only had one civil ceremony so far in my game but I agree that the shorter dresses suit them!

    I'm glad Rupert met his son but wow, what a way to find out! Just minding his own business at work and then bam!

    I am terribly unobservant because I didn't even see the bodiless woman! I had to go back and look! That's usually a mesh problem though, I think - I'd try changing her clothes.

  5. Laura, ROFL I'm so used to ignoring her now that I forgot she was even there until I uploaded the pic to photobucket. I can't remember where I got the dress from but I love it. I wonder if it was from All About Style. I'm glad Rupert finally knows about Lars too. Took him long enough to find out about him.

    Apple Valley, no she's a townie I think. She's been working at the restuarant since Samantha opened it way back on Simday 6 I think. So I have no idea why her outfit is messing up now. It's been the same since I emplyeed her there. *sigh* I think he does. I really like Waylon!

    Mizz Gin, I like that dress too, and bonus, she can rewear it! Rupert's face is classic!

    Carla, yeah, he is the same Waylon. I'm glad he's having a better time in Riverdale. LOL I think it maybe the mesh as well. But the dress she is wearing my playables have worn it too with no problem. I think it's her way of telling me she wants a new outfit. LOL


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