Monday, December 28, 2009

Those College Days Fall 2012

Fall semester. Mary Snowden, Marchon Cunningham, Ye T'ang, Harvis MacAstril, Nora Reed, Lilly Sanchez, Danny Ottamas, and AJ Christian are 19. Richard Smith is 20.

The new school year starts off without any fan fair. Everyone falls into their class schedules pretty quickly. Marchon misses their own cook in the Freshman dorm. He could cook, this new cook burns everything, even eggs!

Ye agrees, looking down at his burnt pancakes. Maybe he'll start cooking his own meals. He's hear horror stories from his parents about dorm food, but last year he was actually able to eat it. This year... not so much.

He and Harvis try to smooth things over, hostility is never a good thing. And it looks as if things are going smoothly between them. Harvis congratulates him on making the Dean's List last semester. Ye does the same in turn.

But soon as he turns to leave Harvis jumps on his back, the two start to roll around on the cafeteria floor punching each other. Guess it's going to take more than a few nice words to make peace between these two.

Marchon and Mary spend all their free time together. You could say that they have become attached at the hip. So it's no surprise to see them out at dinner.

Marchon brings the topic up about traveling the world after graduation. He's missing home, his family, and all of his friends. But to actually have so quality alone time with his girl and seeing the world, sounds like a marvelous idea.

Mary likes the idea too and agrees to it on the spot.

The two toast to their future adventures and continue to eat their meal.

After they are finished they slip off to the rest room. But I'm sure it was simply to use it and for nothing else.

Nora goes to visit Danny Ottomas at the Cham Ho Cham frat house. They haven't committed to each other or anything, they are just friends, who happened to hook up during their spring break last year (off camera). And she likes him, and he likes her, a lot.

But Nora has decided that she's not ready for any more physical relationships at the moment, she has more pressing matters to focus on. But it's still good to get out of the dorm and away from classes, and just to feel wanted.

But not too wanted. Ever since those leaked photos of her and Castor were passed around campus all the guys think she's a "sure" thing and are always hitting on her. Not to mention her having a baby. Guys automatically think she'll have no problem putting out. It disgusts Nora, and she finds herself wishing she could redo her freshman year all over again. She would change a lot of things.

Unwanted or not, it seems ALL the guys are drawn to her. The first place the streaker stops is in front of Nora showing her all the "goods" he has to offer. Which doesn't impress her much. At lest he thinks he has something to be proud of!

But most of the time you'll find her in her room either hitting the books or painting. Sometimes she wishes that she majored in Art instead of Physics, but art isn't going to pay her rent, her mother is always telling her.

But she's right, Nora has to focus and graduate. Not for her but for little Ebony. She and her parents have come to an agreement, they will keep their granddaughter while Nora finishes up her education. But there can be no parting, no boys, and no sex. If her grades slip even the slightest, then Nora has to return her and go to vocational school. So Nora stays in her room most of the time, she can't mess this up.

"You can't swear off something so natural as sex." Richard says over dinner.

He turns to the Llama mascot currently wolfing down is mac and cheese and asks in disbelief; "Can you? Can it really be repressed? No, I think not. It's a natural urge, Nora. You can't ignore it, you need to embrace it."

Nora snorts. Yeah, she embraced it all right, and look at where it has gotten her. "Yes, I can. And I have to. My parents are on me like a hawk, I can't even wobble on the line that they have drawn for me. And besides, it's not all what it's cracked up to be. Any normal person can live without having sex every waking moment of their life."
Richard only smiles. "Well then, you obviously haven't been with the right man."

He turns to speak with mascot man leaving Nora with a small smile on her face. She catches herself and rolls her eyes. He's gone and planted that stupid seed now. Well, she's just have to prove him wrong. There is too much riding on her to finish school. There can be no distractions.

Mary almost drops her cell phone as her mom asks her, no tells her not to make her a grandmother just yet. Never mind the fact that she is already a grandmother to three beautiful grandchildren already, but Mary knows what she means. She assures her mother that she will not be popping out any little ones anytime soon, then hangs up. Her cheeks are flushed with embarrassment. One never gets used to the idea that their parents know that they are having sex. It just feels wrong, on so many levels.

But her attention soon turns to her man, whom she has been waiting for. He greets her with sillyness, placing overly sloppy kisses up and down her arm. Mary places her hand to her chest and fakes swooning. The two laugh and head inside the sorority house.

They try to spend some time together, alone, but even in Mary's room they can hardly find any privacy. Maybe now is the time to discuss getting their own place on campus. Not only will they have privacy but, Mary could actually take a bath again.

Danny can't help but notice that he now lives with a bunch of slobs. Maybe his old dormies were slobs as well, but with the cleaning service constantly at the freshman dorm it was hard to tell. Here, at the frat house, the maid only comes once a day, and the dirty plates pile up fast.

And it's not as if the guys put much effort into cleaning. They are to busy working on getting that next cute girl into their bed, or testing out the next best drink for their up coming parties.

Danny tells this to one of the cheerleaders who are always hanging around the house.

But hearing about how dirty the house is isn't wants on her mind, and he suggest that maybe they should make out. Danny has some very juicy lips that she wouldn't mind sucking on.
Surprised by her admission, since he though she was going steady with the president of their chapter. So instead of replying to her, he takes a long sip of his coffee.

Lilly and AJ's Sophomore year started off on a pretty high note. They were one of the first to move into the newly rebuilt family dorms. AJ takes full advantage of the spacious kitchen, making sure that Lilly eats well. He's not trying to fatten her up or anything, he just wants to make sure that that baby is well fed. Lilly has no objections since eating has become her favorite past time since becoming pregnant.

"Maybe we can got to Twikkii island for spring break this year." Lilly suggests over lunch. Ever since AJ went with his family for his mother and step father's wedding Lilly has been dying to go.
But spring break is the furthest thing from his mind right now. There are more pressing matters at hand, and AJ is almost 100% certain on what he's ready to ask her.
"I've been giving this a lot of though," AJ says, placing the little black box down in front of Lilly. "I think we should get married."

Lilly gasps in shock. She can't believe he's actually asking her to marry him. "Are you sure about this? You're just not asking me because you knocked me up?" She says this with a slight smile.
AJ shakes his head. "No, I mean, yeah I want to do the right thing, but even if you weren't pregnant, Lilly, I would still want to marry you. I love you, so why not get engaged?"

She grabs the box and opens it. And even though it's a small diamond it's everything she has ever wanted in a ring. In Lilly's eyes it's beautiful.

She places the ring on her finger and then smiles at AJ. "Yes, I'll marry you."

But their happiness is short lived as Lilly wakes from a bad dream one night after class. She climbs out of bed trying to make it to the living room where AJ, but she can't. Horrible cramps race through her body and she knows something isn't right. AJ runs into the room hearing her screams of pain.

When they return home later that night he tries to comfort her. "There was nothing you could do." But it's like speaking to a brick wall. For Lilly there was tons that she could have done. She should have rested more after classes instead of hanging out with Mary. Or going to the library for study dates. It's her fault that she lost the baby.
She tells AJ that she wants to be alone and spends a long time crying.

"You need to just get it over with. Why not try and score with her. She looks... experienced. Could show you a few things." Richard suggests.

"I just can't toss it away like that. Unlike normal males," Harvis made quotation marks with his fingers on the word normal. "I actually care who I give myself to for the first time. And the girl in leather is not my type."
Richard snorts with laughter. "So then, who is your type, Harvis."

That's when Nora walks in to get some breakfast and Harvis' eyes quickly travel to her. Richard noticed Harvis' silence and turns to see who's captured is attention.

Nora flashes them both a smile befor plopping down next to Richard to eat her breakfast. Harvis mutters something about needing to study and jumps up.

Richard watches him walk away. Too bad he's set his standards so high because Nora Reed is way out of Harvis' reach, Richard thinks.
The three settle down to do a bit of last minute studying before finales. But Richard can't keep his min don his books because it keeps turning to the brunette sitting across from him.
He finds that his eyes keep drifting over to her as well. She's very attractive and really smart. Two qualities that Richard finds very irrisitable in a woman. The glances that he's been stealing all night don't go unnoticed by Harvis, how's starting to feel a bit jealious.

Nora finds herself catching Richard staring at her during their study session. She does find it a bit flattering, but a little unnerving as well. Ever since her run in with Castor guys have only been interested in her for one thing. So to actually have someone intrensted in her and her alone makes her a bit nervous.

In celebration of passing their exams Marchon and Mary got out for dinner. The waitress comes over to take their order when she starts making eyes at Marchon. Mary understands that her boo is a handsome looking guy, so she's unphased by the chick giving him the once over. But when she starts going on about how juicy his lips look Mary's ready to punch her in the mouth.

To take her mind of the rude waitress who will not be getting a tip from them, Marchon turns the discussion to their travels they plan to take upon graduation. He's really excited and tells Mary about the tours he's been looking at online.

She's cool with that but she can't help to wonder why his planning already when they still have two and a half years left of school before they are free to travel.

They pay their bill and head back to campus. A few celebratory drinks are in order for the night. But Mary wants to park her car back at the sorority house. Neither one of them will be n any condition to drive back from the campus bar once they are through.

Ye notices the happy couple and watches them for a moment. He really likes Mary and when she was broken up with Marchon he though he'd finally have a shot with her. But he took to long to make his move. So instead, Ye will watch her from afar.

Marchon knows he must be a bit tipsy since Mary has gotten him to sing with her.

Danny and the guys from Cham Ho Cham decide to celebrate also, but they head to the seedy area of downtown, which is near campus as well. It's called Silk Elegance, and there are live nude girls dancing. And Danny's heard that there is a back room where a woman will give you a lap dance, all up close and stuff.

They have a pretty fun night and decide to come back again, very soon. None of them are sober enough to drive home but Danny decided that he's not that drunk and gets behind the wheel. They only make it two blocks before they are stopped. The cop informs Danny that he was pulled over because he was swerving and crossing the soiled line, not to mention that he reaked of alcohol. He's issued a DUI, and the cop takes the keys to his car, also summoning a tow truck.
"You'll have to apeare in court. You're notice will be sent in the mail." The officer says before getting in his car and pulling off. Danny looks down at his ticket and sees that he's been fined $1000.

AJ does his best to keep Lilly happy, and he's been doing a wonderful job of that. She's recovered nicely and is no longer blamming herself.

Maybe he's done his job a little too well. Looks like Lilly is pregnant again!
First Semseter Grades:
Marchon - Political Science GPA 3.7 A+
Ye - Psychology (he switched majors) GPA 4.0 A+ Dean's List
Nora - Physics GPA 3.7 A+ Dean's List
Harvis - International Relations and Diplomacy GPA 3.7 A+ Dean's List
Danny - Marine Biology GPA 3.9 A+ Dean's List
Mary - Genetic Science GPA 4.0 A+ Dean's List
Lilly - Government GPA 3.8 A+ Dean's List
Richard - Education GPA 3.7 A+ Dean's List
Don't ask me why Marchon didn't make the Dean's List, I have no idea. Everyone else did except him. I think the dean just doesn't like him. LOL
It took me forever to get this update ready, my pc rebooted on me twice, I also fell asleep and then I had to spend time with the family. So after HOURS of trying to get this together I hope it all makes sense for you to read.
Nora really is on a tight rope with her parents. They have Ebony with them, but if her grades slip at all she has to drop out of college and come back home to care for her baby.
I was so sad when Lilly lost the baby. I called Simmington Hills almost in tears. I couldn't believe it. I actually thought about exiting the lot without saving but I couldn't. I have to let their little lives run the way the game has made it. But I was super surprised that she got pregnant AGAIN!!! So fast. Seriously, Lilly is a walking fertilized egg. She is on birth control, I never took her off, and this is the second "oops" pregnancy since they started college.
I've actually done tests with other married couples where the female is on birth control and have then do the same thing I had Lilly and AJ do, and nothing ever happens. I guess Lilly is just able to get kncoked easily. So let's see if she can stay pregnant this time.
All the guys love Mary. ALL of them, and I have no idea why. She has one nice point but you would never know. Even Harvis, they fight but he swoons over her ALL the time. He even roll wants to flirt and play with her.
And Danny rolled the DUI ROS. So no driving for him for 2 years!


  1. Whoa, Lily is pregnant again! Isn't this her third pregnancy? There is something weird in the water in Riverdale, that's the only explanation! I've never had a Sim miscarry past the first trimester either. The miscarriages always make me sad but I think I'd be extra sad in that case!

  2. Yes, this is Lilly's third pregnancy. If this one goes belly up I think I'm going to have to make her a nun. I have no idea why she's able to get pregnant on birth control. I'm really puzzled.

    I think there is something in the water in my hood. It's the only explination. She's the first sim I think in Riverdale to lose a baby in her second trimester.

  3. Well my Sim, Stacy, was in her 3rd trimester and lost her baby.

    Ok, *big winks* on the around the world trip. Hahhaha, this will give me some time to get Rashid where he needs to be. And boy does my baby look handsome! I loved the closeup of Marchon, thanks! And I'm happy to hear M&M are considering moving into their own house. He's doing great in school, I his parents aren't gonna hassle him about living with Mary, just yet..he needs to keep his grades up, though.

    Love the livingroom in Lilly and AJ's place, btw. I was wondering if you were gonna write in about the miscarriage, you were so distraught about it. But, I am really happy she's preggo again. Like, SUPER thrilled! Maybe this time she'll be able to use ALL that stuff I made for her!! *hands on hips, taps foot* LOL! Now go lay yourself down, young lady, and take it easy!!

  4. Girl, me lay down? I have been cleaning since 9:30 am. I can't wait until the kids go back to school. At least they are keeping the place somewhat clean.

    Yeah, when Stacy lost her baby I was so sad. Remember I told you that I had a feeling one of your sims were going to lose a baby. :(

    We'll have to hold our breaths and hope that everything turns out well for Lilly and AJ this time around!

    I wonder where M&M are going to go for their trip? Hmmm....

  5. Glad to see you are back! Sorry about the health scare with your husband. :( My grandma is diabetic, has been since she was fifty. I have to keep an eye out because I'm high risk for it, too. Woo.

    OMG Lily is pregnant again. There is totally something in the water at Riverdale!! What are you feeding your sims, LOL. I always get sad when sims miscarry and I've had them do it late in pregnancies, too. :(

  6. Not you, knucklehead...I was talking to Lilly. hahaha! She better go lay down.

    Marchon and Mary are going to that place known as the Family Bin. ROFL! I dunno...were you planning on playing them post graduation? for a little while? as adults? hmmmm.

    You gave me a surprise. When I left here before, things were one they're all new and shiny! LOL! I love the changes! My favorite is being able to actually see the Riverdale hood now - in the banner! Yayyy! It gorgeous!!!

  7. Mao, thanks! It's good to be back posting. I had a scare since I lost a few of my pics but I found them again. Diabetis runs on my husband's mother's side of the family. So I have been watching for signs for years now. I sound so old, lol. But I married young. I hope you don't get it. Shoot, I hope I don't get it, but it seems to be on the rise.

    I'm thinking Riverdale just has naturally high hormone levels in the water and that's why all my sims keep getting knocked up. LOL Its the only explination!

    SH, ROFL I thought you meant me. But I did take a nap. All refreshed now. YAY But yeah, Lilly needs to keep still for a bit methinks. You like the new layout!!! I've been looking for a new one and I think I am pleased with this... for now. Oh, and AJ and Lilly's livingroom is from SIP. I'm really loving the set. And that huge wall clock, looks like the one I have in my living room.

  8. Duh, I forgot the banner. Glad you like it. It's my desktop pic as well. LOL I love looking at the water!

  9. Hi Riverdale, your new format is lovely and the picture of your hood is awesome. I have wnated to do this for my hood but haven't yet.

  10. Hey CC! Thanks, I think I'm happy with it too! I'm working on a new picture size as well, so we shall see.

  11. Oh wow, what an update! Poor, poor Lily. I'm glad they're engaged though! But wow, knocked up again! We'll just call her the goddess of fertility or something, lol!

    This update was hilarious! I loved watching Nora try to keep her pants on, lol! I wonder how long that'll last? ;)

  12. Love the new look. Wow, a lot happened in this update. I could see Nora and Harvis...poor Harvis, he's not having much luck in the love department. I'm surprised he was able to shift his focus from aliens long enough to fight and notice women.

  13. Laura, I have no idea what I'm going to do with Lilly. I also checked last night and I have AJ on birth control too. Maybe it's a glitch in her coding or something. Glad you enjoyed the update! I don't know about Nora either. LOL

    Apply Valley, thank you. I am finally happy with it... for now. I love Harvis and are you sure he isn't a romance sim? LOL I ask because the majority of his wants are kiss, fall in love, and marry Nora. ROFL She's only given him a kiss during spring break and now he's totally in love with her.


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