Saturday, November 14, 2009


July, Summer 2012, Brad Patrelli and Bell Burrago are both 24.


Bell still finds her self dreaming and thinking about Newton. He was her first love and when he died she though she would be lost for a long time.

But she had accidentally found Brad. And she knows that he totally into her 100 percent. And she feels the same way about him most of the time.

She expresses her concerns to Eva. Who, like Bell is confused about her current relationship. "I can't help but think that maybe I rushed into things with Brad. You know, to keep the pain of losing Newton away."

"Well, there must be something keeping you with him or you two wouldn't be living together." Eva offers.

Which gets Bell thinking. Eva is right though. She wouldn't still be with him if there wasn't something there other than the physical.

"You're right! We do make beautiful music together. I do love Brad. It may not be in the same way that I loved Newton, but I do love him and what to be with him."

Hanging up the phone Bell glances out the window. Below is Nanat, Newton's mom with her second husband. A smile comes to Bell's face. It gives her hope that one can find love after losing their first. Newton's mom is prof of that.

Bell sits down to watch Mime Cat on TV. She should have known better, every time she watches this movie it makes her think about Brad.

And thinking about Brad makes her think about other things. And now she's counting down the minutes until he returns home from work.

Which isn't soon enough. But boy is she glad to see him. And Brad is enjoying her welcoming home embrace.
I really like Bell and Brad together but Bell was making me worry for a while. She's always dreaming or thinking about Newton. Which I guess is normal. I guess she can't help but to wonder what her life would be like if he was still alive.
And she's so undecided she rolls more wants for Newton than she does Brad. But I think that's a glitch. Should sims even roll wants of dead lovers? I mean, other than bringing them back from the dead? LOL
But it seems that after she talked to Eva she started rolling all of her wants for Brad. So maybe she's no longer living in the past and has finally decide to move on with Brad. I hope so!


  1. Aww, I'm glad talking to Eva set her straight. Bell and Brad are cute together.

    I don't think I've ever had a Sim roll a want for a dead Sim (apart from resurrecting them) but I've seen them roll fears for them. There's the fear that they'll turn into a zombie but also the fear that they'll fall out of love with them. That's come up for me a few times.

  2. This game is something else. These Sims are something else! LOL! How fascinating she started rolling wants for Brad after she talked to Eva!

    I think they're a cute couple too. I love the shot of Nanat with her 2nd husband...even though it's dark. :P But that happened right on time for Bell. Wow.

  3. Maybe Bell is pining for lost love. The Sims are so strange. They are cute together,though

  4. Carla, I'm thinking it's a glitch. She's the only sim I've ever seen roll wants other than the normal dead sim wants.

    Simmington, it is isn't it? This game is still surprising me after all this time!

    Heredoncove, I agree. They are strange at times. LOL And maybe she is!


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