Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sweet touch of love

August, Summer 2012, Cameron Smith is 15 and Viggo Kim is 14.


Two weeks. Two whole weeks Viggo has been away at soccer camp. But he's back now and with Cameron. She's glad! She's missed him a lot. And after much complaining and gripping about still working at the family bakery Cameron is on the end of one of the best massages she has ever received. It could be due to that fact that Viggo seems to finally be growing into his teenage body.

Two weeks away from her and far and in between visits through out the summer and some where along the line Cameron missed his growth spurt. Viggo's now taller than her and that lean athletic body he's always had is filling in. Cameron closes her eyes and moans. His hands feel good. Viggo gives a small chuckle pleased that she likes it so much.

Once he's done she feels all tingly and relaxed. And she's not sure if it's been the weeks of absence or this is the first time in a while she's actually has a day off, but she's entranced with him. She can't keep her hands off of him.

Cameron thinks it could possible be that Axe cologne Viggo is also spraying on himself. Saying it keeps the ladies coming back for more. Cameron chuckled at that all the times he would say it. But now she's thinking there much be something to that body spray after all.

He takes her hands into his, giving them a small squeeze. This might be a good time to ask her again.

"Have you given any more though to my question?" He says.

She nods, because she has. In the past few days she really has given thought to his question.
Sure, he's brought it up before, but Cameron has always waved it off because it was stupid and silly really. But now? Not so much.

"You know," she starts a smile playing on her lips. "We do have the house to ourselves."

For a moment Viggo loses his cool. He's so used to her shooting him down that he was bracing himself for her normal out burst, but to actually hear her agree and remind him that they were here, alone in her house together almost has him jumping for joy.

Cameron drops his hands and rolls her eyes before walking out of her brother's old bedroom.

"Are you coming?" She asks.

Viggo snaps out of the haze that has filled his brain and quickly follows her.

Cameron looks down at her lame tank. And for a moment she feels embarrassed. How Corny is this! She's about to get it on with her boyfriend and she's wearing some tank top that she's probably had since she was 13.

He asks her what's wrong, fearing that she's having second thoughts. He really doesn't want her to have second thoughts. He's been waiting for this moment for so long, and with her, that it's killing him.

She doesn't wait to tell him but she says it any way. He laughs, he actually likes the tank top. He takes her hand in his asking her if she wants to feel how much he likes it. Cameron gasps before playfully slapping him on the shoulder.

But then he kisses her, and any doubts that she might be having fly out the window. It's funny, Cameron never really though about sex.

When she and Viggo would do it. If they would do it. She's never even had that little "twinge" as Suni describes it "down there," but hormones are a silly thing. They kick in when you're not looking. But she's glad that they have because deep down inside she really wants to be with him.

They go through the normal motions of making out, but this time clothing is actually shed and they are before each other in all their glory.

Cameron is a little shy about him actually seeing her naked for the first time but Viggo tells her that it's okay. And it is okay, they both get to see what the opposite sex actually looks like, outside of illustrated pictures in their health books.

"How awkward is this?" Cameron says.

Viggo agrees nodding his head still gazing at her. She starts to giggling, causing him to as well. But her giggles soon trail off as her eyes travel lower down his body. She frowns.

"What?" He asks.

She arches a brow. "Are you sure that's going to fit? It's not going to break me or anything, will it?"

He weaves their fingers together. "Do you truest me?" Cameron nods her head.

After they to lay there smiling. It may not have been earth shattering. Or toe curling, but they have time to improve. But it was magical, for the both of them.

Once they are dressed Cameron can hardly believe that she's a "woman." It feels so strange. All that fuss for a few minutes and then it's over. Her mind goes back to a few moments before and she starts to blush.

"Are you okay?" He says. Hoping that she hasn't regretted what they did. He could argue his case if he has to, but he doesn't want to.

Cameron smiles. "Um, no. Are you going to keep asking me this every five seconds? Seriously, don't turn into a puddle of sap and start worrying about me 'cause we had sex." Viggo laughs. Yeah, Cameron is 100 percent okay.

Yes, Cameron is happy!

Viggo and Cameron both have two bolts for each other. They started out with a score around 150 (I should have written it down) but after they did it their score shot up to 163. Has that ever happened to you? They have the highest score with each other out of all of my teen couples. I think they out score a few of my adults too.


  1. WOWWWW. That was written beautifully! I had to turn my fan on, girl! LOL!

    Viggo is really starting to look handsome now. That height change does something for him. LOL! This relationship is on the fast track now. After all this time. I'm happy for them. And I just love Cameron. She's totally grown on me.

  2. I think Cameron will agree with you. Viggo's extra heigh had her swooning more than normal. LOL And you should have seen their wants for each other. They kept rolling make out wants and back rubs. So I took that as a sign. LOL

  3. Its cute how awkward they are with each other and Cameron is too funny with her little comments

  4. Aww! They're so gorgeous - love them! It's good to see Cameron is still Cameron - loved her "don't turn into a puddle of sap" comment. :)

    I'll have to check Finn and Victoria's chemistry. I had it noted down from before they had sex, so it'd be interesting to see if it's increased.

  5. Heredoncove, Cameron wouldn't be Cameron if she turned all mush now.LOL

    Carla, lol Cameron is Cameron and I think it would have been weird if she got all lovey dovey.

  6. LOL, of course you can't expect Cameron to get all sappy and lovey-dovey just because she had sex. ;) They're sweet together though and any guy that can handle Cameron deserves to get some action, LOL!

  7. Great update, the writing and photos were amazing. Viggo is so cute!!

    I never thought to see if chemistry increased after sex, I'll have to do that next time.

  8. Shana, I agree. Anyone who can deal with Cameron should get a gold star and everything else! She is a handful.

    Maisie, aww thank you! I love Viggo and I'm pleased that he is turning into a little hottie. ;)


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