Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So we say goodbye

Late May, Spring 2012, for students names look here, it's an old list. New list will be posted before the new school year begins.

The 2011 - 2012 school year is drawing to a close. Students finish up their final assignments.

Or if you're Cameron Smith you check your e-mail.

But the majority of them focus on building those final skills needed to pass. Quit goofing off Viggo and get back to skill building. Silly boy.

Sarah Corbin is also doing her hardest to get Marcus Brooks to notice her as more than a friend. But he's still a bit slow on all things that are girls, and instead she settled on them becoming best friends... for now. She's trying to make flirty eyes at him but she's doing it all wrong.

Oliver on the other hand is versed in many aspects of girls, and he was saving that seat for his girl Suni. I don't think Keegan got the message though.

Suni eats most of her lunches now with Sarah, not that she and Cameron aren't friends anymore, she just feels more comfortable with Sarah.

"So we totally did like three weeks ago."

That grabs Sarah's attention. "You did what! OMG! Was it like... everything the movies make it out to be?"

Suni shrugs her shoulders. "Hate to break your bubble but no. I mean, neither one of us knew what we where doing. Besides, we've talked and I'm not ready to have sex again."

Suni pauses to push her food around on her plate. "I mean, he says he understands. But I don't know, I mean, he's had sex now. What if he goes to someone else for it since I won't do it again?"

Suni's question and her concerns fall on deaf ears. Sarah stares at Oliver in aww. She can't believe that they did it. Like, really did it. She wonders if she'll ever find a guy to do it with.

Their early dismissal is after lunch. Suni doesn't realize that Keegan and Bri are playing kick sack and she picks up the ball and tosses it into the garbage bin.

"Hey, we were using that." Keegan shouts but Suni is already out the door.


There is also an end of the year school play. Many of the parents and other family members to the actors show up for the event.
Liam Smith suggest that maybe he and Tazakati look into adoption. She laughs it off quickly changing the subject. They are too old to be thinking about adoption or raising any more children for that matter.

The teens take the stage. The play is set in the 1930's it's about a girl who falls for a handsome young man. But the handsome young man has another admire who isn't too happy about the competition.

Viggo is the handsome young man, and despite much protest from Cameron, Sarah got the part of his love interest.

Cameron is the other admire who doesn't like Sarah. The joke isn't lost on her friends, since they know that Sarah still likes Viggo and Cameron hates her for that reason.
"Honestly, I don't even get why they're best friends. Has Suni told you why?" Cameron says.
Oliver shrugs, he's trying to stay in character not discus why his girlfriend is best friends with Sarah.

In the end of the play Viggo picks Sarah, and they seal the deal with a phony kiss. It's only phony because Cameron threatened Viggo, telling him that he would never get to second base with her if he left Sarah put her lips on him.

Which is a bit much for Cameron to stomach and acting out of jealousy, she nails Sarah with a water balloon. A few in the audience gasp will other laugh thinking it's part of the play. And that ends the school year of 2011 - 2012. See you crazy bunch of kids this September!
No update with the elementary kids. Nothing good really happened there and the pics that I did get were crap, so you're stuck without the teens.
Not much happened with them either other than Suni and Sarah actually eating lunch away from the rest of the girls, and Suni telling Sarah that she and Oliver had sex. I figured that she would tell someone, was I surprised that it was Sarah? No. If it had been Cameron I would have been surprised, it just seems that Suni is more at ease with Sarah and can tell her more important things than Cameron.
I'm going to take a pace from Laura and this coming school year I will be adding a few townie teens to the jr/sr high school. Since I only have one senior, one junior and one 8th grader, I need more bodies.


  1. I LOLed at Cameron checking her email during class and Suni throwing the kicky bag away right in the middle of a game. ;) Loved the play! Cameron just cracks me up. I wouldn't want to be the object of her fury, but it's fun reading about how she reacts to everyone around her!

  2. Cameron lives in her own little world. LOL Plus she has so many bars at 6 she has the option of kicking back during the final week of school and just relaxing. ;)

    It's safe to say that Suni and Cameron are turing out to be some of my fav. teens.

  3. I loved the play at the end! I always hate doing anything that needs a bunch of sims to be in one room.....it's always so hard to get them to cooperate!!!

  4. I turn off free will and make evryone selectable. LOL Then they have no choice but to obey me! *incert evil laugh*

  5. The school play was such a cute idea. It really looks authentic - I love it!

    I love that Suni told Sarah about having sex with Oliver. You're right, she would tell someone, surely. And Sarah is probably a better choice than Cameron!

    My Sims hardly ever seem to talk about memories - usually just the regular topics, so I have to interpret the bubbles my own way or cut them out. :\

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the play! What a great idea! Yeah, I'm back...been extremely busy, but now I'm trying to catch up on blogs. I need to get to playing my own hood. :P

    I enjoyed the update! All your kids have become some of my favorite teens to read about. It's the way you write their personalities that makes it so funny and entertaining.

  7. I'm glad you liked the play. It almost didn't make it into the update so everyone liking it, I'm glad I included it!

    Writing teens are fun. I enjoy it greatly. And get to playing your hood! *cracks whip* ROFL


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