Sunday, October 11, 2009

UoR Srping Grades

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I found the notebook. Or as I should say one of my daughters found it for me. So here are their grades.


Freshmen Semester Two 2012

AJ Christian: Art Major - A+ GPA 4.0 Dean's List

Marchon Cunningham: Political Science - B+ GPA 3.4

Harvis MacAstral: International Relations + Diplomacy - B+ GPA 3.6

Danny Ottamas: Marine Biology - A GPA 3.9

Nora Reed: Physics - C+ GPA 3.2

Lilly Sanchez: Government - B+ GPA 3.7

Mary Snowden: Genetic Science - A+ GPA 4.0 Dean's List

Sophomore Semester Two 2012

Richard Smith: Education - A+ GPA 4.0 Dean's List

With AJ I am at a loss for words. I have no idea how this boy got a 4.0. He does not study. I repeat, he does not study. All AJ does is go to class. And when he's home he's either woohooing Lilly or they are on the bubble blower.
Lilly I can understand how she's passing. Mary makes her study with ever all the time. But AJ. *shakes head* Has this happened with anyone else? Do you have a sim that makes great grades but doesn't do anything other than study. I mean, he hasn't even written a term paper!
I should mention that with my children and teens studying one bar for each skill per school year by the time they make it to college they really don't have to skill for classes. So maybe that played a roll in it as well. Not sure.
Nora has done the worst out of everyone, but with everything going on in her life it's understandable.


  1. His professors really like him. :P He's got that cute babyface. Hahaha! I can't answer your question, I haven't played Uni in almost 3 years. ROFL. I think it's because his meters already almost full with skill levels and going to class must be enough for him to pass...but I still don't see how he could have a perfect 4.0! Your game is really funny.

  2. LOL, yes he must be sweet talking his professors behind your back. ;) I have no idea how that happens, I guess AJ is just lucky!

  3. I'd be more surprised if Nora wasn't struggling a little. She passed though and that's the main thing.

    If a Sim has the required skills, it's dead easy to get a 4.0 just by turning up to class (especially in Autumn, when the grade meter fills faster). I've had lots of Sims like that and I have one currently. Joanna Gottlieb has skill points coming out of her ears and she gets good grades just for showing up and gracing the class with her presence. ;)

  4. Simmington, yeah, it's the face. LOL You'll be playing uni soon right!?

    Shana, if he is it would be about time. You know he's a romance sim and doesn't act like one at all.

    Carla, I think that's it. But this round was played during spring, so does that season have the same effect on grades as fall? He and Joanna are just special. :D

  5. No, spring time boosts all the lurrrve interactions, I think!

    My uni is on permanent autumn (because I only play it in autumn anyway) but Joanna is still special. ;) She did most of her skilling as a child anyway!

  6. I don't know why I thought you gave us two updates, one in fall and one in spring. That's what I do. So maybe he's uning his good looks in the spring to boost his grades. LOL

    Yes, Joanna is special!


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