Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family time

September, Fall 2011, Mansur Sanchez is 33, Fatima is 32, Alani is 2.5 and, Salma is 7 months old.

(Mary Snowden is 19, Antwan is 58, Taffi is 57, Kristin Sanchez is 58 and, Danny Sanchez is 59)

"We haven't been on a vacation in a long time. So I was thinking we should pay a visit to the mountains." Mansur suggested.

Fatima liked the idea. The last trip they took was to the Far East and that was their senior high school class trip. That was years ago. "Yeah, that sounds like a wonderful idea. I could even ask mom and dad to watch the girls for us."

With the vacation booked Fatima called her folks inviting them over for dinner. It's always nice to feed someone before you ask them to watch your kids for a week so you could get away.

Mansur dances with Alani. She loves when her daddy plays with her and her laughter fills the living room.

Everyone is invited over for dinner and Mary tags along. She can't help it, she's in love with her baby nice Salma. She holds her every chance she gets. Mary can't wait until she becomes a mother and has one of her own.

"You need more seasonings on those prawns if you want them to taste good." Taffi says walking out of the kitchen.

Fatima looks at her in surprise. That was the only draw back to having your mother over for dinner. She's always offering or telling you how to cook.

Clearly Antwan feels the same way. Regardless, he'll eat his daughter's cooking no matter what. That's what dads do.

"You need to give me pointers on how to cook without burning it. I don't think Marchon wants to live off take out his while life." Mary says watching her sister cook.

Fatima laughs. "There's no special art to cooking. And you even end up burning a pot of water. There really is no hope."

Mary playfully rolls her eyes. "Thanks for the vote of confidence."

"So how is school going?" Fatima asks.

"Great! I'm having a blast and meeting all sorts of new people. And classes are challenging too! And did I mention the parties? Awesome!"

But college isn't all about parties, Mary. You're there to get life skills that will help you land your dream job." Fatima tells her little sister.

"OMG! Really? I didn't know that." Mary mocks surprise. "Seriously, Fatima, I'm not some old shoe like you. I'm having fun but keeping my grades up. There's nothing wrong with letting your hair down a bit."

Fatima doesn't agree. But clearly Mary is sharing a moment with her dad, she turns and smiles at him.

He smiles back. "College isn't all hard work. I'm sure you had your fun too Fatima. Don't jump down your sister's back for her having her share."

The rest of the extended family soon shows up. And little Alani starts to ask Grandpa Danny for more hard candies. "You ate them all, kiddo." He says.

Yeah, I think he's a bit made at that fact too. He wanted all the candies for himself.

Mary is still hogging Salma all to herself.

And Fatima tells Kristin how she plans to plate some flowers up on the roof top for next summer.


Well there's only two reasons why Fatima would be bent over the toilet. And we know there was no drinking at the party. So their vacation plans are put on hold. Baby Sanchez the third is due June 2012. For Mansur and Fatima being Knowledge sims they sure to try for baby a lot. They tried for all three on their own. After this one Fatima is going on birth control. Now they'll have to move. Their brownstone is too small for three kids and two adults.

Mary wouldn't leave Slama alone. Soon as she was done eating she picked her back up. I think she's getting those motherly urges. LOL Well she has to hold on. There are no babies in her future just yet!


  1. Thats a really cute family. And wow at the 3rd Sanchez kid, who knew Knowledge Sims got down like that

  2. Oh, wow, another Sanchez baby! It seems like they'll all be really close in age too. That's going to be fun for the Mansur and Fatima!

  3. Aww, thanks Heredoncove! I love Fatima and Mansur but they are so vinilla that they bore me. LOL

    Seriously, I have no idea Knowdelge sims were so family focused. Fatima has Family as a second asperation but it's always Mansur who's second is fortune, who is always trying for baby. But I guess she's okay with it since she rolls the have baby want right before she delievers.

    Sullivan, yes! Another baby! There's two breed like rabbits. LOL At least they aren't like the Ottomas with seven kids! Yup, they'll be close in age too.

  4. Knowledge sims might as well be family sims. I have a family/knowledge couple and they kept trying for a baby with ACR and I was scared that something was wrong with my settings. Then I realized that no-they just wanted a spite of the gaggle of children they had already. Grrr, how do I work THAT into thier story.

    Mary is too cute, hopefully no babies soon-but you know how sims despise being controlled :P

  5. Aww, a new baby! I was wondering who the new pregnant Sim had me guessing. I just love these two families!

    I am quite sure that our beloved M & M will hold off on having their own babies, for a while at least. They've got a lot to do before any babies come along. Mary will have to keep visiting Fatimah's house to get over that urge. LOL!

  6. I have a Knowledge Sim couple and I can never get them to do any romantic interactions with each other. Count yourself lucky.

  7. Apple Valley, but the funny thing is Mansur doesn't have family for a secondary asperation and his first asperation is knowledge, but he's the one always trying for the baby. LOL

    I;m going to put both of them on birth controll. ROFL So they can try all they want but that's it.

    NOooooo! LOL Mary is on birth control, so she can try all she wants. ROFL Nothing is getting through that.

    Simmington Hills, SHe's not the only one! ;) So I'm still going to have you guessing.

    You got that right! I'm having Mary locke dup like fort knox. ROFL I'll leave the baby making with M&M to you. ;)

    Monique, What's their attraction to each other? I've noticed that if my sims have no attraction to each other they won't roll wants for each other. Only once in a blue moon or if they go on a date with each other.

  8. Aw, it's too bad they had to postpone their vacation, but congrats to them on their pregnancy! My knowledge Sims are always woohooing and trying for babies. They're worse than the family Sims, LOL!

  9. See I don't understand it! Why are knowledge sims more active on the baby making front than family sims? LOL Maybe they are confused?

    They'll get their vacation soon enough. They'll have to with three kids in the house all under the gave of 5!


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