Sunday, August 23, 2009

Small announcements

Fall, October 2011, Tommy and Asia Ottamas are 25 (Nora Reed is 19, Heather is 49, Brandon is 47, Anan is 10 and Justin is 25. Sharla Ottamas is 28)

"We should gather the family to tell them." Tommy says over breakfast.

Asia smiles. "Yeah, I think it's time that we do. If we keep it a secret any longer I think my mom and dad will be pissed."

"And can you picture my mom?" Tommy add. Asia pauses and drops her fork back on it's plate. Samantha Ottamas. She hadn't thought about how she would react.

They gather the whole Reed/Ottamas clam into their home. What looks spacious to the two of them, soon seems over crowed with everyone in attendance. Sharla even brings little Jordan out to see everyone one. But this is an important family meeting so everyone came. (everyone was there but I lost the pics. I have no idea how.)

Heather rubs her daughter's belly. She is so excited. This is their first grand baby and she can't wait until he or she is born.

"Why didn't you tell us sooner?" She questions her daughter, as she continues to rub her stomach.

"We wanted to wait. Just to make sure everything was okay. We didn't want everyone to be overjoyed at the news then something bad happened."

Heather frowns. "Why would you think that something like that would happen."

Asia waves her mother off. "No reason. It's just statics. You never know what could happen." What happened in college has stayed between Asia and her husband. No one else knows and she plans to keep it that way.

Anan isn't so sure that it's safe for a four month pregnant person to be dancing like that. So she just stands and watches her sister, hoping that she doesn't break anything.

"I'm totally going to ace my mid terms. I mean, so far college is a piece of cake." Nora boasts. "Yeah, it sure is." Asia agrees, thinking back to her college days.

Some how the subject turns to Nora's love life and she reluctantly mentions Caster. "There's this one guy, but he's a pig. I thought we liked each other. We spent all night talking and hanging out, but then he never called me again. And to make matters worse. He's going around telling everyone that we slept together."

"He said what?!" Tommy asks. Nora's older brother Justin drops his fork and stares at her. He was going to kill this guy. A little trip to campus was in order.

"Yeah, I don't get why he would say that. We didn't even kiss." She quickly says before eating her slice of cake.

"I don't care how hot this guy is, I'm going to kill him. Do you want me to kill him, Nora?"

Nora only laughs at Tommy. Family can be so over protective. But the idea of seeing Caster beat to a pulp would be nice.

"No, I'm serious. Want me and your brother to pay a little visit to his dorm?"

Nora starts to laugh. "No, and he's a frat guy. He doesn't live in the dorms. But let's just drop it, okay." With that she gets up from the table. All this talk of Caster has made her start feeling queasy.

Justin and Sharla have been swooning over each other for a looooong time. In sim years it's been around five so far. As to date nothing has happened, thought I will note, that during the family party they tried to slip off upstairs, but I have Tommy and Asia's bedroom door locked. So no sexy times happened yet.

Little baby Ottamas is due June 2012.


  1. Congrats to Tommy and Asia.

    That Nora should have kept her mouth shut and maybe her family wouldn't have even heard. Besides she is not telling the full truth. I hope she doesn't get Castro hurt.

  2. Yeah, she could have kept it to herself, but hey, kids will be kids. No matter how old they get. Her feelings got hurt so she really wouldn't mind seeing Caster get beat up. But I doubt neither Justin or Tommy would actually touch him. They could get charged with assult. :)

  3. Congratulations to Asia and Tommy! I can't wait to see their baby. :)

    Nora is making things harder for herself though, if her family ever finds out about that picture they'll know she's lying to them. But it is wrong of Caster to treat her like he has and I'm sure she wouldn't mind seeing him beat up a little, LOL. ;)

  4. Asia and Tommy are really happy. I can't wait to see their baby too!

    Hopefully none of her family will ever see or hear about that picture. But then again....

  5. LOL, sexy times!

    I'm glad Tommy and Asia are having a baby. Can't wait to see what he/she looks like!

    I feel bad for Nora but lying about Castor isn't going to help anything, especially not when there's photographic evidence! But I guess she just feels stupid and is a little embarrassed about it, which is understandable.

  6. LOL glad you liked that. ;)

    I can't wait either, though I'm nervous as to which Ottomas genetics the baby will get later in life. Vanya's kids didn't turn out so bad but you never know with this game.

    I agree with you on Nora. But in her defense when you were young how many times did you bend the truth even when there was proof. (I know I did a few times. ROFL)

  7. Congrats to the new baby. Uhoh, Nora feels queasy? Yikes...

  8. AV, that's what I was going to say! And what about that picture? I hope her family never sees that picture. They'll know she was lying.

  9. Nova Castor does seem like he'd be a dog in almost any game. Poor Nora. Probably wasn't a wise move to bring it up as dinner conversation though.

    And yay, a new baby. Hopefully everything works out well this time around.

    Oh, and the link to the college entry isn't working right. There's an extra http or so.

  10. Apple Valley, the Ottomas thank you! :) Baby booms are happening all over, huh?

    I wouldn't put too much thought into her getting sick. She's just over emotional about the whole Castor thing.

    Simmington Hills, who knows where that picture will pop up next!

    Lunar Fox, no I don't think it was, but what's done is done.

    So far so the pregnancy is going well. I'm sure they will have their little baby soon!


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