Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday

These are the fall births of 2011. Tosha Snapple is 35 and Xander Snapple is 38. Nashira Sanchez is 28

Tosha has been uncomfortable all day. No matter what she does she just doesn't feel right. Hence her still wearing her underwear. She and Xander had fooled an hour before trying to start some contractions. And it looked like it worked.

Tosha grabs her stomach. "I think it's time." She says.

Xander doesn't react he continues eating his slice of pie.

Xander finally jumps up. He's not ready for the babies, yes babies, to be born. He's just now getting used to Tosha's larger breasts. He wants her to keep them for as long as she can.

Say hello to Bryce and Tito Snapple. Bron at 6:35 and 6:38 pm. on a crisp September evening. I think the boys will be my first identical twins. I hope so. I have never had identical twins. So far they look alike. They have their father's skin color and their mother's eyes.


As Nashira is getting ready for work the first pangs of labor start. She figures that she has enough time before active labor begins.

So she changes for work, but she soon realizes that the baby is coming ready or not. So meet little Donte Sanchez - Cotton, born at 8:30 am in September. He has his grandmother's skin tone and his father's eyes.

Baby Spam:

Donte is mad because of his double brow. He should be happy at least it isn't a uni brow. I can't remove the double brows on infants so he'll have to wait until he's a toddler.
Nashira decided not to put him up for adoption. The couple who were waiting for him was heartbroken, but they understood.


  1. I'm actually glad that Nashira didn't put her child up for adoption. I feel bad for the parents who were waiting on the baby, but I felt that she would change her mind. Kinda hard to have someone kicking around in you and bonding with you for 9 months and then giving them away!

  2. I'm glad too! She took on look at her baby boy and knew that she had to keep him!

  3. Wow, I wonder who was going to adopt the baby-lol at the brow. What a brow.

    I wonder if identical twins are even possible in the game or are they just considered clones.

  4. Heh, I was wondering why Donte's brows were so thick!

    I don't know if I've ever seen identical twins in the game. You have a higher chance of getting identical non-twin siblings, really, because of the way the game rolls the genetics algorithms. I've had twins be close enough to identicaly though, so I hope Tito and Bryce are like that. It would be adorable.

    I love that last pic of Tito (or is it Bryce?). The expression on his face is so cute.

  5. Woooah, those brows! LOL! But, I'm so happy that Nashira kept her baby! And congrats to Tosha and Xander with their twin boys!

  6. Sullivan, I thought I ready way waaaay back when the game first came out that someone said they had identical twins. Oh, well. I'll find out soon enough. I just hope they look so much alike that it will be hard to tell them apart!

    Simmington Hills, those brows are just WRONG! LOL Nashira is glad that she did too.

  7. Aw, congratulations to the families! I'm glad Nashira decided to keep her baby and I hope everything works out well for her. LOL @ those eyebrows! Poor baby!

  8. It should. She has the support of a whole extended family. Everyone is in love with Donte too!

    LOL Gotta love those brows!


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