Monday, August 10, 2009

Council Meeting Summer 2011

Council Members are listed here at the bottom of the page.

The council meeting opens with Antwan explaining that Taffi will be unable to make it because of an emergency at the hospital. Then he opens the floor for the members to discus tops of concern.

"We need more restaurants and more night life. We still only have on bar and night club. And if we want to enjoy a night out on the town we have to drive the 35 minutes out to the city just to do that." Tyra Brooks says.

"Bars night clubs aren't my area to worry over. I only make sure that they are up to code. And besides, we all have Cafe Mode, do we really need any other place to eat? Samantha Patrelli explains.

"I think that's a wonderful idea. Maybe we can run a program encouraging young entrepreneurs to build and open new centers of recreation here in Riverale. And we do need some new venues to eat from. No offense, Samantha." Danny says.

'The children need more activities to entertain them after school. They play way to many video games, my daughters included. And possibly created some after school programs. Get them involved with something. Not only will it build character, contribute to their over all grades, but also keep them out of trouble." Kristin says.

"I think that's a very good idea! Sit down and draw up a proposal and send it to me in an e-mail by tomorrow evening. Cynthia what do you think of Kristin's idea? Antwan says.

Danny gazes at his wife, he can't help to think how smart and beautiful she is. He really is a lucky man.

"I like the idea. We can brain storm tonight Kristin on some ideas. I do have some bad news though. In regards to Camp Kick It! I'm going to have to raise the camp prices for each camper. I can no longer pay the cost from my pockets." Cynthia says.

"Well, calculate how much you think the tuition will cost and e-mail it to me." Antwan says. Cynthia nods.

"Now with that out of the way, we need to nominate a new spokes sim for our hood."

"I think Zac would do an excellent job as our new spokes sim." Kirstin says.

"Thanks for the nomination, but I'm already busy with the web site as well as work. I don't think I can shoulder the responsibility as hood spokes sim." Zac explains.

"What about my daughter? She would be perfect for the position. She's just graduated college and will be starting work at the hospital. She's a very talented speaker and a hard worker." Tyra says.

"I'll consider your nomination and call Eva tonight to talk it over. If that's all I will now conclude this meeting adjourned. Our next meeting we will discus tax collection as well as starting plans on building a new city hall building."


  1. Some new community lots would be welcome, I bet! I have a ton but I still get so bored of them. LOL.

    Is there a pre-determined amount of money that each community lot costs the council or do you use the actual cost of the building for that? If that question makes any sense at all!

  2. Yes they will go over well in Riverdale! LOL I haden't realized how little in community lots Riverdale has.

    Yes, that question makes sense. I look at the hood budget, which is the remaining amout that was left over from starting the hood as well as money collected from taxes, medical insurance, college tuition, etc.

    I'll build the lot then look at how much it cost and subtract that from teh hood's budget.

  3. Great council meeting! (Your pictures are great looking, by the way. So clear and crisp.)

    I think new places to visit are in order for Riverdale, too. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    My everyone is aging so well. And you're nominating a new Spokes Sim. That's great! I'm only allowing my Mayor's to be spokes sims. I never really thought about letting another Sim do it.

  4. I was so nervous about this meeting. LOL I've never made them public before, so I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm also happy photobucket had left my pics alone and hasn't compressed them!

    Yeah, I noticed that everyone is aging well. Some may have a few more wrinkles than others, but hey, genetics.

    I have a few ideas, will start building soon (I hope!)

    Yeah, I always planned to have others as spokes sims instead of the mayor. He/she will have enough on their plate already. I thought it was time for a new one anyway. Kristin has other responsabilites now. So we'll see how it goes!

  5. I'm always intrigued by council meetings and I like the way you interpret their bubbles.

    I would love to do something similar but at the moment my population is way to small

  6. Thanks! It took foever for them to find a topic that they all could agree upon. LOL

    You'll blink and before you know it, you're hood will have exploded in population! It snuck up on me!

  7. I love holding council meetings, it's always interesting-like you said, to make sense out of thier thought bubbles. Sometimes I have to change the topic otherwise all the council meetings would be about award ceremonies.

  8. LOL It's funny you said that. All my council members wanted to talk about were food and weather. I was sitting there thinking "Really? Are you guys for real?" LOL


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